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Trade copier for MetaTrader 4. It copies forex trades, positions, orders from any accounts.

It is one of the best MT4-to-MT4 trade copiers today.

  • The unique copying algorithm exactly copies all trades from the master account to your client account.
  • The product is also noted for its high operation speed Tough error handling.
  • A powerful set of features.
  • The program can be run on multiple terminal bindings.
  • Use it as a synchronizer of your trades on various accounts trading on one account, - COPYLOT will copy your trades to other terminals.
  • Copy from the closed account opened on Invest password;
  • Copy from DEMO account to real account;


  • COPYLOT CLIENT (Slave) Install the Expert Advisor in the terminal where you want to copy trades.
  • Specify any text label name as pathRead, for example, "COPY". This should match the master terminal (to bind the two terminals).
  • By default, our program will copy all positions and orders from one account to another!
  • Open the terminal on which Positions will be copied and set COPYLOT CLIENT to one chart
  • Open the terminal where you will copy and install COPYLOT Master MT4 on one graph

To copy the positions you need to install COPYLOT Master MT4  or  COPYLOT Master MT5 on the first account (Free)

Copyist version for MetaTrader 5 terminal - Copylot Client MT5

Full instruction

Demo version of COPYLOT

The EA needs to be set to 1 Chart! By default, our adviser copies all positions and orders from your account!

      • Dear friends and users of our EAs, please add your ratings in the Reviews section.
      • All updates to our forex software are free!
      • Developer of forex tools: Expforex

Attention: To duplicate positions on your account you can download our duplicator of positions  Exp4 Duplicator for MT4 or Exp5 Duplicator for MT5

Attention! COPYLOT does not work on MetaQuotes VPS

Attention: COPYLOT does not copy via the Internet! Copy between terminals on one computer!

Main Parameters (Attention: The list of settings is in our blog !)

Here is a short list of copy options:
  • ChangingNamesSymbols - Parameter for changing the names of characters from the master and the client;
  • LotRiskFromMaster - Copying lots against the risk on the wizard. Autolot!
  • pathREAD - path to the file, which will contain information about the current positions/orders (do not change with no experience).
  • PreFixSymbol - additional symbol(s) in the name of the client's currency pair.
  • Lot - the lot for opening. If 0, it opens deals with the current master lot. Otherwise, the lot to be used for trade copying is specified.
  • RiskLot - a trade in the client's terminal will open with a lot equal to RiskLot % of the available funds of the client. The formula for calculating the lot is available in the article.
  • KoefLot - if 0, it is disabled. If there is a coefficient, then positions will be opened with this coefficient in the client's terminal.
  • TakeProfitCopy - copying take profit from the master account.
  • StopLossCopy - copying stop loss from the master account.
  • ReverseCopy - revert trades (take profit and stop loss are also inverted).
  • PendingOrdersCopy - copy pending orders, true or false.
  • PricePointSlip - price deviation during copying.
  • ProfitCopyOnly - copy only profitable positions.
  • OnlyProfitPips - minimum profit value of a trade in points.
  • LossCopyOnly - copy only losing positions.
  • OnlyLossPips - loss value in points.
  • NewTradeONLY - copy only new trades.
  • SLEEPING - pauses between code execution in milliseconds.
  • ClosePosbyMaster - close client's positions if master positions are closed.
  • TP_adjust - addition (if "-" sign, the subtraction) of a specified number of points for TakeProfit.
  • SL_adjust - addition (if "-" sign, the subtraction) of a specified number of points for Stoploss.
  • My_STOPLOSS - setting your own stop loss from the current open price.
  • My_TAKEPROFIT - setting your own take profit from the current open price.
  • VirtualStopLossTakeProfit - virtual stop loss and take profit from the master.
  • TrailingStopUSE - use trailing stop for open positions.
Saeb Amiri
Saeb Amiri 2018.11.19 22:31 

a wonderful person quick respond and support

thank you

and the EA works very well

Glin 2018.10.05 13:41 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Alex Pescov
Alex Pescov 2018.09.25 17:11 

Копировщик решает вопросы на отлично, спасибо автору за полную техническую поддержку.

masa0718 2018.09.05 03:42 

Thank you for the quick response.

david mackay
david mackay 2018.08.13 17:58   

This product is very simple to install and get operational. It takes only three or four minutes.

