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Exp4 Duplicator

The Expert Advisor repeats trades and positions a preset number of times on your account MetaTrader 4.

  • The following functions are supported: custom lot for copied trades, copying Stop Loss, Take Profit, use of trailing stop.
  • It copies all deals opened manually or by another Expert Advisor.
  • Copies signals and increases the lot from signals!
  • Increases the lot of other EAs.

Note: This is not a copier for deals between terminals. A trade copier for MetaTrader is available here: COPYLOT

Version of the Duplicator for the MetaTrader 5: Exp5 Duplicator

Duplicator- Full Description 

You can test the Expert Advisor in the strategy tester and trade with our EAPADPRO toolbar in visual mode!

It is sufficient to install the EA on 1 currency pair. By default, it will monitor all open symbols. 

How it Works?

  1. Duplicator / Dublicator  assistant EA repeats positions opened in the terminal.
  2. EA is able to copy both positions and pending orders.
  3. Position or order to be copied is called source. The repeating position is a duplicate.

  • The EA repeats the source the specified number of times.
  • It copies lot, Stop Loss, Take Profit, order placing price (for pending orders) and expiration.
  • When a source is modified, SL and TP of a duplicate are also modified.


The EA is highly customizable. To get started, you must specify the types of the copied positions and orders in the first parameters.

The main copying filters:

  • OrderToDuplication - type of the order to be copied.
  • MagiсToDuplication - the magic number of the order to copy, specify multiple magic numbers separated by commas or set -1 to copy all magic numbers;
  • SymbolToDuplication - the symbol of the order to copy (All, 0 - current, or symbol name);

Other copying filters:

  • OnlyCloseOrders - allows the EA only to close the duplicate positions, without copying new positions.
  • MinLotToDuplicate / MaxLotToDuplicate - minimum/maximum lot of positions to start copying.
  • CopyOnlyLossPosPoint / CopyOnlyProfPosPoint - loss/profit of positions to copy.
  • OnlyNewPositions - copy only the new positions (opened after starting the EA).
  • MaximumDistance - price deviation for copying. 0 - copy with any deviation. If greater than 0, the difference between the source price and the current price must not exceed the specified number of points;
Duplicator functions:
  • ReopenClosedDuplicateOrder - reopen the duplicates after closing by stop loss/take profit/trailing stop.
  • ReverseDuplicate/ReverseSLTP - reverse deals/stop loss and take profit.
  • StopLossDuplicate/TakeProfitDuplicate - if 0, repeats the source Stop Loss/Take Profit; otherwise, a custom value.
  • CloseDeleteDuplicate - delete and close duplicate orders and positions if the source ones are closed.
  • CloseOriginalifDuplicationCloseinProfit - close the source position, if the duplicate position was closed with profit greater than the loss of the source position.
  • AmountOfDuplicate - the number of duplicates.
Lot parameters:
  • LotDuplicate - if 0, repeats the source lot; otherwise, a custom value.
  • CoefficientLotDuplicate - lot multiplier; 0 - no multiplier.
  • DynamicLot/LotBalancePercent - dynamic lot as LotBalancePercent percents of free margin.
  • RiskRate - exchange rate of the deposit currency in relation to the US dollar for dynamic lot calculation.
Setting stoploss/takeprofit/trailingstop after closing source positions
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Moudrek Osmani
Moudrek Osmani 2020.04.09 11:44 

Danke dir, Support ist erstaunlich.

vluyima 2020.01.29 16:36 

Absolutely Phenomenal.

Erik Enriquez
Erik Enriquez 2019.09.30 01:32 

I bought the 1 month rental but it works perfectly in my pc but it doesn't works in my vps. Can anybody help me? please.

