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Ind5 Extra Report Pad

This is a statistics panel providing analysis of your trading account for MetaTrader 5.

The analysis results are displayed on the chart in real time.

Version for MT4 terminal: Ind4 Extra Report Pad for MT4

Multicurrency trading is very popular. However, greater the amount of trades, the more difficult it is to analyze the profitability of each of them. Analyzing trades by months and calculating statistics per each trade are even more challenging tasks.

The panel provides an efficient solution analyzing your account and preparing a detailed statistics in real time.

ExtraReportPad - Full Description

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EXPORT TO HTML is available - our indicator saves all received data in a separate HTML file!

Tabs and controls

The panel currently consists of 8 tabs:

  • TRADES - current open trades
  • HISTORY - closed trades in history
  • REPORTS - detailed report on closed trades of your trading account
  • Symbols, Magics, Comments - distribution of BUY and SELL trades relative to the total amount and the amount of profitable trades by each symbol. The tab also displays the distribution of profitable trades, including their total profit and lot by each symbol, as well as distribution of loss-making deals by each symbol, magic number,Comments separately.
  • DISTRIBUTION Time - Shows the number of entries, as well as profit or loss by hours, days of the week and months. If you look at the column name, you can get data on this column

Our panel is based on the advanced template of the VIRTUALTRADEPAD trading panel, therefore some elements are the same.

  • Filter by symbol, date, magic, comment

Trading positions and history tab's columns

  • Column_Number - trade serial number in the report
  • Column_Symbol - trade symbol
  • Column_Type - trade type [what stop was activated at that trade]
  • Column_3Lot - position's trade lot
  • Column_OpenTime - trade open time
  • Column_OpenPrice - trade open price
  • Column_CloseTime - trade close time
  • Column_TimeBetween - position lifetime in hours and minutes
  • Column_ClosePrice - trade close price
  • Column_SL - trade stop loss (highlighted, if a trade is closed by stop loss)
  • Column_TP - trade take profit (highlighted, if a trade is closed by take profit)
  • Column_commission - position commission
  • Column_Swap - position swap
  • Column_Profit - trade result in the deposit currency
  • Column_Points - trade result in point
  • Column_NetProfit - net profit
  • Column_Percent - net profit percentage relative to the balance at the moment the trade was closed
  • Column_Magic - trade magic number
  • Column_Comment - position comment
  • Column_Balance - balance after closing a trade
  • Column_Max - maximum trade price deviation in deposit currency
  • Column_Min - minimum price deviation in deposit currency

    Special thanks to fxsaber for providing the  MT4Orders library! With its help, we have created an indicator for MT5

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    Reviews 5
    Dmitriy Karpushkin
    Dmitriy Karpushkin 2020.03.11 07:46 

    Очень крутая утилита, да еще и бесплатная! Автор красава!

    Giulio Braga
    Giulio Braga 2020.02.09 11:45 

    Another great tool! Valuable absolutely. Thanks!

    Paulo Moraes
    Paulo Moraes 2019.09.11 21:43 

    Great tool!

    Dmitriy Karpushkin
    Dmitriy Karpushkin 2020.03.11 07:46 

    Очень крутая утилита, да еще и бесплатная! Автор красава!

    Giulio Braga
    Giulio Braga 2020.02.09 11:45 

    Another great tool! Valuable absolutely. Thanks!

    Paulo Moraes
    Paulo Moraes 2019.09.11 21:43 

    Great tool!

    dantion65 2019.04.16 08:02 

    Полезна и понятна...Спасибо

    Victor Volovin
    Victor Volovin 2019.03.18 08:07 

    Наконец-то дождался нужного для меня приложения. Спасибо, Владислав!

    Version 20.617 2020.06.22
    MT4Orders update
    Version 20.608 2020.06.08
    Comp[ile 2485
    Version 20.225 2020.02.26
    --Added parameter CreateImages: Save / Do not save images when creating an HTML report.
    - When scanning the history, the indicator will automatically add currency pairs that are not in the "market watch", but are in the "Account history".
    Attention: For the indicators to work correctly, you must add all currency pairs (Symbols) to the "market watch."
    Version 20.212 2020.02.13
    Update Update
    Version 20.210 2020.02.10
    - Increased data processing speed on accounts with a large history> 1000 positions in history.
    - Added LABEL that data is being updated and needs to wait.
    - Calculation of Maximal DrawDown and Recovery Factor updated
    Version 20.209 2020.02.09
    --Table separation for HTML report:
    Now Open Trades and History Trades are different tables.
    For ease of import into Excel
    --When saving the report in HTML, images are also saved for easy upload to different sites.
    Version 19.815 2019.08.15
    0. Added the ability to specify the reporting period in Filters in the format: yyyy.mm.dd-yyyy.mm.dd
    Attention! Carefully check the date request format: yyyy.mm.dd-yyyy.mm.dd, for example: 2018.05.25-2018.12.25
    1. Added variable AccountHolderName = Print the name of the account holder in HTML!
    2. In MT5: Added scrolling tables using the mouse wheel.
    (Unfortunately, in MT4 there is no function of scrolling with the mouse wheel!)
    3. A line has been added to the Current open positions tab with a total statistics of all open positions.
    4. Fixed error updating the list of open positions. Data is recalculated when changing the list of open positions.
    5. Max and Min balance, the algorithm is updated! The indicator starts to count from the next minute bar after opening a position.
    6. In the statistics of open positions added time retention of current open positions!
    7. Added unit selection (deposit currency, points) in Column_Max and Column_Min columns.
    8. When you create an HTML report, the selected filters will be added to the end of the report!