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Exp TickSniper PRO FULL

Exp-TickSniper - high-speed tick scalper with auto-selection of parameters for each currency pair automatically.

Do you dream of an adviser who will automatically calculate trading parameters? Automatically optimized and tuned?

The EA has been developed based on experience gained in almost 10 years of EA programming.

  1. The EA strategy works with any SYMBOLS.
  2. The timeframe does not matter.
  3. The robot is based on current quotes, tick arrival speed, spread size, and other contract specification parameters. 
  4. The system automatically defines favorable stop loss and take profit levels, as well as the distances of averaging positions, trailing stop distance, etc.
  5. The EA applies the system of additional opening against a trend ("Averaging").
  6. Its settings have been optimized for testing on our real accounts.
  7. The Expert Advisor can work on absolutely any currency pair.
  8. All parameters of the trading system are calculated automatically and depend on the current spread of the currency pair.

Recommended trading account:

  • Recommended deposit   LOW RISK   of $ 1,000  with a minimum lot 0.01  3 currency pairs (e.g., EURUSD USDCHF USDJPY);
  • Recommended deposit   MEDIUM RISK  of $ 300  with minimal lot  0.01  on 1 currency pair (e.g., EURUSD);
  • Recommended deposit   HIGH RISK   of $ 100  with minimum lot  0.01  on 1 currency pair (e.g. EURUSD);
  • ECN , Floating Spread, Leverage 1: 300 and above;
  • Any currency pairs, we trade on EURUSD USDJPY USDCHF

How does it work?

  1. Download TickSniper  to your terminal;
  2. Set on the chart of any currency pair (for example EURUSD);
  3. Turn on the Autotrade button and "Allow live trading";
  4. Do not change the settings. Advisor is automatic!


  • It works on the currency pair.
  • The timeframe does not matter.
  • A floating spread is recommended. A zero spread is forbidden!
  • A stop loss accompanies each open position,
  • the averaging function and additional opening.
  • The cumulative position (a series of open positions) has its trailing stop.
  • If the position or series of positions goes into profit, the EA sets a breakeven point. If the price rolls back, such a position is closed by breakeven.
  • The EA calculates the spread based on averaging the last ticks.


  • The EA works not on all brokers! It depends on the speed of quotes in the terminal. You can download the demo version.
  • The EA does not work in the strategy tester due to quote speed. Check the system on a real chart.
  • The EA operation is based on spread increase or decrease, as well as quote rate. Therefore, it may show different results on different brokers.
  • The EA is fully automated.


Attention! All parameters are set by default! These are the optimal parameters and are not recommended for re-configuring them!

Expforex, Vladon,

Reviews 20
Apollo1969 2024.06.22 06:30 

Buy this EA. It’s an ATM machine. Easy to set up and run, awesome service from Vlad. This is the only EA you need to run.

maxim_g 2024.01.31 22:05 

Bin sehr zufrieden!

albertlux 2023.06.11 19:03 

Hello, very useful , one question please..is the leverage taken into account while testing in the strategy tester ? I have the impression it is not . Also , the times when trading is not allowed seem not to be taken into account in the strategy tester , is that so ? Also , I would like to increase the lot sizes to a maximum and I do not manage , what parameters do allwow that , have you built in a limiter ? ( Draw down are accordingly very low , what is good , but I wish to push the limit higher )