The trades are copied instantly.

As with most products by this author, I am completely satisfied!

Javier Angel Labandeira Garcia
Javier Angel Labandeira Garcia 2017.10.06 14:49 

I rented it and check copyimg from one MT5-Master to 3 MT4-client lives, and from 1 MT5 master to 2 MT4 demos.

Installation is not difficult and it works perfectly.

I don´t see lesser performance in the VPS and orders are copied quickly.

Had some doubts and the author helped me at once.

Lastly, I have made a review and is difficult to find a local copier between MT5-MT4, and more at reasonable price.

I think 5 starts is correct.

Yuan Zhao Ng
Yuan Zhao Ng 2017.03.31 08:16 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Sergey Demin
Sergey Demin 2017.03.15 20:42 

Купил этот продукт. Сделал перекрестные копирования с нескольких счетов на другие счета. Настолько все оказалось просто. И эффективно. Доволен очень. Автор свои продукты явно делает с любовью и максимальной грамотностью.

Спасибо, Владислав!

Andrii Dovhan
Andrii Dovhan 2016.11.15 21:13 

Копировальщик отличный, но главное, что Автор не стоит в стороне и помогает с настройкой и поиском багов. Если вам нужен хороший продукт с активной поддержкой - рекомендую!!!!

Piotr Sigurski
Piotr Sigurski 2016.10.21 02:13 

I have bought many EAs but this is the best one. It works perfectly, it has safety mechanisms to ensure trades are being copied. The author is very helpful, you will not go wrong buying from this seller.

Nshan Teknedzhyan
Nshan Teknedzhyan 2016.05.20 10:40 

Копировщик действительно очень хороший, спасибо автору. Удачи твоей работе.

Xu Tang
Xu Tang 2016.03.31 03:30 

A good EA to assist manual trades , I had some problems running with my broker , the author helped me to solve it efficiently , thank you !

Thang Pham
Thang Pham 2015.08.12 07:30 

The ea works very well for me ! I like the function TPWCM_TralPosWhenCloseMaster very much, It is different from anything else on the market.

MIKHAIL KLYUCHINSKY 2015.07.08 19:33 

Первая покупка на Маркете - Copylot, и настолько удачная, что я как инженер, придумываю всё новые и новые задачи для копировщика. Доволен всем, от скорости исполнения до реальной помощи техподдержки, а каждый знает, что "провести" новичка и подучить его пользоваться инструментом - дело крепких нервов. Благодарю разработчиков за нужный копировщик!

Kurt- 2015.07.08 17:39 

Покупал этот копир уже давно, сейчас купил новую версию через маркет. Старая отлично работала, много функций, ну а новая еще шустрее стала работать и другие функции добавились, которые мне нужны. Отлично работает без ошибок копирует. До этого другими копирами пробовал пользоваться, не один не устраивал даже по качеству копирования сделок. Этот копир отличное качество копирования, все в нем почти есть, а по цене за такой продукт, это совсем дешево.

Pataeff 2015.04.14 11:51 

Лучший копировщик из тех которые я видел. Множество универсальных настроек. Разработчик быстро реагирует на вопросы и помогает разобраться с настройками. Работает четко. Очень удобно

umtelo 2015.04.09 21:47 

Хороший копир. гибкие настройки. копирует все сделки четко. Много функций и настроек, пока боремся в поиске наилучшего сета для копирования

Alex Kozhevnikov
Alex Kozhevnikov 2015.02.13 10:34 

Есть все, очень гибкий копир и что не мало важно очень быстрый. Выгода ощутима, копир исполняет пункт в пункт, проскальзывание сведено к минимому. Отдельное спасибо за пост продажную поддержку.

Anh Nguyet Trang
Anh Nguyet Trang 2015.02.11 14:49 

vielen Dank, Ihr Hilfe ist sehr zu schätzen!

Es Funktioniert mit Gold-jetzt wunderbar.

Sehr Empfehlenswert!

