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The new MQL5 Community website at keeps developing. We invite all of you to make your contribution to this development.

The new MQL5 is the evolutionary continuation of MQL4. The new language is characterized by the support of object oriented programming, by a higher code execution speed, by multi-currency testing and other tempting features. This opens to all of you new possibilities to implement any trading strategies.

We invite you to become our author and publish your articles on this website. This is a brilliant chance for you to promote your ideas and exchange your experience with other traders. Another important thing is that we offer the author's fee from 200 USD and higher. Besides, we will translate your article into Russian to make it available for the Russian part of our website.

We've developed this new website to provide convenient working conditions for article writers. Convenient layout, text editing right in the browser window (no need to use other editors), possibility to insert images or even publish video in your articles using the built-in media player - you are sure to like all the novelties of our new website.

The number of website visitors keeps growing. More and more traders and exchanges from various financial markets show their interest in the new MetaTrader 5 terminal. All materials published on this resource will be available to this broad audience.

If you have any ideas on MQL5 usage, and if you are ready to prepare interesting educational materials in the new language - You are welcome to become our valuable author!  

I'm chinese,I  wrote a lot of Chinese articles  about mql5 on myself website <Deleted>

I very like to become your author and publish my articles on this website in English in the future.


I would be interested in creating articles for you.  I am a designer of EAs and indicators.  I have several years of investing strategies and concepts as well as several years of coding experience in the commercial market for software.  Will these be guided or requested articles or just what ever interest we might come up with?

Rashid Umarov  
Here are some topics for the articles:
  1. The Multicurrency Indicators in MQL5.
  2. Creating an Expert Advisor for a Trading on Several Financial Instruments.
  3. The Money Management systems for the Expert Advisors.
  4. Visualization in Expert Advisors.
  5. Creating and Publishing the Custom Trading Reports in MQL5.
  6. Integrating MQL5 with Data Processing Packages.
  7. Automatic Web-Publication of Trading Forecasts at Sites and Social Networks.
  8. Creating the Information Panels Using the Standard Library Classes.
  9. Example of Trading System, Based on Heiken-Ashi Indicator.
  10. Example of an Expert Advisor, Based on Bill Williams Trading System..
  11. The Custom Indicator, Calculated on the Customized Data.
  12. Example of Classical Indicator with a Numerous Intermediate Indicator's Buffers (10 and more buffers).
  13. The  ORDER_MAGIC and its Use in Several Expert Advisors for a Trading on the Single Instrument.
  14. The Recipes for the Optimal Calculation of the Indicators.
  15. MQL5: Testing and Using the Complicated Math Calculations in Expert Advisors and Scripts.
This list isn't comprehensive, if you have implemented a new interesing solutions in MQL5, you are welcome!

Samuel Olowoyo  

Hi Rosh,

I submitted an article since 11th May and up till now it is yet to be published... Is there a problem. 

Rashid Umarov  

Hi Rosh,

I submitted an article since 11th May and up till now it is yet to be published... Is there a problem. 

I have just answered you there.
Samuel Olowoyo  
Rosh posted  :
I have just answered you there.
Sir, Thanks, I will work on the pictures


What about article about technical analysis which is not necessarily MQL5 programming, do you accept that too ?

(how the h..l to subscribe to this thread ?)

Marcin Konieczny  

Is this offer still valid? Do you still pay for writing articles?

Is there any new list of suggested topics?

Rashid Umarov  

Is this offer still valid? Do you still pay for writing articles?

Is there any new list of suggested topics?

Yes, it is.  You can offer your own theme for article.
Peter Maxwell  

May I ask a slightly daft question: I assume one would use the "Add article" link, on the top right of the page, on the articles section, to write an article?  Does the "Save" button save a draft or actually publish the article, in other words is it possible to write an article over a period of time in several drafts/passes?

What does the review process entail to be eligible for the advertised author's fee?  Is the author's fee a "one-time-only" offer, or per article?  Assuming submission of good quality articles on new subjects, is there a limit to how many articles one author can write in (i) a given time period, or (ii) in total, and still be eligible for the author's fee?

Are there any restrictions on subject matter at all, or is adopting a "common sense" approach sufficient?