Mahen Weerakkody
Mahen Weerakkody 2019.03.29 12:03 

Excellent product

Fulvio Monaco
Fulvio Monaco 2019.03.01 12:24 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

souza0612 2018.10.25 18:47 

exp Duplicator for MT4 and I cant load now in my Chart please help.

i donwload my duplicator in market and dont open any window for put the sets

i try in another account and the same problem , dont open any window

please help me my mail is souza.lc@globo.com

best regards


DanielGlowczynski 2018.10.01 16:41 

the robot handles all currency pairs simultaneously, I think that many people can look for it :) a great job

Albina Alibaeva
Albina Alibaeva 2018.02.05 06:41 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Joao Luiz Sa Marchioro
Joao Luiz Sa Marchioro 2017.06.30 21:58 

You have to take the hat off to the programmer, the EA is perfect, it makes the copies with extreme perfection.

Dmitry Shcherbak
Dmitry Shcherbak 2017.03.02 17:52   

замечательная утилита, именно то, что я искал. При возникновении сложностей можно связаться с разработчиком - помогут, разъяснят)

Arnel Arnao
Arnel Arnao 2017.03.01 13:55 

Hi Updated my exp Duplicator for MT4 and I cant load now in my Chart please help. Im using it on my trading now.


Thanks man.. What a service. This what I call customer service at its best..I panicked but he was able to assist me in minutes.Reinstall the old version and Im back in business..Thanks a lot..

Hossein Badali
Hossein Badali 2017.02.21 10:56 

Excellent...It is very good EA and have very nice supporting...thanks

Tariq Hakim
Tariq Hakim 2017.02.17 20:49 

Exceptional EA. Does just what it says and much more. The developer is very responsive to queries and support issues.

Segun Oladipo
Segun Oladipo 2017.02.11 18:00 

Superb EA, some authors are here to make fast money using hook and crook means, but you can tell this author takes his work seriously and care more about quality service delivery to his clients. Worth more than 5 stars, but what choice do I have?

Thober1 2017.02.01 14:14 

very good product fits my needs perfectly

apollo.lv 2017.01.31 22:03 

Очень хороший и полезный инструмент. Работает надежно и без ошибок. Активно использую. Хороший контакт с разработчиком.

Salshin 2017.01.31 13:52 

Супер! именно то что искал!

Моментальная обратная связь, разработчик помог решить все возникшие вопросы!

aldo6800 2017.01.14 18:00 

A very good EA. Vladislav Andruschenko is very helpfull. I strongly recommend

Amos Eka Kurniawan
Amos Eka Kurniawan 2016.12.14 15:12 

hello Vladislav

thank you for updating EA with my proposal,

you're a great vendor

now we have a perfect duplicator and trade manager

great work...!!

Valeriy Belozertsev
Valeriy Belozertsev 2016.12.08 17:21 

Просто супер!

Sangeet Kumar Prasad
Sangeet Kumar Prasad 2016.06.22 06:45 

This is exactly what I wanted. Thanks.

makita 2016.06.05 09:36 

То,что надо,спасибо!

Aleksandr Abramov
Aleksandr Abramov 2016.05.25 14:58 


Rene Schneider
Rene Schneider 2016.03.15 16:44   

very good duplcator, but don´t run on my VPS. i can not put it on Chart.

alameh.mhd 2016.03.06 20:58 


Frank B
Frank B 2016.01.21 16:41 

Thanks :-)

Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas 2016.01.20 17:05 

A great job, and now for mt5.hi

Rodrigo da Silva Boa
Rodrigo da Silva Boa 2016.01.07 13:26 

Muito Bom.

Artiom Timofeev
Artiom Timofeev 2015.10.19 08:00 

Как раз то что искал!! Спасибо!

Igor Ryapisov
Igor Ryapisov 2015.10.05 01:15 

Отлично работает, быстро и без ошибок. Единственное, чего не хватает - это настройки "копировать только ордера с убытком более, чем" и "прибылью не более чем".

