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Exp TickSniper PRO FULL

Exp-TickSniper is a fast scalper that automatically selects parameters for each currency pair separately.

Would you like to have an Expert Advisor that could automatically calculate trade parameters and adjust to the current market situation?

We present you our new development for the Forex market. This is a tick scalper for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 - TickSniper.

The EA has been developed based on experience gained in almost 10 years of EA programming.

Simply launch the EA on your account. It will do the rest.

The EA strategy works with any EA. The robot is based on current quotes, tick arrival speed, spread size and other contract specification parameters.
The system automatically defines favorable stop loss and take profit levels, as well as the distances of averaging positions, trailing stop distance, etc.

The EA applies the system of additional opening against a trend ("Averaging").

Its settings have been optimized over the course of testing on our real accounts.

The Expert Advisor can work on absolutely any currency pair. All parameters of the trading system are calculated automatically and depend on the current spread of the currency pair.

The complete instructions (in Russian) are provided in our blog.

Attention! The EA is based on quote speed. Other terminals, network programs and software may decrease the number of signals due to a high load on your network and Internet. If you use VPS, select a powerful one with at least 2 GB of RAM.


  • All EA settings are described here: ExpTickSniper settings
  • Monitoring of the accounts working with the system.
  • EA demo version.
  • The full version of the system for MetaTrader 4: scalper for MetaTrader 4
  • The recommended deposit is at least $1000 with the minimum lot of 0.01 for 3 currency pairs (for example, EURUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY) or a cent account with at least $100
  • It works on the currency pair, to which chart it is attached.
  • Timeframe does not matter.
  • A floating spread is recommended. A zero spread is forbidden!
  • Each open position is accompanied by a stop loss, the averaging function and additional opening.
  • The cumulative position (a series of open positions) has its trailing stop.
  • If the position or series of positions goes into profit, the EA sets a breakeven point. If the price rolls back, such a position is closed by breakeven.
  • The EA calculates the spread based on averaging the last ticks.


  1. Before purchasing, please download the demo version and attach it to a demo or real account with USDJPY.
  2. The EA does not work on all brokers! It depends on the speed of quotes in the terminal. You can download the demo version.
  3. The EA does not work in the strategy tester due to quote speed. Check the system on real chart.
  4. The EA operation is based on spread increase or decrease, as well as quote rate, therefore, it may show different results on different brokers.
  5. The EA is fully automated.
  6. If you install the EA on a virtual server (VPS), it is better to install one Expert Advisor per VPS without connecting and enabling other terminals. Since the EA follows ticks, it is better to have a single terminal with a single EA on a VPS.


  1. TypeFilling - order filling type (contact your broker if necessary);
  2. typeorder - type of positions opened by signals;
  3. Trade_by_BUYSELL_Separate - trade in both directions simultaneously.
  4. ClosePosifChange - close positions in case of an opposite common signal;
  5. Timeopen - time to determine the currency movement in milliseconds. Higher values produce more accurate signals. Lower value means stricter scalping rules
  6. DistanceTickSpread - spread (DistanceTickMANUAL - or points) the currency should pass during the Timeopen time to define the direction;
  7. TimeToCheckAverageSpread - time to determine the average spread in milliseconds;
  8. AutoCheckLowSpread - auto define a low spread. It protects the system against spread reduction at a broker's side;
  9. ReverseSignal - reverse the strategy signals;
  10. MaxSpreadToNotTrade/MinSpreadToNotTrade - prohibit trading with higher/lower spreads;
  11. PercentDDMAX - disable new signals when the total account drawdown is exceeded;
  12. NoNewPosition_below_MarginLevel - limit opening new trades if the margin falls below this value;
  13. SecondsSleepEaAfterClose - seconds of inactivity and ignoring new EA signals after closing the last position;
  14. HoursSleepEaAfterStopLoss - hours of inactivity and ignoring new EA signals after closing the last position by a stop loss;
  15. PeriodFilterMa/Method/TF /CloseByMa - MovingAverage period/method/timeframe for defining and sorting out trades by trend/closing positions by reverse MA direction;
  16. AveragingbyFilterMA - place an averaging order only if MA filter shows the same direction as the trade;
  17. MinTimebeforenextAverage - minimum number of minutes till the next averaging order;
  18. MaxOrders - maximum number of averaging orders; 0 - unlimited;
  19. TakeProfitTickSpread - take profit of a deal/total deal in spreads;
  20. StoplossTickSpread - stop loss of each separate deal in spreads;
  21. DistanceAverageSpread - distance to average in spreads;
  22. DistanceAverageSpread_Сoef - averaging distance multiplier with each new deal;
  23. DistanceAverageSpread_Different - averaging distances in points separated by commas;
  24. TrailingStopTickSpred - trailing stop distance for a deal/total deal;
  25. xxxxxxMANUAL - specified parameter in points, manual settings in points have a priority;
  26. Lots - fixed lot;
  27. Averaging_LotsMartin - lot multiplier for each subsequent averaging deal;
  28. DynamicLot - dynamic lot;
  29. OpenHour/ OpenMinute/CloseHour/ CloseMinute - opening/closing hour and minute;
  30. CloseAllTradesByOutOfTime - close positions after the end of a trading time;
  31. ClosingPositionAtASpecificTime - close all positions at a specific day and time;
  32. TrailingStopUSE - enable standard trailing stop;
  33. SaveTPafterTrailingStop - take profit of the modified positions is saved in its place;
  34. Set_StopLoss_to_the_next_profitable_position_level - follow open positions and move a stop loss to the next profitable levels;
  35. MovingInWLUSE - enable the breakeven fuction for open positions.
Stephanie Silva
2017.12.02 13:18 