RamilS79 2015.02.03 04:58 

Отличный копировщик сделок, понятный функционал, отличная поддержка. Оперативность решения вопросов приятно удивляет. Тестировали на демо и на реале. Результаты полностью удовлетворяют нас. Огромное спасибо разработчикам!

savagerus 2015.01.15 17:10 

Надежный и удобный копир. Лучший из всех, что использовал.

Vitaliy Kosonog
Vitaliy Kosonog 2015.01.13 13:37 

Очень шустрый , функциональный и точный копир. Даже сделки скальперов копировать успевает, главное что бы брокер был шустрый и не ставил палки в колёса :) Окупил себя за пару дней. Неделю гонял на демо, потом на реал повесил и до сих пор висит на VPS серваке в режиме 24/7 :)

Хотелось бы добавить следующий функционал (хотя он и так огромен, но хочется все больше и больше )):

1)при закрытие сделки на Источнике (я так называю счет, с которого копирую сделки), ставился бы безубыток и включался трейлинг именно с момента закрытия сделки!

2)безубыток и трейлинг для п. 1 настраивался бы отдельно по такому же принципу как есть сейчас для простого безубытка и трейлинга.

Вроде бы всё :)

Спасибо и успехов в дальнейших разработках!

Version 19.115 2019.01.15
Maximum number of pending orders per symbol to be copied. 0 - unlimited.
For example: You want the client to copy only 2 orders for 1 currency pair of 10 open orders on the master.
Then, when setting the parameter to 2, only the first two pending orders of each pair will be copied from the master.
Serves to reduce the load on the deposit. If the order is activated or deleted, then the next order is copied from the master.
Version 19.107 2019.01.07
- Update EAPADPRO v25;
- Additional languages added to the panel: Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), German, Chinese, Japanese;
The translation was made using the GOOGLE Translator + MQL + Terminal site!
if you find an error in your language, please report it in messages. Thank!
- Increase the speed of the panel;
Version 18.992 2019.01.02
Отображение фильтра LotMin в таблице сделок исправлено.
Version 18.991 2018.12.11
ReBuild EAPADPRO 2018
Version 18.989 2018.12.10
Обновление EAPADPRO до версии 23
Version 18.987 2018.11.27
Update Trailing stop = false for default
Version 18.965 2018.11.06
Added EAPADPRO v21 panel
Added hints in external variables.
Version 18.904 2018.09.04
Error calculating lot on accounts with a deposit in JPY
Version 18.830 2018.08.30
Copylot Update EAPADPRO v 20
Version 18.808 2018.08.14
Global update 2018

The algorithm is optimized to increase the speed of copying positions.

The function of copying risk from the master to the client is added:
copy formula: lottoclient = (AccountBalance () / BalanceFromMaster) * lotfrommaster * LotExp;

Added the ability to copy the Position Comment from the Copylot MASTER. Attention: In this mode, Global variables will be used! Check that your

Expert Advisors or indicators do not delete global variables.

Added EAPADPRO 2.0 panel
The copyist's GUI has been completely replaced, a EAPADPRO panel has been added with information on the settings, current copy value (account

number, master balance, number of open / closed Master / Client positions), current profits and lots of open positions, StopLoss and TakeProfit

goals, client balance status .

The table of the copied positions from the master is added.
Warning: The data in the table is updated 10 seconds by default to improve the copy speed (you can change the update time in the panel settings)

Added copy control buttons:
StopTrading - stop copying and the work of the Expert Advisor completely!
ModifyOnly - Allow the Expert Advisor to modify and delete items, without the possibility of copying / opening new positions

The function of partial close from the COPYLOT MASTER is completely changed. Now the function works with a different type of lot setting (Direct

lot from the master, Lot factor, autolot, fixed lot). Also work with pending orders is added.