Version 20.408 2020.04.08
- Added emergency operation mode when timer setting is unsuccessful: cannot set millisecond timer
(It happens on weak computers or when there is not enough RAM)
--Update EAPADPRO v35
Version 19.823 2019.08.23
Обновление EAPADPRO для MQL5 VPS
Version 19.812 2019.08.12
Version 19.801 2019.08.02
EAPADPRO v31 Update

In the CommentToDuplication field:
Added additional value "NullComment", which means an empty comment!
If you need to copy only those positions that do not have a comment, then
CommentToDuplication = NullComment;
Version 19.527 2019.05.27
In the Duplicator for MT4 version, a new parameter has been added to the DuplicateOnlyInDrawDown function:
DrawDownPercent - Percentage for DuplicateOnlyInDrawDown!
Version 19.424 2019.04.24

ModifySLTPfromMainPosition - Change StopLoss and TakeProfit by the levels of the main position.
If ModifySLTPfromMainPosition = true, then our program will modify StopLoss and TakeProfit every time StopLoss and
TakeProfit change at the main position.
If ModifySLTPfromMainPosition = false, then our program will set StopLoss and TakeProfit only when opening a position and
will not change these levels.


Change is possible only when the current stop loss for SELL is higher than the opening price of the position.
Change is possible only when the current stop loss for BUY is lower than the opening price of a position.

This is done in order not to change the stop loss if it is already in profit. (Work breakeven or trailing stop)

If the TrailingStopUSE (false) is disabled in our program, then the stop loss and take profit always changes!
Version 19.402 2019.04.02
Error duplication only "positions" fixed.
OrderToDuplication = All_BUYSELL
Version 19.401 2019.04.01
ReBuild ReBuild
Version 19.330 2019.03.30
Added for MT4 version:

Close the source position (original position) if the duplicate position was closed.
Version 19.325 2019.03.25
- EAPADPRO v27 update
- Added partial close function to version for MT4.
When closing the original position partially, our program will close part of the duplicate!
Note: The function can work with the original lot and with CoefficientLotDuplicate
When using other functions, the program will close a lot equal to the lot of a partial position.
Note: It works only with positions that have been opened using the new version of the program!
Version 19.322 2019.03.22
Error duplication only "positions" fixed.
OrderToDuplication = All_BUYSELL
Version 19.315 2019.03.15
Added warning that the adviser is already installed on the chart.
Attention: To duplicate all positions, our advisor should be set only on 1 chart!
Version 19.202 2019.02.02
- EAPADPRO v26 update
- Added new feature:
ModifySLTPfromMainPosition - Change StopLoss and TakeProfit by the levels of the main position.
If ModifySLTPfromMainPosition = true, then our program will modify StopLoss and TakeProfit every time StopLoss and TakeProfit change at the main position.
If ModifySLTPfromMainPosition = false, then our program will set StopLoss and TakeProfit only when opening a position and will not change these levels.
Version 19.107 2019.01.07
- Update EAPADPRO v25;
- Additional languages added to the panel: Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), German, Chinese, Japanese;
The translation was made using the GOOGLE Translator + MQL + Terminal site!
if you find an error in your language, please report it in messages. Thank!
- Increase the speed of the panel;
Version 18.830 2018.08.30
Duplicator Update EAPADPRO v 20
Version 18.816 2018.08.17

Auto-save notification settings on the DEMO account.
Disable notifications in the Real account by default.
Added check of the status of PUSH notifications, if they are included in the terminal settings.

Added the CheckBox to enable / disable the creation of screenshots in the settings of the Panel: on the Opening / Closing.
Screenshots are created in the folder of your terminal \ Files \ Expert name \, with a size of 1024 * 768.

Added a variable in the AutoMinimize panel settings in seconds (60 seconds by default) 0 - disabled.
Automatic minimization of the EAPADPRO window after a specified number of seconds to reduce the load on the computer when the user does not interact with the GRAPH.
Any inactivity on the graph: clicking on the graph, clicking on objects, resizing the graphs - leads to the automatic minimization of the window of our EAPADPRO panel.
If the window is in focus (selected) - automatic minimize is disabled!
To disable auto minimization - set in the panel settings in the AutoMinimize = 0 field.