for some reason i have not experienced same results as other users , maybe spread do no maybe slow vps , really do no , but yesterday after have orders opened for like a month i closed all automatic lossing 380 usd in total. Is my personal experience and maybe this cna works to other people , for me worked the first 5 or 10 days , then orders openes start increase increase and never closed

2017.12.01 19:14 

Good afternoon everyone! This product and its creator deserve 6 or more stars, we open separate accounts of BUY and SEEL with 7 pairs at 37K each and a profit of 1.5% / day, we are a little high risk, but who is not risking?

Traders with this firepower cost 20 times more !!!

Excellent EA and highly recommended!

2017.11.21 16:58 

Buyed 1 year ago, i can say this is a good EA. And since the hedging update, the results are better. Whit a good floating spread broker, you can expect 5 - 15 % per months safely. If i have a good advice, don't be too greedy : 0.01 lots \ 3-4 pairs \ 1000 $.

Mohammad Yousaf Hameedi
2017.10.20 19:45   

Very good EA. I used for 22 days and the result was very good and reliable.

Alessio Leoncini
2017.03.08 10:14 

I'm very satisfied for current EA, and for the good support that Mr. Andruschenko gives.

The EA gives small and frequent profits, and its work is very conditioned by spread and delay between client and broker.

I collected some advices to make the experience with this EA effective:

- Very important to use it with a VPS with minimal latency from the broker server.

- Test it with "Every tick based on real ticks", and possibly with "Execution" value near to your VPS-to-broker delay.

- Better adjust settings for every specific currency you want to trade. If the pair you choose has spread less than 10-15, the stoploss can occur. Adjust it to ensure no early exit (I set it to 0).

- You will note large drowdown with respect to profit for every deal, but it is normal to ensure a large number of winning trades. Focus to the day profits, and to the account drawdown that is very limited.

- Ensure that the VPS CPU usage is less than 100% to avoid delays as much as possible during operations. To accomplish this remove all the stocks not traded in market watch and all the charts not used.

Vinicius Santiago Tenente
2017.02.24 18:15 

Very good EA and Vladislav gives the best support! I was with a bug and he connected via temviewer and made a lot of tests and something about an hour and a half later of hard working he did it! Solved my problem! Really really kind and attentive! 5 of 5 stars!

Nikolay Mikhnev
2017.01.02 22:03 

Супер, отлично, лучше не бывает. Это слова. Сегодня первые торги, сами понимаете, торги не о чём. Но мне понравились.

Valter Oliveira
2016.12.27 23:27 

Excellent expert advisor (EA). It works as a scalper, performing quick operations, but which produces a greater probability of success.

The technical support provided by Mr. Vladislav Andruschenko is also excellent. He provided all the necessary technical support to enable the TickSniper EA to work in the MT5 account of the broker, which I have an account with.

The EA must be tested in the "every tick" mode. However, since the strategy tester does not produce floating spread, the adjustment of the parameters related to the signal (signal options) must be checked and improved in a real account.