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Golden Gate - торговый советник использующий в своей торговой логике подходы стратегии Лари Вильямса, Джона Болинджера и  Дж. Уэллс Уайлдера в виде разработанных ими индикаторов.  Советник показал хорошие результаты тестирования стратегии на истории и при реальной торговле, в советнике можно менять значения данных индикаторов и выставлять самостоятельно размеры стоп лосса и тейк профита.  Как реально торгует данный советник и чего стоит ожидать при покупке данного советника - данный советник зак
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LAUNCH PROMO: Only a few copies left at current price! Final price: 990$ Get 1 EA for free (for 2 trade accounts) -> contact me after purchase Ultimate Combo Deal   ->   click here Live signal:   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2084890 Live Signal Set Prop Firm Set File JOIN PUBLIC GROUP:   Click here Parameter overview Gold Trade Pro joins the club of Gold trading EA's, but with one big difference: this is a real trading strategy. What do I mean with "real trading strategy"?  As you probab
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Signal Account  (running 0.75% Balance Risk) If you need MT4 version or can't afford renting/purchasing contact me for alternative solution. If you'd like to purchase multiple EAs (minimum 2 EAs of your choice) as a custom package contact me for 15% special discount for the package. Also contact me for additional discount options. Join  Nexus Community Public Chat This EA is part of   Nexus Portfolio  - the most long term stable EA in mql5 market.  Starting price: $1600, current price $2400, ne
Eternal Engine EA is an advanced Expert Advisor that utilizes multiple indicators and strategies, providing traders with a comprehensive automated trading tool. It offers numerous trading opportunities, is not sensitive to spreads, and employs strict entry points to precisely initiate each trade. The strategy has proven itself in real market, with a year-long real-time signal of low DD.Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, Eternal Engine EA offers an exceptional trading experience.
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# Neon Trade MT5 Our Telegram community Introducing Neon Trade – a unique innovation in the field of algorithmic currency market trading that uses advanced machine learning methods. Our advisor is fully autonomous and ready for use after installation on any chart and timeframe. It operates on the principle of "set it on the chart and forget it." The only thing that needs to be done is to allow access to my API " https://xmpp.madsysadm.ru " in the terminal settings and switch to DYNAMIC mode. Th
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Introducing our MT5 EA: Designed with advanced algorithms and utilizing deep learning technology, our Expert Advisor (EA) is crafted to assist you in the intricate world of forex trading. The system analyzes market behaviors and conducts transactions based on specific criteria, empowering you to engage with market trends more effectively. With the backing of nearly a decade of data, the EA employs deep learning to examine past market conditions, aiming to provide enhanced decision-making. Recom
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Buy not a backtest, but a real trading system:     Live Signal This price is temporary for the duration of the promotion and will be raised shortly There are only a few copies left at the current price, the next price is -->> 497 $ Welcome to the GoldMind AI Hey, I'm GoldMind AI! This is the first smartest robot that trades gold or XAUUSD, as the light version of GoldPulse AI with different future updates and surprising features. I check the news every single day and I take advantage of a
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4.26 (27)
Aura Black Edition is a fully automated EA designed to trade GOLD only. Expert showed stable results on XAUUSD in 2011-2020 period. No dangerous methods of money management used, no martingale, no grid or scalp. Suitable for any broker conditions. EA trained with a multilayer perceptron Neural Network (MLP) is a class of feedforward artificial neural network (ANN). The term MLP is used ambiguously, sometimes loosely to any feedforward ANN, sometimes strictly to refer to networks composed of mult
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Live Signal on personal account 1: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2233179 Live Signal on personal account 2: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2242009 Special goodies for returned buyers of my other EA. Gold Mana  is developed with over a year of intense research and testing. This expert advisor employs multi-timeframe volatility measurements, analyses intentions of market participants and anticipate price movements before they occur with help candlestick patterns, and supply & demand an
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Several experts in one expert With this expert, you can use several up-to-date strategies Enhanced with artificial intelligence Can be used in several popular forex currencies Can be used in the most popular forex time frames Without using high-risk strategies Attributes : Can be used in the EURUSD , GBPUSD , USDCHF , AUDUSD , USDCAD , NZDUSD  currency pairs Can be used in M30 , H1 , H4 , D1 time frames Has profit limit and loss limit Without using risky strategies like martingale or hedg
Big Forex Players MT5
Marzena Maria Szmit
4.82 (45)
We proudly present our cutting-edge robot, the  Big Forex Players EA  designed to maximize your trading potential, minimize emotional trading, and make smarter decisions powered by cutting-edge technology. The whole system in this EA took us many months to build, and then we spent a lot of time testing it. This unique EA includes three distinct strategies that can be used independently or in together. The robot receives the positions of the  biggest Banks  (positions are sent from our database t
GoldPulse AI MT5
Babak Alamdar
4.76 (29)
Buy not a backtest, but a real trading system:   Live Signal 1     Live Signal 2       Live Signal 3   This price is temporary for the duration of the promotion and will be raised shortly Get 1 EA for free -> contact me after purchase There are only a few copies left at the current price, the next price is -->> 1480 $ Welcome to the GoldPulse AI Hey, I'm GoldPulse AI! This is the first smartest robot that trades gold or XAU with full pairs like XAUUSD, XAUEUR, XAUGBP, XAUAUD, XAUJPY, XAU
Aura White Edition MT5
Stanislav Tomilov
4.8 (35)
Aura White Edition is unique Expert Advisor that continues the Aura series of advisors. The Expert Advisor is based on the engine of Aura Black Expert Advisor , but with a number of changes and author's settings for currency pairs. Innovative methods of the programme's approach to trading, and promising performance results are possible thanks to the use of modern technologies and methods. Aura White Edition is a fully automated EA designed to trade currencies only. Working pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD,
Quantum Wizard MT5
Bogdan Ion Puscasu
4.67 (21)
Quantum Wizard is an advanced Expert Advisor for trading the S&P500 (US500), using an sophisticated grid system and advanced money management that's designed for peak performance . It has been in development for more than 2 years, with the latest update coming this year. You can now finally diversify your portfolio with indices trading. Quantum Wizard is very simple to install, it just needs to be installed on US500 with the default settings, on any timeframe. Live signal :   CLICK Quantum
Oracle MT5
Stanislav Tomilov
5 (13)
Oracle Trading Expert the Quintessence of Modern Programming Technologies Expert Oracle for MetaTrader, trading on GBPUSD and Gold, represents the quintessence of modern programming technologies. Our unique proprietary methods and developments are based on advanced machine learning concepts, making our trading expert truly one-of-a-kind. We offer cutting-edge modules and neural architecture that embody innovative advancements in financial programming. Our algorithms rely on in-depth data analysi
Stock Indexes EA MT5
Marzena Maria Szmit
5 (11)
Stock Indexes EA is a sophisticated   trading robot   meticulously engineered to capitalize on the dynamics of the   US30   index. This expert advisor employs advanced algorithms and technical indicators to analyze market trends, identify potential entry and exit points, and execute trades with precision. A news filter   has also been added to the robot, which prevents it from opening a position during   important economic news , minimizing the risk. In robot, you can also specify the days and
Bitcoin Robot MT5
Marzena Maria Szmit
4.32 (34)
The Bitcoin Robot MT5 is engineered to execute Bitcoin trades with unparalleled efficiency and precision . Developed by a team of experienced traders and developers, our Bitcoin Robot employs a sophisticated algorithmic approach (price action, trend as well as two personalized indicators) to analyze market and execute trades swiftly with M5 timeframe , ensuring that you never miss out on lucrative opportunities. No grid, no martingale, no hedging, EA only open one position at the same time. Bit
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Vladislav Andruschenko
4.66 (67)
Trade copier for MetaTrader 4.   It copies forex trades, positions, and orders from any accounts. It is one of the best trade copiers   MT4-MT4, MT5 - MT4   for the   COPYLOT MT4   version (or   MT4 - MT5 MT5 - MT5   for the   COPYLOT MT5   version).        MT5 version Full Description +DEMO +PDF   How To Buy    How To Install     How to get Log Files    How To Test and Optimize    All products from Expforex Copier  version for      MetaTrader 5  terminal ( МТ5 - МТ5, МТ4 - МТ5 )-  Copylot 
Vladislav Andruschenko
3.95 (21)
Trade copier for MT5 is a trade copier for the МetaТrader 5 platform. It copies forex trades  between any accounts   MT5 - MT5, MT4 - MT5 for the COPYLOT MT5 version (or MT4 - MT4 MT5 - MT4 for the COPYLOT MT4 version)    Reliable copier!         MT4 version Full Description +DEMO +PDF   How To Buy    How To Install     How to get Log Files    How To Test and Optimize    All products from Expforex You can also copy trades in the МТ4 terminal (МТ4 - МТ4, МТ5 - МТ4):     COPYLOT CLIENT for
Exp5 AI Sniper for MT5
Vladislav Andruschenko
Our team is thrilled to introduce Trading Robot, the cutting-edge Smart Trading Expert Advisor for the MetaTrader terminal. AI Sniper is an intelligent, self-optimizing trading robot designed for MT5 . It leverages a smart algorithm and advanced trading strategies to maximize your trading potential. With 15 years of experience in trading exchanges and the stock market, we have developed innovative strategy management features, additional intelligent functions, and a user-friendly graphical inte
Exp TickSniper
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.09 (34)
Exp-TickSniper is a fast tick scalper that automatically selects parameters for each currency pair separately. The EA has been developed based on experience gained in almost 10 years of EA programming. The EA performs short-term trades using smart trailing stop and based on the current currency pair data, its quotes, specification and spread. The averaging strategy is used to prevent losses caused by the signals detection algorithm. If an open position suffers a certain loss, then the function
VirtualTradePad One Click Trading Panel
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.59 (64)
Trading Panel for trading in One click.  Working with positions and orders!  Trading from the  chart  or the  keyboard . With our trading panel, you can execute trades with a single click directly from the chart and perform trading operations 30 times faster than with the standard MetaTrader control. Automatic calculations of parameters and functions make trading faster and more convenient for traders. Graphic tips, info labels, and full information on trade deals are on the chart MetaTrader.
CloseIfProfitorLoss with Trailing
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.87 (30)
Closing positions in MetaTrader 4 upon reaching the total profit/loss with the profit trailing function. You can enable the Virtual stops (Separate Order) , Calculating and closing for BUY and SELL positions separately (Separate BUY SELL) , Closing and calculating all symbols or the current symbol only (All Symbols) , Enable trailing for profit ( Trailing Profit) Close on total profit and loss on deposit currency, points, % of the balance. The application is designed for use on any account toge
Exp4 The xCustomEA for MT4
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.17 (6)
Universal trading adviser on custom indicators for MetaTrader 4. Builder strategy. Write the name of your indicator with Arrow and signal buffers, and our EA xCustomEA trades on these signals. You can also use many of our built-in functions. Version for MetaTrader 4:  The xCustomEA  version  for MetaTrader 5 terminal The functionality of the universal trading adviser The xCustomEA exactly duplicates all the parameters of our advisor  The X  except one: The xCustomEA  works on a custom indicato