Fixed the error of reopening of positions, when closing, the comment (Some brokers) was deleted or replaced with the comment [tp] [sl] - checking

via Global variables. Attention: In this mode, Global variables will be used! Check that your Expert Advisors or indicators do not delete global


When the copier is de-initialized, the data files are deleted to exclude the situation when the "old" positions are opened.
Version 17.321 2017.04.04
Added support for the deposit currencies different from EUR, USD and RUB in the Autolot function.
Added new parameter RiskRate - ratio of your currency relative to USD.
Default is RiskRate = 0, which means that the EA will try to find the right conversion rate in the Market Watch.
In order to provide proper operation of the Autolot function with all currencies, you should enable All currency pairs in the Market Watch.
Version 17.206 2017.02.13
Optimized the operation with timer.
If the timer cannot be started, the tickwise operation starts.
Otherwise, the timer is used.
Version 17.125 2017.01.27
Added a check of trading permission for the EA, the timer algorithm is disabled if trading is not allowed.
Version 17.118 2017.01.24
Added handling of timer error, which can occur with some brokers for an unknown reason. If the timer does not start, the EA will trade in the TICK mode

Warning: If the EA fails to start by timer, the copying speed is lower due to the OnTick function features.

Fixed stop loss modification error in cases when stop loss is in the breakeven zone.
Version 17.110 2017.01.16
Added handling of error when setting the Millisecond timer on certain terminals. It occurs very rarely.
In case the terminal generates an error of setting the timer for milliseconds - the EA automatically sets the nearest second timer.
For example, if Sleeping = 300 ms, and the terminal generates an error, the EA will automatically set the timer to 1s.
Version 16.998 2016.12.23
Added forced check of whether the copied Symbol (Currency pair) is available in Market Watch and forced addition of this currency pair to Market Watch for copying.

Updated block:
Limiting loss per day\month\week

Limiting LimitFor - limit type day\week\month
LimitForLosses - profit based limit
LimitForProfits- loss based limit
LimitType - limit type on dollars, points, percent of deposit
ClosebyLIMITING - close EA;s trades when exceeding the limit
UseCurrentProfit - when calculating the limit, take into account current loss/profit

This feature can disable the EA operation, if it reaches a certain profit\loss in the deposit currency during one day\month\week. The EA will resume working on the next day/week/month
Example: LimitFor=DAY LimitForProfits=1 Close at a total profit of $10
You can also set LimitType for calculations. In dollars, points, percentage of the account balance.
If you need to close and delete all trades of the Expert Advisor once the limit is exceeded, you can set ClosebyLIMITING = true
UseCurrentProfit enables/disables the inclusion of current floating profit/loss into limit calculation
Version 16.955 2016.12.06
Added check of a number of non-numeric characters in a comment when closing a deal.
In some cases the StringLen command incorrectly determines the comment length
Version 16.954 2016.11.08
Added the PathRead name to the field of comment to open trades in order to facilitate usage and finding trades.
Version 16.936 2016.10.11
Fixed error with partial closing of positions
Version 16.823 2016.08.29
Added the PendingPrice_adjust parameter - shifting the price for placing pending order relative to the price from the master.
BUYSTOP and SELLIMIT are shifted by plus PendingPrice_adjust points.
SELLSTOP and BUYLIMIT are shifted by minus PendingPrice_adjust points.

For example:
the master has a pending BUYSTOP order at the price of 1,12400 and a SELLSTOP at the price of 1,12300
PendingPrice_adjust = 200
the client will open pending orders - BUYSTOP at the price of 1,12600 and SELLSTOP at the price of 1,12100
Version 16.702 2016.07.08
Added new parameter to the block of position inversion when copying - ReverseCopy
ReverseSLTP - reverse Stop loss and Take profit when reversing deals:

When copying and reversing deals from the master, the stop loss/take profit is reversed on the client
For example:
on master: SELL with stop loss=100 points, take profit = 300 points. The client copies: BUY with stop loss of 300 points and take profit = 100 points.

When copying and reversing deals from the master, the stop loss/take profit is not reversed on the client, but set according to the stop orders on the master.
For example:
on master: SELL with stop loss=100 points, take profit = 300 points. The client copies: BUY with stop loss of 100 points and take profit = 300 points.
Version 16.610 2016.06.17
Added recheck of the data when opening the data file in another program.
Version 16.517 2016.05.26
Added the Rounding parameter:
Without rounding - place stop orders without rounding
To 1 digit - rounding to 1 digit. For example, if Stoploss= 1.23456, the trade will be opened with a stop loss of 1.23450
To 2 digits - rounding by 2 digits. For example, if Stoploss= 1.23456, the trade will be opened with a stop loss of 1.23400
Default: Off