The EA is sensitive to delay (latency) in data transmission to the broker, so the same EA running with the same parameters, but on different computers, can generate different performance results in real accounts.

As a suggestion for improvement of TickSniper EA, I propose to implement the calculation of the real profit discounting brokerage expenses (applicable to the negotiation of future contracts), for use in the "custom max" criterion of optimization for the backtests. In this case, it will be necessary to define two additional parameters for the calculation of the real profit: cost per contract; and cost per order.

2016.09.23 15:23 

Купил, пока за неделю результаты неплохие. Впс правда загружает, но он самый дешевый и там 7 терминалов стоит, нужно наверное помощнее брать и отдельно ставить, как советуют здесь.

Vitaliy Okhotin
2016.09.21 09:05 

Всем привет!

Тестирую советника 4 месяца могу сказать о его работе следующее:

1. Советник действительно получился рабочий (8-12% в месяц), при соблюдении правил 0.01 лота на каждые 1000 usd (3-4 валютные пары). Не стоит вмешиваться в работу советника(он полностью автоматический),однако контролировать и обновлять советника на графиках обязательно стоит. Просадка на счете за все время не превышала 20%. Можно использовать более 4 валютных пар одновременно, но должен быть запас средств.

2. Автор очень адекватный человек, техническая поддержка на высоте, на любой вопрос получаю быстрый и вразумительный ответ (за что Владиславу отдельное спасибо). Постоянное обновление версии советника, благоприятно сказывается на безопасности и результативности работы советника.

3. Советник открывает сделки в зависимости от скорости тиков, поэтому желательно чтоб терминал с советником был один на ВПС. Тариф ВПС лучше выбрать более шустрый.

4. Можно использовать два графика на одну валютную пару (первый ONLY_BUY, второй ONLY_SELL).У многих брокеров на основных валютных парах есть по 2-3 дублирующих валютных пары с индексом "m". Например для eurusd есть возможность выбора eurusd.m., eurusd.m1, eurusd.m2.

5. В советнике есть множество настроек, однако увеличение прибыли прямо пропорционально росту просадки. Не нужно жадничать и гоняться за большими процентами, лучше сосредоточиться на стабильности и минимизации просадок на счету. Я использую настройки по умолчанию.

Однозначно могу сказать, что советник достойный и стоит своих денег!!!

2016.09.20 11:56   

Уважаемый Vitaliy Okhotin!

Не могли бы Вы пояснить каким образом это возможно на netting mode счёте:

4. Можно использовать два графика на одну валютную пару (первый ONLY_BUY, второй ONLY_SELL).

Marcel Bossard
2016.07.29 13:57 

Perfect EA for scalping. you can EA setting optimize with a lot of parameters. I have deposit of 10'000 $ and 3 currency pairs they work with EA. With a lot of 0.1 per pair the EA makes 50-350$ profit per day. But i'm sure it's possible to optimize the setting even more better.

Support by Vladislav is perfect and very fast. If you find a bug or you have a good idea to improve EA, he will done as soon as possible.


Ivan Shvyrov
2016.04.18 19:35 

Тестирую, результаты для старта не плохие... https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/184731 пока все норм...

Eugen Mischenko
2016.04.07 19:13 

I testing this EA for three weeks and i need to say its very risky EA, position holding time over a week eurusd with drowdown about 150€ on 800€ deposit and finaly profit 1,7€. In three weeks i have profit 13€ -49$ rent price. One Deposit of 250€ was burned in 2 days, maybe my mistake, because the lot was to high 0.05. This ea maybe would work good on a big deposit about 10K.

Daniel Shapira
2016.03.11 19:52 

this EA helped me to turn my initial 1k into 2k in less than a month(some manual trading was applied)

the author is very supportive and the EA is working very well

qwe trader
2016.02.29 19:31 

This EA is excellent, one of the best for MT5 MQL community.

He is a scalper is a tick, so not recommended tester MT5 strategies. Best test in demo account (have a demo version of EA). Recalling that the connection latency is critical; the lower the latency will be best results.

The author also has been very attentive, accepting suggestions and answering questions quickly.

Five stars for the product and the technical assistance of the author.

2015.12.28 14:12 

the test before and after use in real progressing well , according to the rules specified by the author . Excellent service.