Exp Averager
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.8 (20)
Exp-Averager  is designed to Average your trades that have received a certain drawdown by opening averaging trades. The advisor has the ability to open new positions in on trend or against the current trend.  It also includes a smart trailing stop feature that applies to a series of positions.  The advisor can increase or decrease the lot size of the positions.  This is a widely used strategy for bringing losing positions to the average price.        MT5 version Full Description +DEMO +PDF  
Exp SafetyLock PRO
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.7 (27)
SAFETYLOCK allows traders to avoid strong market reversals by setting an opposite order for an already opened position. If a trader or an EA opens a position, SAFETYLOCK opens an opposite pending order for it. If the position becomes loss-making, the pending order is activated creating a lock. The EA allows you to close the initial position, work with a trailing stop, or multiply the lot. You can also modify the pending order Open price following the position price.        Full Description +DEM
Averager FULL
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.9 (10)
Exp-Averager  is designed to Average your trades that have received a certain drawdown by opening averaging trades. The adviser can open additional positions on the trend and against the trend! Includes an average trailing stop for a series of positions! They are increasing and decreasing the lot. A popular strategy for bringing unprofitable positions to the average Price.        MT4 version Full Description +DEMO +PDF   How To Buy    How To Install       How to get Log Files     How To T
Exp Assistant 5
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.73 (128)
Auto Setting, stop loss, take profit, trailing stop, breakeven levels, enabling virtual stop loss and take profit. Exp Assistant will help you organize maintenance of your positions. This program, the Expert Advisor, is designed to automatically set the  Real or Virtual   Stop Loss and Take Profit  levels for your positions while trading.  You can easily manage all the operations of the Expert Advisor from the control panel on the chart.  If you face any difficulty in setting stop loss, take pr
Exp4 AI Sniper for MT4
Vladislav Andruschenko
5 (1)
AI Sniper   is an intelligent, self-optimizing trading robot designed for MT4   terminals. Utilizing a sophisticated algorithm and cutting-edge trading methodologies, AI Sniper epitomizes excellence in trading optimization. With over 15 years of extensive experience in both exchange and stock markets, our team has crafted this Expert Advisor, incorporating innovative strategy management features, intelligent functionalities, and an intuitive graphical interface. Each facet of AI Sniper is metic
Profit or Loss Pad
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.55 (11)
Closing positions in MetaTrader 5 upon reaching the total profit/loss with the profit trailing function.   CloseIfProfitorLoss with Trailing You can enable the  Virtual stops (Separate Order) , calculating and closing for  BUY and SELL positions separately (Separate BUY SELL) , closing and calculating  all symbols or the current symbol only (All Symbols) , enable trailing for profit ( Trailing  Profit) Positions are closed based on a value  in deposit currency, points, % and drawdown . The appl
Exp5 Duplicator
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.71 (7)
Expert Advisor Duplicator repeats trades/positions/signals a preset number of times on your account  MetaTrader 5 . It copies all deals opened manually or by another Expert Advisor. It is possible to increase the lot size of the signals. Copies signals and increases the lot from signals! MQL5 Signal Lot Increase; The following functions are supported: custom lot for copied trades, copying StopLoss, TakeProfit, use of trailing stop and much more.        MT4 version Full Description +DEMO +PDF
Exp5 The xCustomEA for MT5
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.27 (11)
Universal trading adviser on custom indicators for MetaTrader 5. Builder of strategy. Write the name of your indicator with Arrow and signal buffers, and our EA xCustomEA trades on these signals. You can also use many of our built-in functions. Version for MetaTrader4:  The xCustomEA  version  for MetaTrader 4 terminal The functionality of the universal trading adviser The xCustomEA exactly duplicates all the parameters of our advisor  The X  except one: The xCustomEA  works on a custom indicat
VirtualTradePad mt4 Extra
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.86 (64)
Trading Panel for trading in 1 click.  Working with positions and orders!  Trading from the chart or the keyboard. Using our trading panel, you can trade in one click from the chart and perform trading operations 30 times faster than the standard MetaTrader control. Automatic calculations of parameters and functions that make life easier for a trader and help a trader conduct their trading activities much faster and more conveniently. Graphic tips and full information on trade deals on the chart
Exp5 Tester PAD for Strategy Tester
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.62 (29)
The utility allows you to manually test your strategies in the strategy tester. One-click trading on the visualization chart. Convenient and complete functionality for testing trading skills is now available in the strategy tester as well. Forex Tester Pad is a trading simulator for strategy tester. Trading using indicators. The main functions of our utility        MT4 version Full Description +DEMO +PDF   How To Buy    How To Install       How to get Log Files     How To Test and Optimize
Lib5 EAPadPRO for MT5
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.57 (7)
Library to add the Information Panel to your Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 5. We can not guarantee that the information and interface of the program will give you a profit on deals, but we will definitely say that even the simplest interface of the program can strengthen the first impression. Detailed description and instructions for adding our panel to your Expert Advisor are in our blog: LIB - EAPADPRO Step-by-step instruction Detailed description of our panel and instructions for using EAPADP
Exp4 Duplicator
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.52 (21)
The Expert Advisor repeats trades and positions or signals a preset number of times on your account  MetaTrader 4 . It copies all deals opened manually or by another Expert Advisor. Copies signals and increases the lot from signals ! Increases the lot of other EAs. The following functions are supported: custom lot for copied trades, copying Stop Loss, Take Profit, use of trailing stop.        MT5 version Full Description +DEMO +PDF   How To Buy    How To Install       How to get Log Files
Exp4 THE X FULL Universal EA for MT4
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.25 (16)
Universal indicator advisor for MetaTrader 4 with a wide range of functions, working on standard indicators. Strategy builder in 1 Expert Advisor. Lots of trading indicators from the standard MetaTrader set. Possibility to choose 1 out of 20 signals and 5 out of 20 filters. More than a hundred parameters for individual customization to suit your requirements. For each signal, you can customize the indicator parameters, select a timeframe, and specify a signal bar. Links: The X for MetaTrader 5
Exp Assistant 4
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.87 (86)
AutoSetting stop loss, take profit, trailing stop, breakeven levels, enabling virtual stops. Exp Assistant will help you organize maintenance of your positions. This Expert Advisor will set all the necessary stop loss and take profit levels for your positions. All the Expert Advisor operation is managed from the control panel on the chart. If you have open positions, but your Expert Advisor cannot set stop loss, take profit, trailing stop or breakeven, and if you trade manually, you can use the
Exp Swing
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.18 (45)
It uses the model of a famous strategy called Swinger (Pendulum, Cheburashka) - alternate placing of pending orders with increased lot. The strategy lies in placing two opposite pending orders. When the price moves in a certain direction, one pending order is triggered, while the lot size of the other order is increased. The EA provides three types of opening pending orders (TypeofTrade) Auto-opening after placement (Instant opening AutoTrade) Opening and management after manual opening (Manu
Exp5 Swing PRO for MT5
Vladislav Andruschenko
The Swing model-based trading strategy involves placing two opposing pending orders with increased lots. As the market price moves in a certain direction, one of the orders is triggered while the lot size of the other is increased.  This approach allows traders to capture profit while minimizing risks, making it a reliable way to trade forex, stocks, and commodities. The use of this strategy in financial trading has been widely recognized for its ability to facilitate informed decision-making,
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.38 (26)
Trade copier for МetaТrader 4. It copies forex trades, positions, orders  from any accounts. # It is one of the best МТ4   -   МТ4, МТ5   -   МТ5, МТ4   -   МТ5, МТ5   -   МТ4   trade copiers today. #  The unique copying algorithm exactly copies all trades from the master account to your client account. High operation speed. Tough error handling. A powerful set of features. #  All these qualities are combined in a single program - EXP - COPYLOT . #  The program can be run on multiple terminal
Exp Tick Hamster MT4
Vladislav Andruschenko
3.5 (14)
Expert with automatic optimization of all parameters for any trading symbol for MetaTrader 4. T rading EA without settings! Tick   Hamster  - This is an  automated trading expert for newbies and users who want to avoid setting up an advisor! Experience hassle-free automated trading with our beginner-friendly expert advisor. No need to worry about complicated setups - our expert handles everything for you. Start your journey to successful trading today!        MT5 version Full Description +DEMO
Exp4 Tester PAD for Strategy Tester
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.83 (29)
The utility allows you to manually test your strategies in the strategy tester. One-click trading on the visualization chart. The latest version of the utility offers advanced features for traders to manually test their trading strategies. With the strategy tester, you can now evaluate the effectiveness of your trading strategies in a simulated environment. This functionality allows you to analyze the performance of your trading techniques and refine them to improve your trading skills. Moreove
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.27 (11)
Exp5 - COPYLOT MASTER is a trade copier for МetaТrader 5 and MetaTrader 4. It copies Forex trades from any accounts. Installation This Expert Advisor is a master copier. Install the Expert Advisor in the terminal from which you want to copy trades. Specify any text label name as pathWrite, for example, "COPY". Install COPYLOT MASTER for MT5 on the terminal from which you want to copy trades.  Then install  COPYLOT Client MT4  on the MT4  terminal to which you want to copy. Or  Copylot Client MT5
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.79 (29)
Universal automatic Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 5 working on standard indicators. UniversalEA  The Constructor EA is provided with a large set of functions. You can select one of 20 signals to open a position and 5 of 20 filters to sort out the signals of the standard indicators included in the MetaTrader package. Besides, you can adjust the indicator parameters, select a timeframe, and specify a signal bar for each signal. You can also download The X EA for the MetaTrader 4 terminal  The X f
Ind5 Extra Report Pad
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.77 (30)
Traders Diary: This is a statistics panel providing analysis of your trading account for MetaTrader 5. The analysis results are displayed on the chart in real time. Multicurrency trading is very popular.        MT4 version Full Description +PDF   How To Buy    How To Install       How to get Log Files     How To Test and Optimize     All products from Expforex However, greater the amount of trades, the more difficult it is to analyze the profitability of each of them. Analyzing trades by m
Ind5 InfoPad Information Panel
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.9 (10)
INFOPad is an information panel that creates information on the selected currency pair in the MetaTrader 5 terminal. There are 5 functions of this indicator: Shows the main and main information on the selected symbol: Ask BID, Spread, Stop Level, Swap, Tick value, Commission prices; Shows the future targets of SL target and TP Target (The number of points of the established stop loss and take profit, the dollar amount); It shows the profit received for the periods: Today, Week, Month, Year, Tot
Apollo1969 2024.06.22 06:30 