Replacement of fonts for correct display on computers without Russian language.
Version 18.6 2018.04.24
- Update for the information panel EAPADPRO v2.0;
- Updated the commission calculation algorithm;

- Updated the SymbolToDuplication parameter, it is now possible to specify multiple currency pair for the utility to work with, separated by commas. For example: EURUSD,USDCHF,USDJPY
Version 18.1 2018.02.01
- Added the ability to copy only the profitable/unprofitable positions when using ReverseDuplicate=true
- Warning: typos have been fixed in certain parameters. Check your settings if you changed them.
Version 17.726 2017.08.02
Added new parameter to the block of position reversion when copying - ReverseDuplicate
ReverseSLTP - reverse Stop loss and Take profit when reversing deals:

When copying and reversing deals from the main deal, stop loss\take profit are also reversed on the duplicator
For example:
the main deal if SELL with stop loss = 100 points, take profit = 300 points. the duplicator copies: BUY with a stop loss of 300 points and take profit = 100 points.

When copying and reversing deals from the main deal, stop loss\take profit are not reversed on the duplicator, but set according to the stop values on the master
For example:
the main deal if SELL with stop loss = 100 points, take profit = 300 points. the duplicator copies: BUY with a stop loss of 100 points and take profit = 300 points.
Version 17.320 2017.04.04
- Algorithm processing speed increased for better performance and signal receiving.
- New parameter in the EAPADPRO block: SecondsToRefresh - the frequency of chart info refresh.
Default is 10 seconds! This allows to avoid too much CPU load.
Version 17.228 2017.03.01
The EA operation speed has been increased 2! times.
Added the MilliSecondsTimerForMonitoring parameter for the EA calculation in milliseconds.
MilliSecondsTimerForMonitoring=500 means that the EA checks all trades every half a second.

Added the DuplicateOnlyInDrawDown parameter for filtering the EA operation.
DuplicateOnlyInDrawDown - the EA operation only when the account is in a drawdown.
The drawdown is calculated based on the maximum recorded account balance.
It is possible to specify the balance for calculation in the StartBalance variable. 0 - the EA will automatically calculate the maximum account balance.

When this feature is enabled, the following happens:
The duplication starts only when the balance (AccountBalance()) decreases. If the balance recovers, duplication of new orders is suspended until the new drawdown. If the balance grows, the drawdown is calculated based on the new maximum level.
In other words, duplication of new orders (from the moment of receiving a balance drawdown) starts only when positions are closed in a loss.

Added a new block - Clients TPWCM EXTRA SETS Stops when Master Close Pos.

When the block is enabled: If a position is closed on the source, the position will not be closed on the duplicator. Instead, a trailing stop or breakeven function starts on the duplicator for that position.
That is, instead of closing, the duplicator allows trailing the position further.
In this case, the trailing stop settings are individual. It is enabled only when the position is closed on the source.

Note: When enabled, this function automatically disables the CloseDeleteDuplicate function


TPWCM_TakeProfitWhenCloseMaster - parameter to set the take profit for the trades that remain after source positions are closed;
After a trade is closed on the master - it is possible to set a take profit based on the closing price of the source trade without closing it on the duplicator;
TPWCM_TakeProfitOnlyToProfitZone -
If set to true - the EA places take profit after the trade is closed in the source and in the positive area only. If the trade is unprofitable after it is closed in the source - take profit will not be placed until it is in the positive area;
If set to false - the EA places take profit in any area (even negative one).
TPWCM_StopLossWhenCloseMaster - parameter to set the stop loss for the trades that remain after source positions are closed;

TPWCM_TrailingStopUSE - enable trailing stop\breakeven for the duplicator trades after the source trades are closed;
PWCM_IfProfTrail - stop loss is trailed only in the positive ares;
TPWCM_TrailingStop - trailing stop distance;
TPWCM_TrailingStep - trailing stop step;
TPWCM_BeZubitok - enable breakeven for the duplicator trades after the source trades are closed
TPWCM_LevelWLoss - set the stop loss at the level of Open price +- TPWCM_LevelWLoss points;
TPWCM_LevelProfit - set breakeven when the position is in TPWCM_LevelProfit points of profit;
Version 17.208 2017.02.14
Version 17.120 2017.01.27
Added the OnlyCloseOrders option, which allows the EA only to close the duplicate positions.