Sameer Nizamuddin
2015.12.24 09:01 

Things looking good now Thanks for the support A++++

2015.02.10 10:13 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Dr. Trader
2014.11.25 02:15 

EA is calculating speed of ticks and adapts to spread to open positions. In case of losses - it is using averaging to anyway close any order with profit. Martingale is also possible, its optional. Averaging and martingale can require a lot of balance for support, so it better to have at least 1000 usd on balance for each 0.01 starting lot, or even more. I have tried to use stop losses instead of averaging, but this was not best decision, because all profit was lost to stoplosses, and balance started to slowly go down. Maybe its only relevant for my broker, I am not sure. Anyway, averaging without stop losses and without martingale gives around 50-100 usd profit each month for 0.01 starting lot, my broker is Activtrades. I cannot recommend any stable symbol for trade right now, you can use MT4 version of this EA to do some tests with 99.9% tick quality for estimated results. But test should be done for broker with fixed spread, otherwise testing results will be incorrect. Tester in MT5 cannot give any reliable results for this EA at all, because it is not intended for testing of scalper EAs.

Советник определяет скорость тиков и адаптируется к спреду, и на основе этих данных открывает позиции. В случае если позиция убыточна - применяется усреднение чтобы вывести любую позицию в доход. Можно использовать также мартингейл, он опционален. Усреднение и мартингейл могут привести к большой просадке equity, поэтому желательно иметь в запасе хотя бы 1000 usd баланса на каждые 0.01 начального лота. Я пробовал использовать стоп лосс вместо усреднения, но это в среднем приводит к убыткам. Усреднение без стоп лосса приносит около 50-100 usd в месяц при начальном лоте 0.01, мой брокер Activtrades. Я не могу рекомендовать символы со стабильным доходом, но можно использовать MT4 версию этого советника для теста с качеством тиков 99.9% чтобы оценить прибыль и убытки по любому символу, брокер при этом должен иметь фиксированный спред, иначе тестирование будет давать неверный результат. Тестер в MT5 не может дать достоверный результат для этого советника, потому что MT5 тестер не предназначен для тестирования советников-скальперов.

Version 18.1 - 2018.02.05
- Added the ClosingPositionAtASpecificTime parameter = close all positions at a certain day and time.
The variable format: WeekDay/CloseHour:Close Minute
For example: ClosingPositionAtASpecificTime=5/20:00
This means the EA closes all open positions at 20:00 on Friday.
- Fixed commission calculation on SELL positions when using averaging
- Attention: Typos have been fixed in some parameters. Check your settings if you changed them.
Version 17.956 - 2017.11.01
-Fixed an error which prohibited trading when using Limiting losses and profits
Version 17.525 - 2017.05.29
- Fixed the trailing stop error when there are positions in different directions.
- Improved the operation of the Set_StopLoss_to_the_next_profitable_position_level
- Improved the operation of the Averager
Version 17.501 - 2017.05.03
Fixed an error with position averaging when trading multiple symbols with the same magic number simultaneously
Version 17.330 - 2017.04.05
- Increased the algorithm processing speed towards performance and receiving signals.

- Added the SecondsToRefresh parameter to the EAPADPRO block - refresh rate of the information on the chart (default is 10 seconds). This is done to reduce the CPU load.

- Added the Set_StopLoss_to_the_next_profitable_position_level option. When enabled, this option monitors the open positions and transfers the stop loss to the next profitable levels. If the EA opens a BUY order, but the price moves against the position, 3 averaging positions are opened at the lower levels. Then, the price moves in the direction, but does not yet touch the middle line to activate the trailing stop. And if the price passes the opening level of lower position 2, the new option activates transferring the stop loss of the lowest position to the breakeven level. And if the price passes the level of the lower position 3, then the stop loss of the first position will be equal to the opening level of the position 2. And the stop loss of the position 2 = opening price of this position, and so on. If the price touches and goes down, the 2 positions will achieve breakeven and profit. Then the EA opens the averaging positions according to the algorithm again. But 2 profitable deals will be fixed.

- Fixed the breakeven error that occurred in accounts where the stop level = 0.

- Added the automatic spread level function. On accounts with commission, the EA may set too small levels due to the small spread. At the same time, the "Low" message will be displayed in the EAPADPRO dashboard. This function protects from using the EA on a small spread and allows to neutralize the difference between "normal trading" and trading on the accounts with the "small spread".