Buy this EA. It’s an ATM machine. Easy to set up and run, awesome service from Vlad. This is the only EA you need to run.

maxim_g 2024.01.31 22:05 

Bin sehr zufrieden!

Herbert Steffen Posner
Herbert Steffen Posner 2023.12.12 21:26 

Schlecht !!!

Yuta Hidaka
Yuta Hidaka 2023.10.14 15:31 

Sorry the EA can't make a profit at all. If you are looking some scalper EA find another one.

albertlux 2023.06.11 19:03 

Hello, very useful , one question please..is the leverage taken into account while testing in the strategy tester ? I have the impression it is not . Also , the times when trading is not allowed seem not to be taken into account in the strategy tester , is that so ? Also , I would like to increase the lot sizes to a maximum and I do not manage , what parameters do allwow that , have you built in a limiter ? ( Draw down are accordingly very low , what is good , but I wish to push the limit higher )

Vladislav Andruschenko
Reply from developer Vladislav Andruschenko 2023.06.11 19:39
Hello. The leverage of your broker works in the strategy tester. in the mt5 strategy tester, you can even set a floating spread. This is very good. there are no restrictions on the lot in the EA, you can increase the lot lots.
mangusto 2023.03.30 16:17 

The best expert advisor I know. It Works very well. One question: is it possible in the next update to change the parameter "HoursSleepEaAfterStopLoss" from hours to minutes? Thank you and congratulations!

Vladislav Andruschenko
Reply from developer Vladislav Andruschenko 2023.03.30 17:24
Hello. Thank you. Yes, minutes can be done.
Olga Snizhko
Olga Snizhko 2023.03.26 13:50 

Since beginning of 2022, this strategy has died completely. EA looks interesting, I bought it for collection and do not plan to use it in real. Test on real tick quotes in MT5 to see result of its work)) Five stars to author for long development and support of this product.

Vladislav Andruschenko
Reply from developer Vladislav Andruschenko 2023.03.27 08:55
Thank you.
[Deleted] 2022.12.29 04:18 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Vladislav Andruschenko
Reply from developer Vladislav Andruschenko 2022.12.29 07:39
Thank you. You can adjust this parameter. Averaging_LotsMartin increase in the LOT for each averaging deal. It allows you to increase the LOT of averaging deals. Increase the lot for the grid positions — the coefficient of increase of each averaging position. For example: Starting lot of the main position = 0.1 LotsMartin = 2, then The next lot of the opened averaging position will be 0.2, 0.4, 0.8 and so on. Attention: The middle line will be calculated using the formula using lots. It allows you to bring the break-even level (middle line) closer to the current price. But martingale can be dangerous to your account. Please, calculate this parameter so that your deposit will withstand such a load
Hiroaki Morisima
Hiroaki Morisima 2022.10.25 16:32 

ファイネストで運用。 スプレッドが低めの6通貨0.01で運用したところ1日で数十回売買します。 30回中100円以下が25回。100円~550円が5回ぐらいので取引してくれます。



JSP500 2022.09.16 17:47 

How to reduce stop loss

Vladislav Andruschenko
Reply from developer Vladislav Andruschenko 2022.09.16 17:54
You can use this StoplossTickSpread stoploss in spreads of each deal in spreads (Spread is calculated based on the average spread that is received for  TimeToCheckAverageSpread   milliseconds of the Expert Advisor   )
LIUBOV KUZNETSOVA 2022.08.19 19:29 

Доброго времени суток. К сожалению советник меня подвел. Советник очень не любит сильные тренды, так как при сильном тренде он ловит лосей. Ситуация усугубляется еще тем, что советник пытается усреднять убыточные сделки, то есть открывает сделки против тренда, также и по ним ловит лосей. Плюс еще один момент который меня огорчил, это то что по паре доллар/ена советник нарастил вышеуказанным способом существенные убытки и не выставил стопы (то есть советник может спокойно слить Ваш депозит). На основании вышеуказанного моя торговля данным советником остановлена так как советник на данных рыночных условиях является убыточным. Принцип работы советника удаленно напоминает советника "Илан", который при сильном тренде также льет депозиты. В итоге что мы получаем: Положительные стороны советника: 1. Данный советник не нужно оптимизировать; 2. Советник самостоятельно подстраивается под рынок; 3. Таких продуктов очень мало на рынке форекс; 4. Советник может выдержать тренды, чем не может похвастаться многие советники. А теперь а минусах: за советником нужно постоянно следить и иметь резиновый депозит, чтобы пересидеть просадки, так как очень сильный тренд с помощью данного советника может уничтожить Ваш депозит. PS: конечно я согласна с автором данного советника, что данный советник не может знать, что будет твориться на рынке. Это всего лишь программный код, который не учитывает новостной характер движения цен, а также психологию рынка. Но сидеть и наблюдать как советник ничего не делает чтобы вывести депозит из просадки при тренде, а наоборот уничтожает его, нарушая все законы рынка, открывая сделки против тренда и соответственно ловя лосей, нужно иметь железные нервы и быть готовым потерять свои депозит, который ты годами наращивала на рынке форекс. Заранее прошу у автора советника прощение если в чем то не права, но на сегодняшний день, исходя из опыта торговли я делаю свои выводы о данном советнике.

Ivan Rasskazoff
Ivan Rasskazoff 2022.08.02 19:20 

Советник убыточный. За два месяца торговли по всем правилам (1000 долларов на три пары, 0.01 лот каждая, без ручного вмешательства) убыток 20%. Стабильно идет вниз. На вопросы Владислав отвечает не всегда, и не на все. Долго и не то, о чем я спрашиваю. Все время навязывает торговлю в Робофорекс. Удобная позиция - получил оплату за свой убыточный советник, получит еще вознаграждение от Робофорекс, за то, что привел новую жертву. Робофорекс это кухня, в России не лицензирована.

17112342012 2022.08.02 10:48 


yeser8804 2022.06.29 07:18 

Buenas noches, ya hice el pago lo instale pero no me hace las operaciones en automático me puedes ayudar y explicar q falta

Vladislav Andruschenko
Reply from developer Vladislav Andruschenko 2022.07.01 20:10
Hello. can you attach more information? screenshots, log files?
Steffen Schmidt
Steffen Schmidt 2022.04.11 00:11 

Excellence how a human would be trading with parameters to protect their assets.

Akbar zahir
Akbar zahir 2022.03.25 16:59 

Can I have refund please ? I don’t wanna use this , thanks


Good options for set up!!! It is for professional not for dreamer!!!

Vladislav Andruschenko
Reply from developer Vladislav Andruschenko 2021.08.25 18:45
Thank you
inconito75 2021.08.18 18:04 

the EA worked well with WTI oil but now it does not work anymore I receive this message in the log (2021.08.18 11: 14: 30.334 Exp TickSniper PRO FULL (WTI_U1, H1) === Trade not ALLOWED === You can Not Trade on Symbol = Check This!) I use the icmarket broker what should I do please?