Added the AutoRoundingGOLDSILVER parameter
For brokers, which allow to open positions on gold and silver only at prices rounded to 1 decimal place.
Default: Off

Added the CorrectSLTPbyMaster parameter:
Adjusts the stop loss and take profit distances if the opening prices are different on master and client:
for example
opening price on master: 1,2000; Stop loss: 1,3000; Take profit: 1,1000;
opening price on client: 1,2500; Stop loss: 1,3500; Take profit: 1,1500;
The difference in the opening prices is 0,0500 points, the distances to Stop loss and Take profit are adjusted.
Default: Off

Added the RiskLotTypetype parameter:
Risk calculation type based on:
Balance - calculates the lot based on the current balance in respect to RiskLot percents
Free Margin - calculates the lot based on the free margin in respect to RiskLot percents
Stop loss - calculates the lot based on the stop loss of a trade in respect to RiskLot percents, if stop loss = 0, the trade will be opened with the lot of the master
Default: Off

Fixed the error of copying the GOLD symbol to the broker Fi**
Version 16.322 2016.03.29
Fixed the error of handling the symbols with the suffix "..."
Version 16.128 2016.01.29
Update for UAC users:
If it's tunred on, all files are stored in the commen folder of the terminalю
Version 16.105 2016.01.07
Added the auto-detection of the symbol suffix, if it differs from the standard name of the currency pair.
If the PreFixSymbol="Auto" is specified:
If the currency name on the client terminal has a suffix, i.e. EURUSD.m, then the trades will be copied with the suffix ".m"
Added the OnTimer event handler which increases the stability and copying speed.
Fixed changing of the EA settings on the fly. Now the EA settings can be changed on the chart, without the need to restart the EA.
Version 15.990 2015.12.01
Added checking of whether objects on the copier's chart have not been deleted by other indicators. If an object with technical data has been deleted, the copier creates the object once again.
Version 15.984 2015.11.25
Fixed the incorrect message about a free version.
Version 15.978 2015.11.23
New parameters:
ReopenPosAfterClose - reopening a position that was closed in the client terminal, but us stoll open on the master.
Only for professional users!!!
It allows to re-open a position that was closed on the client by a trailing stop and is still open on the master.

FilterLotMin - minimum lot to copy
FilterLotMax - maximum lot to copy
Version 15.956 2015.10.30
Fixed virtual trailing stop operation on ECN accounts.
Version 15.916 2015.09.17
Added LimitFor block fixing absence of trade in case of a zero profit. If 0, the parameter is disabled.
A current profit/loss for the copier is now displayed on a chart allowing you to limit profits or losses on a clent account (the account deals are copied to).
Suppose that you want to copy deals to a client account with closed deals not exceeding the loss of $100 per week:
LimitForLosses = -100
As soon as the total loss (caused by copied deals) on a client account exceeds $100, copying is stopped. The next copying is conducted only the next week.
Version 15.901 2015.09.15
New parameters:
1. ChangingNamesSymbols - changes symbol names in the master and client terminals.
If symbol names differ in the master and client terminals, and PreFixSymbol doesn't help, you can add a list of new names.
Your master terminal has a symbol named
ES - USA500b (SP500)
the client terminal has
You can specify this correspondence in ChangingNamesSymbols like: mastersymbol=clientsymbol;
E.g.: ES - USA500b=FDAX-GER30b;
This is a required template: Master symbol name=Client symbol name;

LIFEHACK: You can also substitute symbols, e.g. a trade for EURUSD in the maste terminal can be copied as a trade for GBPUSD in the client terminal

2. PROFITLOSS_EXTRASETS4 - limiting profit and loss in the deposit currency.
If you want to limit losses for the current client magic, use this new block.
Example: you use multiple copiers with different magic numbers. And you want to restrict trade opening after a loss of -100 USD for 1 day (week, month)
Use the following parameters:

Once the loss for this magic reaches -100 USD for one day, no more new trades will be opened on this copier. All other functions will keep working.
The next day this parameter is reset to 0.

Adjustable parameter LimitFor= DAY;WEEK;MONTH;ALLTIME;
Version 15.821 2015.08.24
Revised algorithm for a large amount of trades.
Modified functions when operating a large amount of trades. If a trade is not changed, the EA will skip it in analysis.