- Added support for the deposit currencies for the Autolot function, which are different from EUR USD RUB

- Added the RiskRate parameter - the exchange rate of your currency against the USD. The default RiskRate = 0 means that the EA will attempt to find the correct exchange rate in the "Market Watch". For the autolot to work adequately with all currency pair, it is necessary to "Show all" currency pairs in the "Market Watch".
Version 17.224 - 2017.03.01
Update of the "Averaging" block for the Brazilian market
Version 17.211 - 2017.02.20

Global update 2017

- Improved the signal detection system. Fully revised the algorithm for obtaining signals.
- Fully revised the function for determining the average spread. Changed the default value of the TimeToCheckAverageSpread parameter to 80000 (80 seconds) for determining the average spread
Note: During the first TimeToCheckAverageSpread/1000 seconds the EA does not trade, but collects information!
This done to average the floating spread of your broker and to avoid false signals during significant fluctuations in the spread values.
This option is disabled for fixed spreads.
- The DistanceMANUAL parameter has been renamed to AverageDistanceMANUAL;
- Updated the calculation of averaging and the MaxOrders parameter for hedging accounts.
- Algorithm for signal calculations will be disabled when the trading time (Time Traiding) is disabled in order to increase the testing speed of the EA.
- Modified the TrailingStep parameter. If TrailingStep =0, the TrailingStep = TrailingStop.
This means that the trailing stop modification step will be equal to the trailing stop level in spreads.
- Removed timer from the EA code, due to the unstable operation of the timer.
- When using trading by time, the calculation of the signals logic is stopped at non-trading time in order to increase the algorithm operation speed.
- Added the ReverseSignal parameter - reverses the strategy signals when enabled.
Note: When enabled, the МА filter is also reversed
- Added the Magic parameter (Other Settings block) - default values is -1 (for maintaining old positions without magic). If there are no existing positions, you may use a unique magic number.
- Added the CloseByMa parameter - when this parameter and the MA filter are used, the positions opened not based on the MA trend will be close
Note: if the position has averaging positions open, those positions will not be closed.
- Added support for rouble accounts for calculation of the automatic lot in DynamicLot
- Added parameter to manually set the distance for the TimeOpen signal:
DistanceTickMANUAL - set the signal distance in points.
DistanceTickMANUAL has a higher priority than DistanceTickSpred

- Added the EAPADPRO information panel
Details on the panel in our blog: https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/687140
Moved the technical information on the strategy to the Strategy block. Its details are not disclosed. This block helps in studying the market and subsequent signals
Version 17.14 - 2016.12.27
Added automatic checking and normalization for all stops to tick size on the current currency pair.
For example, if the tick size on the WING17 symbol is 5 points, then all stop loss and take profit values will be normalized.
For example, the contract price is 58840 and the automatic stop loss calculation resulted in 1211 points, the final stop loss will be normalized to 1210 points.
Version 17.13 - 2016.12.22
Added function that allows simultaneous trading in both directions.
Trade_by_BUYSELL_Separate - when enabled, two directions are traded separately from each other - BUY and SELL orders are processed separately.
Attention: Only for HEDGING accounts

Added the average price line for hedging accounts

Added the ClosePosifChange parameter - closing position by opposite, once a signal for changing direction appears.
Attention: This parameter should be activated with caution and only when necessary. When this parameter is enabled, the averaging algorithm stops working correctly!