Vladislav Andruschenko
Reply from developer Vladislav Andruschenko 2021.08.19 08:16
Please write to your broker. Ean only have message from your broker. Symbol trade not allowed. Please write to your broker and Check symbols to trade.
Al Bundy
Al Bundy 2021.07.27 08:16 

Hi, do you know, if your EA is working with Blueberry Markets? Which Broker do you recommend?

Vladislav Andruschenko
Reply from developer Vladislav Andruschenko 2021.07.27 08:25
welcome. I did not hear about such a broker. So I do not know such a broker. I work with Robo.
ivan.atos29 2021.07.26 20:33 

Olá, boa tarde. Adquiri o Exp TickSniper PRO FULL, Excelente robô. Só preciso de uma informação: As vezes ele perde muito em uma única operação. Como faço para diminuir as perdas nesta situação?

Vladislav Andruschenko
Reply from developer Vladislav Andruschenko 2021.07.27 01:42
Olá. Obrigado. o stop loss é definido automaticamente em 250 spreads. Você pode alterar o parâmetro Stoplosstickspread
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Version 24.422 2024.04.22
Last build compilation
Version 24.415 2024.04.15
Drawing fixed
Version 24.413 2024.04.13
Improved: BUY/SELL buttons are enabled by default for the Strategy Tester to test Utility in the Strategy Tester
Version 24.409 2024.04.09
4270 Rebuild
Version 24.404 2024.04.08
Global Update EAPADPRO v55

!!!Attention! Support of visual Graph Elements (Buttons, input line, Edit Box, CheckBox) is no longer supported by VPS server from MetaQuotes!!!!

-Added: information about profit from closed positions to the chart.
The information is displayed for each bar of the current timeframe.
You can change the timeframe to see the result of trading on a certain bar of the current timeframe.
If several positions/deals are closed on one bar of the current timeframe, the trading result is summarized, and the total information for a certain bar is displayed.
The information is updated when the next position/deal is closed.
You can turn off showing history in the panel settings.


-Added: The status of the Expert Advisor operation if it was launched on the server from "VPS MQL MetaQuotes".
When Expert Advisor is running on the server from MetaQuotes, a message will be created on the home computer that Expert Advisors are running on the server "VPS MQL MetaQuotes". The smiley face is blue.
Attention: If an Expert Advisor is launched on both the server and the home computer, it can trade in parallel on 2 terminals (server "VPS MQL MetaQuotes" + home computer); there may be conflicts.
Attention: If the Expert Advisor is launched on the server "VPS MQL MetaQuotes", do not Turn it on work on the home computer to avoid conflicts.
Frequency of polling the status of work on the server = 1 day.
After deinitialization of the Expert Advisor on the server - It will get the status - stopped.
To test the work on the server from "VPS MQL MetaQuotes", pending orders are created!


-Added: The error status of the Expert Advisor operation can now be read on the EAPADPRO panel.
You can click on the Smile or the Expert Advisor operation status bar and you will be shown a message about current errors of Expert Advisor operation.
If you click on the Smile button on the panel, you will be shown the causes and errors and their solutions with pictures.


-Added: Notification of errors and opening/closing of trades to the chart in the form of InfoBox.
Notification is shown for 4 types:
---Opening a new trade;
---Closing a deal;
---Modification of a trade;
---Error received by Expert Advisor from the server;
In the EAPADPRO panel settings, you can turn on or off the notification type you need.
Notifications can be viewed as they arrive in the notification queue.
Notifications are accumulated in a data array each time you install/reinstall/change Expert Advisor settings.
In the EAPADPRO header you can also enable disable INFOBOX.

-Added: Working with Telegram (Beta version)
For Expert Advisor to work with the Telegram bot, you need to set up the bot on your phone and create a "public" or "private" channel.
To receive notifications from your account, you need to assign your bot as an administrator of your "public" or "private" channel.
Attention! Sending notifications and working with commands takes computer resources! Use the Telegram bot only for your own needs.

How To set Telegram bot: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/30733#!tab=comments&page=1&comment=52925811

New settings for working with Telegram:
EAPadPRO2=" =============== Telegram bot ";
==input ENUM_UPDATE_MODE TG_UpdateMode=UPDATE_SLOW --> Update Mode. Timer speed, to receive commands from Telegram bot. The faster the timer runs, the more computer resources will be used! Please do not change it unnecessarily. 2sec,3sec,10sec
==TG_PRIORITY=TG_HOME_VPS --> Priority of work. This is the priority mode when the Telegram bot works on the MetaQuotes VPS server and your home computer.
TG_HOME_ONLY=1, // Only the HOME bot. The Telegram bot works only on the home computer.
TG_VPS_ONLY=2, // Only the VPS bot. The Telegram bot works only on the MetaQuotes VPS server.
TG_VPS_HOME=3, // First VPS bot, second HOME bot. The Telegram bot works on the MetaQuotes VPS server if you upload it to the server. If not, it will work on your home terminal. Check the work on the VPS server every 10 minutes.
TG_HOME_VPS=4, // First HOME bot, second VPS bot. The Telegram bot works on a home computer, but if the home computer/terminal is turned off, it will work on the VPS server from MetaQuotes. Check the VPS server's work every 10 minutes.
Attention! Screenshots are not available on the VPS server from MetaQuotes!
==TG_Token="" --> Token bot. Token (unique code) of the bot that will send notifications and receive commands
==TG_ChannelName="" --> --> Public Channel Name @. Or "private" ID starts -100 of the private channel. That will send notifications about opening/closing/modification/errors and screenshots from the terminal.
Attention: Telegram bot works only with public channels. Private channels are not supported.
==TG_UserNameFilter="" --> Whitelist Usernames. List of users, starting with @, who can use the bot.
Attention! Sending notifications and working with commands takes computer resources! Use the Telegram bot only for your own needs.
==TG_UseBotTimer=false;//TG_UseBotTimer --> Working with the bot from the phone

New notification type added to EAPADPRO panel settings:
==Notice Open TG - Send a notification to the Telegram channel if a trade is open;
==Notice Close TG - Send a notification to the Telegram channel if a trade is closed;
==Notice Modify TG - Send a notification to the Telegram channel if a trade is modified;
==Notice Error TG - Send a notification to the Telegram channel if an error is received;
==ScreenShot TG - Send a screenshot to the Telegram channel if a trade is opened or closed;

Attention! This is a beta version of working with the Telegram bot. We are working on improving and adding new features.
If you have any suggestions, please write in the "Comments" section.


-Improvement: Code optimization to increase speed.
-Improvement: The speed of the panel update in the strategy tester is now calculated automatically depending on the speed of quotes arrival.
This is done to increase the speed of the program in the strategy tester.
Information update is now equal to 1 real second.
-Improvement: The speed of the program running EAPADPRO in the strategy tester.
Attention! Events in the strategy tester are processed only when a new tick is created.
If a new tick (minimum price movement) is not created, then the panel waits for the next tick.