Added automated inversion of currency names (USDRUB USDRUR EURRUBEURRUR)

Variables of the int type are replaced by variables of the long type
Version 15.727 2015.07.30
Added a parameter disabling ability to copy positions:
If PositionsCopy is set to true, positions are copied.
At that all other functions work as usual (trailing, modification, etc.).
Version 15.710 2015.07.15
Added a full-fledged algorithm of virtual stops for your stop loss and take profit.

If VirtualStopLossTakeProfit is set to true, you can adjust your virtual stop loss, take profit and trailing stop:

- My_STOPLOSS - your stop loss in points (master's stop loss is not copied).
- My_TAKEPROFIT - your take profit in points (master's take profit is not copied).
- TrailingStopUSE - your trailing stop.
- IfProfTrail - profit trades only.
- TrailingStop - trailing stop distance.
- TrailingStep - trailing stop step.
Version 15.630 2015.06.30
Added an option to round prices when copying:
rounding Open prices for pending orders;
rounding stop loss;
rounding take profit;

Without rounding - copy without rounding
To 1 digit - round 1 digit. For example, the Open price BUYSTOP = 1.23456, the transaction will be copied with the price 1.23450
To 2 digits - round 2 signs. For example, the Open price BUYSTOP = 1.23456, the transaction will be copied with the price 1.23400
Version 15.209 2015.02.11
Added FilterLot variable which filters the lots copied to the Client.
If FilterLot = 0, all lots are copied.
If FilterLot = 0.1, all lots greater than or equal to 0.1 are copied.
If FilterLot = 1, all lots greater than or equal to 1 are copied.
Version 15.204 2015.02.05
New option in block TPWCM EXTRA SETS Stops when Master Close Pos- TPWCM_TakeProfitOnlyToProfitZone

When set to true, the EA places a take profit after a deal is closed on the master account only in the positive zone. If a deal is in loss after it is closed on the master account, take profit won't be placed until the trade enters profit area.
If set to false, the EA places take profit in any case, even if the position is losing.
Version 15.202 2015.02.03
Added a parameter for setting take profit for the deals left after closing on the master
After a deal is closed on the master, it is now possible to set a take profit for the deal on the client account based on the deal closing price on the master account, while leaving the deal open on the client account.

DeleteOrderbyMaster - a separate function for deleting pending orders by master
Version 15.129 2015.01.30
Added the new block for working with the copier:
-------------OIP EXTRA SETS Pos to STOP or LIMIT orders--------------
OIP_Order_Instead_Position; - True False
OIP_TypeOrders; - order type (pending STOP or limit LIMIT)
OIP_DistanceOIP; - order distance

When opening a trade on a Master account, you can turn it into a pending order in the client terminal with the amount of points set in the EA settings.
Added ability to select Stop or Limit orders. Order reversal now occurs together with trade reversal.
Version 15.122 2015.01.23
Added the parameter for placing stop loss for trades left after the master is closed
Fixed operation of the functions:
MaxPosBySymbol - maximum amount of trades per one symbol
MaxSymboll - maximum amount of open trades
NumberPosbeforeCopy - minimum value of positions per one symbol of one direction on the master to be copied to the client.
Version 15.113 2015.01.15
A new block has been added.

When the block is on: If a position is closed on a master account, the appropriate position will not be closed on the client account. Instead, trailing stop or breakeven will be enabled on the client account.

That is, instead of closing the position on the client account, you have the opportunity to activate the trailing stop and maintain the position on.

Trailing settings are individual in this case. And it is only activated when the position is closed on the master account.

Warning: This function when turned on, automatically cancels the ClosePosbyMaster function

TPWCM_TralPosWhenCloseMaster = false;
TPWCM_TrailingStopUSE = false;
TPWCM_IfProfTrail = false;
TPWCM_TrailingStop = 0;
TPWCM_TrailingStep = 1;
TPWCM_BeZubitok = false;
TPWCM_LevelWLoss = 0;
TPWCM_LevelProfit = 0.
Version 14.951 2014.12.22
New variables:

int MaxPosBySymbol=0;
int MaxSymboll=0;
Version 14.937 2014.10.09
Fixed file read error.