Added parameter:
Limiting loss and profit per 1 day/week/month

Limiting LimitFor - Limitation type day/week/month
LimitForLosses - Limit by profit
LimitForProfits- Limit by loss
LimitType - Limit by USD, points, percentage of the deposit
ClosebyLIMITING - Close deals of the EA when the limit is exceeded
UseCurrentProfit - Consider the current profit/loss in calculation of limit
This function is capable of disabling the EA operation in case the EA accumulates certain profit/loss in deposit currency per day/week/month The EA will be reactivated the next day/week/month
For example, LimitFor=DAY LimitForProfits=1 Close by total profit = 10 USD
You can also select the limit type (LimitType) for calculations. In the USD, points, percentage of the account balance.
If you need to close and delete all deals using this EA once the limits are exceeded, you can set ClosebyLIMITING = true
The UseCurrentProfit parameter prohibits or allows considering the current floating profit/loss for this EA
Version 17.12 - 2016.12.06
Added check of margin requirements for the brokers, with which the current balance and the margin are updated daily.
Version 17.11 - 2016.11.15
Code optimized in order to reduce CPU load.
Added support for the EA operation on the Brazilian market.
Added automated calculation of commission and swap in the Trailing Stop and Breakeven functions.
Now Trailing Stop will only trigger when the position covers charged commission.
Version 17.8 - 2016.11.02
Fixed MovingInWLUSE breakeven error, where Stop Loss could be ranging between the breakeven level and an activated trailing stop.
Version 17.7 - 2016.10.24
The Expert Advisor works on hedging and netting accounts.
Improved trailing stop and stop loss modification.
Version 17.6 - 2016.09.26
Changed the operation of Stop loss\Take profit modification with floating spread.
For brokers, who do not accept too frequent modification requests.
Version 17.5 - 2016.09.13
Fixed the price rounding error for averaging block
Version 17.4 - 2016.08.23
In the 'Profit' field: new profit/loss value in points
New parameter StartAveragingFilterMAafterNdeals
The parameter enables filter of averaging trades after a preset value, e.g.:
Every averaging will be filtered using MA
First two averaging trades will not be filtered using MA, third trade will be filtered
Version 17.3 - 2016.08.03
Updated parameter DistanceAverageSpred_Koef.
First distance = Spread*DistanceAverageSpred*DistanceAverageSpred_Koef
Second distance = Spread*DistanceAverageSpred*DistanceAverageSpred_Koef*2........
First distance = Spread*DistanceAverageSpred
Second distance = Spread*DistanceAverageSpred*DistanceAverageSpred_Koef........
Version 17.2 - 2016.07.26
Alert: This EA may not work on hedge account.
Version 17.1 - 2016.07.08
Added parameter for selecting the trading direction:
new parameter "typeorder" - type of trading:
- Only Buy;
- Only Sell;
- Both Buy and Sell;

Added parameters for filtering deals based on MA:
MethodFilterMa - MA METHOD;
Version 17.0 - 2016.05.31
Improved the averager operation. The averager operation is filtered by current prices.
Version 16.999 - 2016.05.19
Added parameter SaveTPafterTrailingStop - save the take profit when modifying the trailing stop
Version 16.998 - 2016.04.05
Fixed the error in determining the MinMax of the spread
Version 16.997 - 2016.03.28
Added the step parameter for the trailing stop - TrailingStep

Added Rounding parameter:
Without rounding - place stop orders without rounding
To 1 digit - rounding by 1 digit. For example, if Stoploss= 1.23456, the trade will be opened with a stop loss of 1.23450
To 2 digits - rounding by 2 digits. For example, if Stoploss= 1.23456, the trade will be opened with a stop loss of 1.23400
Version 16.996 - 2016.02.19
Added the parameters:
MaxSpreadToNotTrade - maximum allowed spread, when exceeded trading is disabled
MinSpreadToNotTrade - minimum allowed spread, when exceeded trading is disabled
AveragingbyFilterMA - set an averaging order only if the MA Filter shows the same direction as the direction of the trade
(If you want to open an averaging order and MA is above the buy price, the averaging order is not opened).
Version 16.995 - 2016.01.28
Added the Autolot selection mode.
TypeAutolot= 1 Autolot is calculated based on the current balance
TypeAutolot= 2 Autolot is calculated based on the current free margin
Version 16.992 - 2015.12.23
Added automatic detection of the order filling type.
Version 16.991 - 2015.12.17
Set the default for MaxOrders = 5. The maximum number of averagings for the position = 5.
Version 16.979 - 2015.11.23
New parameter Slippage - slippage in points during deal opening. If a server returns a requote on a signal, the deal will be omitted.

New parameter CloseAllTradesbyOutofTime - all trades positions will be closed at the end of the trading time with Times options used.
Version 16.804 - 2015.08.05
Added parameter
ShowInfo=true - show an information block on the chart

Added a trend filter.
Algorithm for determining a trend - location of MA relatively to the price.
The MA period parameter is included into PeriodFilterMa settings.
MA is determined by TF = M1
Version 16.407 - 2015.04.07
New parameter:
HoursSleepEaAfterStopLoss=0 - hours to wait before opening a new positions after closing a deal by stop loss.
Version 16.128 - 2015.01.28
Manual Take Profit has been fixed.
Version 16.123 - 2015.01.26
Fill policy parameter has been added to the external parameters:

This fill policy means that an order can be executed only with the specified volume. If the required volume for a given financial instrument is currently unavailable in the market, the order will not be executed. The required volume can be filled using several offers currently available in the market.