With Visualization:
Version 48: 390sec (TickSniper 2024-2024)
Version 55: 244sec >>159% (TickSniper 2024-2024)
w/o Visualization:
Version 48: 363sec (TickSniper 2020-2024)
Version 55: 220sec >>165% (TickSniper 2020-2024)
with Visualization:
Version 48: 15750sec (TickSniper 2020-2024)
Version 55: 6220sec >>253% (TickSniper 2020-2024)

-Improvement: The color of the button to close a position on the chart changes depending on the current profit of this position.
-Improvement: Graphic improvements to optimize the Expert Advisor's performance
-Improvement: The account deposit Symbol is cent ¢, USD $, or eur €. All others are the first letter of the deposit currency name.
-Improvement: When visual testing is completed, objects are not removed from the graph.
-Improvement: When creating screenshots after opening/closing positions, the EAPAPDPRO Control Panel will be expanded to show full information.
This is done in order to study the trading history of Expert Advisor on the visualization graph after testing is completed.
-Fixed: Managing positions and orders from the chart when the panel is minimized.
-Fixed: Corrected the error of clearing the chart from unused order labels.
-Fixed: AutoSize when switching charts.
-Fixed: Drawing errors to Print when the Expert Advisor runs on "VPS MQL MetaQuotes"
Version 24.208 2024.02.08
Update in the latest version of terminal 4169
Version 24.127 2024.01.27
+Added languages Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish.
+Added full control from the chart. Closing positions/orders, removing stop loss / take profit.
For full management and testing of Expert Advisor in the strategy tester.
Version 24.125 2024.01.26
DynamicLot for Non-Currency Symbols fixed

New inputs:
MinuteSleepEaAfterStopLoss --> Pause in trading after stoploss in Minute
Commission_Coefficient --> Commission coefficient (default 2)
DynamicLotStopLoss --> The calculation lot from StopLoss and free margin
Version 23.999 2023.12.28
EAPADPRO version 46
Version 23.913 2023.09.18
-Last Build Compilation
-OnlyModify bug fixed
Version 23.101 2023.01.08
-Last Build Compilation
-EAPADPRO v43 (Added new languages)
Version 22.110 2022.01.12
Fixed a bug with drawing objects for new versions of MT5 terminal
Version 21.997 2021.12.20
-Added a parameter for calculating the commission per trade, if the commission is not fixed.
CommissionPer1LotinPercent = The cost of the commission for 1 trade per 1 trading lot in percentage.
This parameter can be viewed in the contract specification in the Commissions section, If this parameter is not fixed and is indicated as a percentage!
Helps the advisor to calculate the commission when closing a deal, if the commission is not known in advance from the contract specification (Some brokers)
Version 21.612 2021.06.12
EAPADPRO v40 update, according to the new rules for using the MQL5 Market
Version 21.531 2021.06.02
EAPADPRO v39 update;
Recompilation of the Expert Advisor in the latest build of the terminal!
Version 20.820 2020.08.20
The Trading Days Work function has been updated.
Permission to trade on days of weeks, with round-the-clock work, has been updated.
Version 20.608 2020.06.08
Перекомпиляция 2485
Version 20.203 2020.02.03
Fixed display of Recommended field
Version 20.131 2020.01.31
Функция ForcedModify проверяет и Магический номер.
Version 20.125 2020.01.25
Force global variables to disk.
Version 20.121 2020.01.22
Version 19.925 2019.09.25
The delay of searching for the next signal is added if the position of the previous signal is not yet open.
Version 19.905 2019.09.05
Push error when opening and closing positions has been fixed.
Version 19.821 2019.08.20
Recompilation in the new version of the terminal.
Version 19.820 2019.08.19
An important update for those using the MQL5 VPS!
Due to the fact that the hosting location folder has changed and MetaQuotes added a new variable TERMINAL_VPS, new edits were applied to all experts . !
Version 19.819 2019.08.19
EapadPro v33
Version 19.802 2019.08.02
Version 19.801 2019.08.01
EAPADPRO v31 Update
Code optimization and increased speed.
Fixed display of the current Mooving Average signal.

Added information labels to the chart:
When activated ShowInfoAverager = to true, you will see the following information:
1. Average = Display the average (zero) line from positions of the same direction. If you move to a label, then there will be additional information about the calculation of the average line!
2. Next Average = Display the next averaging position, which will be open in this direction. If you move to a label, then there will be additional information about the distance!

Version 19.523 2019.05.23
Version 19.325 2019.03.25
- EAPADPRO v27 update
 - Fixed the error of obtaining the average spread when opening a new bar on some currency pairs (when Ask and Bid = 0).
Version 19.204 2019.02.04
EAPadPRO version 26
Version 19.103 2019.01.05
- Update EAPADPRO v 25
- Additional languages ​​added to the panel: Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), German, Chinese, Japanese;
   The translation was made using the GOOGLE Translator + MQL + Terminal site!
   If you find an error in your language, please report it in messages. Thank!
 - Increase the speed of the panel;
 - Updating data on the block "Profit by Date" works 1 time in 5 minutes to save computer resources;
 - Fixed "duplication" of lines in the help and greeting;
 - Automatic closing of the panel 3 hours after the last use to save computer resources;
 - Automatic closing of the panel on the VPS from METAQUOTES to save resources MQL VPS;
 - Added the ability to Collapse / Expand the panel when you double-click on the window title (Analog Windows);
 - By default, we collapsed the Extra Buttons block;
Version 18.991 2018.12.21
- Update EAPADPRO panel to v23 version
- Added a control unit and control the speed of the quotes and the speed of testing.
- Added block output table open deals and positions.

Version 18.965 2018.11.05
Manual setting of the minimum average spread so that all parameters of the adviser are brought to this average spread.

with AutoCheckLowSpread = false and setting ManualMinimumAverageSpread = 10:

If the average spread on a currency pair is lower than 10 pips, then the adviser takes the value of the average spread ( AverageSpread ) as 10 pips, and all system parameters work from an average spread of 10 pips.

If the average spread calculated by the advisor is more than 10 points, then the advisor takes the average spread = the calculated value.
Version 18.946 2018.10.23
EA works on the movement of currency pair quotes.
An important parameter of the system is the spread.
A zero spread is prohibited for the program.
In this version, the adviser brings the average spread to 1 if the spread on the server is 0.
This allows you to avoid erroneous opening positions with an average value of 0!
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------
For your convenience, we have added a brief description of the parameters in the table of external variables and expert settings.

Update panel EAPAPDPRO v21:
-Graphics improvements.
-Added tooltips.
-Added information about the ban on trade for various reasons.
Version 18.830 2018.08.30
EAPADPRO Update v20
Version 18.828 2018.08.28
General version
Version 18.821 2018.08.20
Version 18.820 2018.08.20
Upgrade the EAPADPRO to version 20.

Block Limiting losses and profits updated:
Parameters LimitForLosses and LimitForProfits changed by type to double
A new CUSTOM mode has been added to the LimitType type. You can specify your monitoring values ​​in minutes, the LimitForCustom_Minutes parameter.
Version 18.7 2018.05.03
General improvements
Version 18.6 2018.04.17
To the Last Price information output block:
Added the number of points till the next averaging. Indicated in brackets from the last opening price.
To the Aver Price information output block:
Added the amount of commission and swap in points.

The CloseByMa function has been divided into 3 types of closing:
False=0 - the EA does not close positions when the MA direction changes.
OnlySignal=1 - when the MA direction changes, the EA closes only when one main signal position is open. There should be no averaging positions open.
SignalAverage=2 - when the MA direction changes, the EA closes all positions, including averaging positions.
Version 18.5 2018.04.04
Update New Feature:
Use the original calculation of commission and swap when enabling the functions: Breakeven, Trailing Stop, Averaging.

The original commission calculation is based on the formula for calculating the value of 1 point from the open positions on a given symbol and magic number. Negative swap and commission are taken into account during calculations. The function returns the value of the negative swap and commission in points, and considers this when working with breakeven and trailing stop.

Note: if your broker has a floating spread, commission is calculated and set during the operation of the breakeven and trailing stop functions, but the spread may increase, leading to additional loss points. This is not a calculation error!
Also, note that when a swap occurs, the EA recalculates the breakeven line and sets new stop loss levels is the server allows it (restriction on the minimum Stop Level of your broker). If the server does not allow setting breakeven and returns the minimum stop level error, the EA will be unable to modify the position and additional loss points may be received.

In order to avoid losses when using accounts with commission and when receiving a negative swap, it is recommended to increase the distance of the breakeven or trailing stop.