If signal provider starts going into a noticeable drawdown, the deposit may not withstand. In the most stressful situations, it is possible to completely disable copying (OnlyCloseOrders=true) and disable opening duplicate orders to avoid overloading the deposit. The EA will stop opening new positions, but will still close positions opened earlier. If their original (master) position is closed by the signal provider.

Fixed working with long tickets

- Added parameter
MaxSpreadToNotTrade and MinSpreadToNotTrade
MaxSpreadToNotTrade - Maximum spread, at which the EA can copy a grid
MinSpreadToNotTrade - Minimum spread, at which the EA can copy a grid

- Added the EAPADPRO information panel
Details on the panel in our blog:
or https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/687140
Version 17.110 2017.01.13
Added new parameter MaxLotToDuplicate - maximum lot for the duplicate, which will be copied.
Version 16.996 2016.12.22
Fixed a bug in the CopyOnlyLossPosPoint function
Version 16.995 2016.12.14
The chart where the EA is running now features three buttons:
Close All positions duplication
Close Profit duplication
Close Loss duplication

New EA parameter:
CloseOriginalifDuplicationCloseinProfit - close source position, if the duplicate position was closed with profit. Profit coverage of duplicate and source positions.
E.g. if ReverseDuplicate=true and KoeficientLotDuplicate=2, after opening a sourc eposition the EA will repeat it with a reversal and a double lot.
Further, if the duplicate position is closed with a profit and this profit covers the loss of the source position, the EA will close the source position.

New EA parameters:
These parameters adjust automated lot and free margin calculation.

Bug fixes.
Version 16.957 2016.11.02
Added the ReopenClosedDuplicateOrder parameter allowing you to manually re-open duplicate orders if they were closed by a stop loss.
If 'true', all master positions are duplicated. If any of the positions was closed, the EA duplicates it.
If 'false', no duplication is performed.

Added the OnlyNewPositions parameter allowing you to duplicate only positions that were cancelled after starting the EA.
If 'true', the EA copies new trades only, while the previous ones are skipped.
Version 16.935 2016.10.07
Modified the EA for working on the Timer (1 second) to increase the duplication speed
Version 16.916 2016.09.30
New parameter CommentToDuplication
CommentToDuplication = a comment for deals to be repeated. For example: CommentToDuplication="The X" - in this case the EA will only repeat the deals opened with the comment "The X"
You can also specify a part of the deal comment.
For example, your deals have the following comments: TickSniper 1 ,TickSniper 2, TickSniper 3,
You can enter CommentToDuplication="TickSniper", then all deals with the TickSniper word in the comment will be repeated on the account.
Version 16.213 2016.02.15
Fixed a bug which caused lots to increase after requotes.
Version 16.107 2016.01.07
Added new orders selection All_BUYSELL and the All_STOPLIMIT
Added reverse Orders(with ReverseDuplicate=true)

Version 15.935 2015.10.06
When you duplicate items in reverse - Stop Loss = Take Profit and Take Profit = Stop Loss;
Added options for duplicate conditions:
CopyOnlyLossPosPoint - duplicate only the items that are less than the specified loss in points (indicated with a minus), 0 - off.
CopyOnlyProfPosPoint - duplicate only the items exceeding the specified profit in points, 0 - off.
Version 15.932 2015.10.02
Fixed bug when closing the position using ReverseDuplicate.