This means that a trade will be executed with the maximum volume available in the market within the value indicated in the order. In case entire order volume is not available in the market at the moment, a partial fulfillment is possible, but any portion that cannot be filled immediately is canceled.

This fill policy is used for market, Limit and Stop Limit orders and only in the Market Execution and Exchange Execution modes. In case of partial filling a market or Limit order with remaining volume is not canceled but processed further.
When a Stop Limit order triggers, a relevant Limit order will be placed with the Return fill policy.
Version 16.114 - 2015.01.16
A new option has been added:
MinTimebeforenextAverage = 5; // Min Time in minutes for next step for averaging

The minimum number of minutes until the next opening of an Averaging order! Useful for large candlesticks. Thus, we set a limit for the next order opening in minutes.
Version 16.112 - 2015.01.14
Added option ModifyStoplossEverySeconds = 0.
Modification of the Stop Loss at a new spread every specified amount of seconds.
This allows you to modify the Stop Loss for a new spread.
The value of at least 10 seconds is recommended, so that you are not banned by your broker for frequent stop loss midifications.

If 0, the option is disabled.
This modification is disabled when your position reaches breakeven.
Version 16.109 - 2015.01.12
Added new averaging parameters:
DistanceAverageSpred_Koef = Koef to next step for averaging
- set spread increase/decrease ratio for trade averaging from the initial DistanceAverageSpred value.
DistanceAverageSpred_Koef = 2, DistanceAverageSpred = 50: the first averaging trade is performed at the distance of 50 current spreads. The second one is performed at the distance of 100 current spreads!
DistanceAverageSpred_Diferent = steps for averaging separated by commas
- set averaging values in spreads separated by comma.
"10,20,50,50,20,10" means that the first averaging trade is performed at the distance of 10 current spreads, the second one - 20 spreads, the third one - 50, etc.
If three values of "10,20,30" are specified, all trade distances after the third trade are equal to 30.


Added open parameters for manual setting:
TakeProfitMANUAL = TakeProfit 0 - Autoset
DistanceMANUAL = Distance of Averaging 0 - Autoset
TrailingStopaMANUAL = Distance TrallingStop 0 - Autoset
StopLossMANUAL = StopLoss 0 - Autoset
LevelWLossMANUAL and LevelProfitMANUAL

If you want to set fixed values, for example, for a stop loss, you may set StopLossMANUAL = 1 000 points.
Or if you want to set fixed values of the averaging distance, you may set DistanceMANUAL = 100 points.

Significantly increased the speed of the EA testing in the strategy tester.
Fixed too long stop loss received during a too high spread leap (if the spread is increased 10 times, the stop loss is too big).
Fixes reported bugs.
Added the info panel to the chart the EA is launched at.
Displayed signal volume and power.
Version 15.965 - 2014.11.12
Added parameters:
- Forced Modification of SL\TP in Market Trade
- Comments To Open Orders
- Use trade sounds

Fixed errors reported by users.

Added forced attempt of Stop Loss modification when opening a deal.

Fixed variable "Maximum number of orders for averaging".

In case of any error from the server, a comment is added in the Log.
Version 15.964 - 2014.11.07
Added ability to disable Take Profit. When TakeProfitTickSpred=0, Take Profit is not specified.

Fixed error of deal opening, if the last deal is not found in history.
Version 15.423 - 2014.04.24
- Maximum number of orders during averaging.

- Stop loss of every next deal is calculated on the basis of the open price of the last order instead of the current price.
- Signals and variables of arrays containing signals are reset on start and every new day.
- Signals are now detect only at non-rollback movements in the same direction.
Version 15.317 - 2014.03.19
Added an option to calculate average spread used for calculation of parameters and trading. As a result, fast changing spread does not affect trading and false signals. There are less false signals during testing.

TimeToCheckAverageSpread=8000 - time in milliseconds to calculate average spread.