The breakeven level (LevelWLoss/LevelWLossMANUAL) can be calculated manually, taking the commission into account.
For example: commission for opening and closing position = 2 USD (EURUSD) per 1 lot. So, in order to cover the loss on the commission, it is necessary to set LevelWLossMANUAL = 2 (points) + 1 (confirming) = 3 points.
Thus, the EA sets breakeven to +3 points, which in turn will cover the loss on the commission.

- Added a special mode to the breakeven function through the LevelWLossMANUAL parameter
When LevelWLossMANUAL = 0, the breakeven point is calculated based on the current spread. This allows making the breakeven level dynamic and closing with the minimum profit of 1 spread. If the position's profit increases, trailing stop comes into play.
(This mode worked in previous versions of the expert)
If LevelWLossMANUAL = 1, the EA will set breakeven to 1 point!
Version 18.4 2018.03.28
Only the negative values are considered in calculation of the additional commission and swap points (positive swap has no effect on calculation)
Version 18.3 2018.03.08
- Update for the information panel EAPADPRO v2.0;
- The code of the EA has been optimized to receive a large number of signals;
- Increased the EA operation speed;
- Updated work with a small spread;
- Updated the operation of averaging;
- Updated the commission calculation algorithm;
- Updated the average spread calculation algorithm;
- Updated the operation by bars, now the EA is able to perform multiple deals if a signal is repeated on 1 bar.
Version 18.1 2018.02.05
- Added the ClosingPositionAtASpecificTime parameter = close all positions at a certain day and time.
The variable format: WeekDay/CloseHour:Close Minute
For example: ClosingPositionAtASpecificTime=5/20:00
This means the EA closes all open positions at 20:00 on Friday.
- Fixed commission calculation on SELL positions when using averaging
- Attention: Typos have been fixed in some parameters. Check your settings if you changed them.
Version 17.956 2017.11.01
-Fixed an error which prohibited trading when using Limiting losses and profits
Version 17.525 2017.05.29
- Fixed the trailing stop error when there are positions in different directions.
- Improved the operation of the Set_StopLoss_to_the_next_profitable_position_level
- Improved the operation of the Averager
Version 17.501 2017.05.03
Fixed an error with position averaging when trading multiple symbols with the same magic number simultaneously
Version 17.330 2017.04.05
- Increased the algorithm processing speed towards performance and receiving signals.

- Added the SecondsToRefresh parameter to the EAPADPRO block - refresh rate of the information on the chart (default is 10 seconds). This is done to reduce the CPU load.

- Added the Set_StopLoss_to_the_next_profitable_position_level option. When enabled, this option monitors the open positions and transfers the stop loss to the next profitable levels. If the EA opens a BUY order, but the price moves against the position, 3 averaging positions are opened at the lower levels. Then, the price moves in the direction, but does not yet touch the middle line to activate the trailing stop. And if the price passes the opening level of lower position 2, the new option activates transferring the stop loss of the lowest position to the breakeven level. And if the price passes the level of the lower position 3, then the stop loss of the first position will be equal to the opening level of the position 2. And the stop loss of the position 2 = opening price of this position, and so on. If the price touches and goes down, the 2 positions will achieve breakeven and profit. Then the EA opens the averaging positions according to the algorithm again. But 2 profitable deals will be fixed.

- Fixed the breakeven error that occurred in accounts where the stop level = 0.

- Added the automatic spread level function. On accounts with commission, the EA may set too small levels due to the small spread. At the same time, the "Low" message will be displayed in the EAPADPRO dashboard. This function protects from using the EA on a small spread and allows to neutralize the difference between "normal trading" and trading on the accounts with the "small spread".

- Added support for the deposit currencies for the Autolot function, which are different from EUR USD RUB

- Added the RiskRate parameter - the exchange rate of your currency against the USD. The default RiskRate = 0 means that the EA will attempt to find the correct exchange rate in the "Market Watch". For the autolot to work adequately with all currency pair, it is necessary to "Show all" currency pairs in the "Market Watch".
Version 17.224 2017.03.01
Update of the "Averaging" block for the Brazilian market
Version 17.211 2017.02.20

Global update 2017

- Improved the signal detection system. Fully revised the algorithm for obtaining signals.
- Fully revised the function for determining the average spread. Changed the default value of the TimeToCheckAverageSpread parameter to 80000 (80 seconds) for determining the average spread
Note: During the first TimeToCheckAverageSpread/1000 seconds the EA does not trade, but collects information!
This done to average the floating spread of your broker and to avoid false signals during significant fluctuations in the spread values.
This option is disabled for fixed spreads.
- The DistanceMANUAL parameter has been renamed to AverageDistanceMANUAL;
- Updated the calculation of averaging and the MaxOrders parameter for hedging accounts.
- Algorithm for signal calculations will be disabled when the trading time (Time Traiding) is disabled in order to increase the testing speed of the EA.
- Modified the TrailingStep parameter. If TrailingStep =0, the TrailingStep = TrailingStop.
This means that the trailing stop modification step will be equal to the trailing stop level in spreads.
- Removed timer from the EA code, due to the unstable operation of the timer.
- When using trading by time, the calculation of the signals logic is stopped at non-trading time in order to increase the algorithm operation speed.
- Added the ReverseSignal parameter - reverses the strategy signals when enabled.
Note: When enabled, the МА filter is also reversed
- Added the Magic parameter (Other Settings block) - default values is -1 (for maintaining old positions without magic). If there are no existing positions, you may use a unique magic number.
- Added the CloseByMa parameter - when this parameter and the MA filter are used, the positions opened not based on the MA trend will be close
Note: if the position has averaging positions open, those positions will not be closed.
- Added support for rouble accounts for calculation of the automatic lot in DynamicLot
- Added parameter to manually set the distance for the TimeOpen signal:
DistanceTickMANUAL - set the signal distance in points.
DistanceTickMANUAL has a higher priority than DistanceTickSpred

- Added the EAPADPRO information panel
Details on the panel in our blog: https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/687140
Moved the technical information on the strategy to the Strategy block. Its details are not disclosed. This block helps in studying the market and subsequent signals

Version 17.14 2016.12.27
Added automatic checking and normalization for all stops to tick size on the current currency pair.
For example, if the tick size on the WING17 symbol is 5 points, then all stop loss and take profit values will be normalized.
For example, the contract price is 58840 and the automatic stop loss calculation resulted in 1211 points, the final stop loss will be normalized to 1210 points.
Version 17.13 2016.12.22
Added function that allows simultaneous trading in both directions.
Trade_by_BUYSELL_Separate - when enabled, two directions are traded separately from each other - BUY and SELL orders are processed separately.
Attention: Only for HEDGING accounts

Added the average price line for hedging accounts

Added the ClosePosifChange parameter - closing position by opposite, once a signal for changing direction appears.
Attention: This parameter should be activated with caution and only when necessary. When this parameter is enabled, the averaging algorithm stops working correctly!

