Where can I trade options on MT5? - page 2

Sergey Golubev  
Sergey Golubev #:

1. You may have the Options Board in MT5 in case your broker is proposing it.

For example, there is one thread in Russian forum where they are trading FORTS from Moscow Stock Exchange, and they have this  Options Board, and they were discussing about how to transfer this Options Board to excel using DDE.
The thread is of one and half year ago and I do not know - they found the way to use excel with DDE for Options Board or not ...
So, it is related to the broker you selected or you are going to select.

2. The discussion (especially the recommendations) about the brokers is prohibited on this forum.
Because MetaQuotes company is the software development company (and no more).
So, you should find the brokers (or banks or stock exchanges) by yourself.

You can connect MT5 to your trading account and check.

My example (it is about how I found this Options Board):
right mouse click on any symbol in the Market Watch -

So, this broker is proposing one symbol only -


So, it is related to the broker about this feature.
And this forum will not help to select the broker because any discussions/recommendations/selection of the brokers are prohibited here.

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