Added parameter:
Limiting loss and profit per 1 day/week/month

Limiting LimitFor - Limitation type day/week/month
LimitForLosses - Limit by profit
LimitForProfits- Limit by loss
LimitType - Limit by USD, points, percentage of the deposit
ClosebyLIMITING - Close deals of the EA when the limit is exceeded
UseCurrentProfit - Consider the current profit/loss in calculation of limit
This function is capable of disabling the EA operation in case the EA accumulates certain profit/loss in deposit currency per day/week/month The EA will be reactivated the next day/week/month
For example, LimitFor=DAY LimitForProfits=1 Close by total profit = 10 USD
You can also select the limit type (LimitType) for calculations. In the USD, points, percentage of the account balance.
If you need to close and delete all deals using this EA once the limits are exceeded, you can set ClosebyLIMITING = true
The UseCurrentProfit parameter prohibits or allows considering the current floating profit/loss for this EA
Version 17.12 2016.12.06
Added check of margin requirements for the brokers, with which the current balance and the margin are updated daily.
Version 17.11 2016.11.15
Code optimized in order to reduce CPU load.
Added support for the EA operation on the Brazilian market.
Added automated calculation of commission and swap in the Trailing Stop and Breakeven functions.
Now Trailing Stop will only trigger when the position covers charged commission.
Version 17.8 2016.11.02
Fixed MovingInWLUSE breakeven error, where Stop Loss could be ranging between the breakeven level and an activated trailing stop.
Version 17.7 2016.10.24
The Expert Advisor works on hedging and netting accounts.
Improved trailing stop and stop loss modification.
Version 17.6 2016.09.26
Changed the operation of Stop loss\Take profit modification with floating spread.
For brokers, who do not accept too frequent modification requests.
Version 17.5 2016.09.13
Fixed the price rounding error for averaging block
Version 17.4 2016.08.23
In the 'Profit' field: new profit/loss value in points
New parameter StartAveragingFilterMAafterNdeals
The parameter enables filter of averaging trades after a preset value, e.g.:
Every averaging will be filtered using MA
First two averaging trades will not be filtered using MA, third trade will be filtered
Version 17.3 2016.08.03
Updated parameter DistanceAverageSpred_Koef.
First distance = Spread*DistanceAverageSpred*DistanceAverageSpred_Koef
Second distance = Spread*DistanceAverageSpred*DistanceAverageSpred_Koef*2........
First distance = Spread*DistanceAverageSpred
Second distance = Spread*DistanceAverageSpred*DistanceAverageSpred_Koef........
Version 17.2 2016.07.26
Alert: This EA may not work on hedge account.
Version 17.1 2016.07.08
Added parameter for selecting the trading direction:
new parameter "typeorder" - type of trading:
- Only Buy;
- Only Sell;
- Both Buy and Sell;

Added parameters for filtering deals based on MA:
MethodFilterMa - MA METHOD;
Version 17.0 2016.05.31
Improved the averager operation. The averager operation is filtered by current prices.
Version 16.999 2016.05.19
Added parameter SaveTPafterTrailingStop - save the take profit when modifying the trailing stop
Version 16.998 2016.04.05
Fixed the error in determining the MinMax of the spread
Version 16.997 2016.03.28
Added the step parameter for the trailing stop - TrailingStep

Added Rounding parameter:
Without rounding - place stop orders without rounding
To 1 digit - rounding by 1 digit. For example, if Stoploss= 1.23456, the trade will be opened with a stop loss of 1.23450
To 2 digits - rounding by 2 digits. For example, if Stoploss= 1.23456, the trade will be opened with a stop loss of 1.23400
Version 16.996 2016.02.19
Added the parameters:
MaxSpreadToNotTrade - maximum allowed spread, when exceeded trading is disabled
MinSpreadToNotTrade - minimum allowed spread, when exceeded trading is disabled
AveragingbyFilterMA - set an averaging order only if the MA Filter shows the same direction as the direction of the trade
(If you want to open an averaging order and MA is above the buy price, the averaging order is not opened).
Version 16.995 2016.01.28
Added the Autolot selection mode.
TypeAutolot= 1 Autolot is calculated based on the current balance
TypeAutolot= 2 Autolot is calculated based on the current free margin
Version 16.992 2015.12.23
Added automatic detection of the order filling type.
Version 16.991 2015.12.17
Set the default for MaxOrders = 5. The maximum number of averagings for the position = 5.
Version 16.979 2015.11.23
New parameter Slippage - slippage in points during deal opening. If a server returns a requote on a signal, the deal will be omitted.

New parameter CloseAllTradesbyOutofTime - all trades positions will be closed at the end of the trading time with Times options used.
Version 16.804 2015.08.05
Added parameter
ShowInfo=true - show an information block on the chart

Added a trend filter.
Algorithm for determining a trend - location of MA relatively to the price.
The MA period parameter is included into PeriodFilterMa settings.
MA is determined by TF = M1
Version 16.407 2015.04.07
New parameter:
HoursSleepEaAfterStopLoss=0 - hours to wait before opening a new positions after closing a deal by stop loss.

Version 16.128 2015.01.28
Manual Take Profit has been fixed.
Version 16.123 2015.01.26
Fill policy parameter has been added to the external parameters:

This fill policy means that an order can be executed only with the specified volume. If the required volume for a given financial instrument is currently unavailable in the market, the order will not be executed. The required volume can be filled using several offers currently available in the market.

This means that a trade will be executed with the maximum volume available in the market within the value indicated in the order. In case entire order volume is not available in the market at the moment, a partial fulfillment is possible, but any portion that cannot be filled immediately is canceled.

This fill policy is used for market, Limit and Stop Limit orders and only in the Market Execution and Exchange Execution modes. In case of partial filling a market or Limit order with remaining volume is not canceled but processed further.
When a Stop Limit order triggers, a relevant Limit order will be placed with the Return fill policy.
Version 16.114 2015.01.16
A new option has been added:
MinTimebeforenextAverage = 5; // Min Time in minutes for next step for averaging

The minimum number of minutes until the next opening of an Averaging order! Useful for large candlesticks. Thus, we set a limit for the next order opening in minutes.
Version 16.112 2015.01.14
Added option ModifyStoplossEverySeconds = 0.
Modification of the Stop Loss at a new spread every specified amount of seconds.
This allows you to modify the Stop Loss for a new spread.
The value of at least 10 seconds is recommended, so that you are not banned by your broker for frequent stop loss midifications.

If 0, the option is disabled.
This modification is disabled when your position reaches breakeven.
Version 16.109 2015.01.12
Added new averaging parameters:
DistanceAverageSpred_Koef = Koef to next step for averaging
- set spread increase/decrease ratio for trade averaging from the initial DistanceAverageSpred value.
DistanceAverageSpred_Koef = 2, DistanceAverageSpred = 50: the first averaging trade is performed at the distance of 50 current spreads. The second one is performed at the distance of 100 current spreads!
DistanceAverageSpred_Diferent = steps for averaging separated by commas
- set averaging values in spreads separated by comma.
"10,20,50,50,20,10" means that the first averaging trade is performed at the distance of 10 current spreads, the second one - 20 spreads, the third one - 50, etc.
If three values of "10,20,30" are specified, all trade distances after the third trade are equal to 30.


Added open parameters for manual setting:
TakeProfitMANUAL = TakeProfit 0 - Autoset
DistanceMANUAL = Distance of Averaging 0 - Autoset
TrailingStopaMANUAL = Distance TrallingStop 0 - Autoset
StopLossMANUAL = StopLoss 0 - Autoset
LevelWLossMANUAL and LevelProfitMANUAL

If you want to set fixed values, for example, for a stop loss, you may set StopLossMANUAL = 1 000 points.
Or if you want to set fixed values of the averaging distance, you may set DistanceMANUAL = 100 points.

Significantly increased the speed of the EA testing in the strategy tester.
Fixed too long stop loss received during a too high spread leap (if the spread is increased 10 times, the stop loss is too big).
Fixes reported bugs.
Added the info panel to the chart the EA is launched at.
Displayed signal volume and power.
Version 15.965 2014.11.12
Added parameters:
- Forced Modification of SL\TP in Market Trade
- Comments To Open Orders
- Use trade sounds

Fixed errors reported by users.

Added forced attempt of Stop Loss modification when opening a deal.

Fixed variable "Maximum number of orders for averaging".

In case of any error from the server, a comment is added in the Log.
Version 15.964 2014.11.07
Added ability to disable Take Profit. When TakeProfitTickSpred=0, Take Profit is not specified.

Fixed error of deal opening, if the last deal is not found in history.
Version 15.423 2014.04.24
- Maximum number of orders during averaging.

- Stop loss of every next deal is calculated on the basis of the open price of the last order instead of the current price.
- Signals and variables of arrays containing signals are reset on start and every new day.
- Signals are now detect only at non-rollback movements in the same direction.
Version 15.317 2014.03.19
Added an option to calculate average spread used for calculation of parameters and trading. As a result, fast changing spread does not affect trading and false signals. There are less false signals during testing.

TimeToCheckAverageSpread=8000 - time in milliseconds to calculate average spread.