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Ind5 InfoPad Information Panel

INFOPad is an information panel that creates information on the selected currency pair in the MetaTrader 5 terminal.

There are 5 functions of this indicator:

  1. Shows the main and main information on the selected symbol: Ask BID, Spread, Stop Level, Swap, Tick value, Commission prices;
  2. Shows the future targets of SL target and TP Target (The number of points of the established stop loss and take profit, the dollar amount);
  3. It shows the profit received for the periods: Today, Week, Month, Year, Total profit for the selected currency;
  4. It shows the current open position, its lot (volume), the number of positions, the profit of positions in points, dollars, percent;
  5. Shows additional information on the chart for open deals. It shows stop loss and take profit levels and the goals of these stop levels;
  6. Writes information to log files when a transaction is opened on a symbol, a transaction is closed, a transaction is modified;
  7. Plays a sound file when opening a deal, closing a deal, modifying a deal;
  8. Sends an informational message to the phone (PUSH Notification) when opening a transaction, closing a transaction, modifying a transaction.

Main characteristics

  • The name of the currency pair, The presence of an open position on the symbol, its type and lot size.
  • Ask and Bid prices in a readable format;
  • Profitability of a current position in Dollars, points and percent from the current deposit;
  • Current spread (If the spread floating in the name is (F));
  • The current minimum indent for stop orders and pending orders;
  • Swap short positions and Swap long positions;
  • The cost of 1 point of price movement in the deposit currency of the current installed lot in the terminal for this position;
  • Distance to stop loss in points and in dollars;
  • Distance to take profit in points and dollars;
  • Daily Profit or loss in dollars for this currency pair today in the Currency of the deposit as well as a percentage of the current balance;
  • Weekly Profit or loss in dollars for a given currency pair for the current week;
  • Monthly Profit or loss in dollars for a given currency pair for the current month;
  • Annual Profit or loss in dollars for a given currency pair for the current year;
  • Everything available by history;

Other features:

  • In the input parameters option: Show \ Hide prompts, when you hover over the buttons, 
  • as well as the language of prompts English Русский / 中国 / Português Español Deutsch / 日本語;
  • This indicator can be used in the multi-character mode of 1 chart;
  • The parameter of the string type of the currency pair name: SymbolToShowCustom - by default it accepts the currency of the chart;
  • This indicator can be used with other panels and experts from our collection;
  • Button Close - leads to the end of the program;
  • Button Collapse \ Expand - collapses \ expands the panel on the chart;
  • The panel can be moved on the schedule. To do this, click on the top row of the panel next to the Close and Minimize buttons and drag the panel to a place convenient for you.
Other features: 
  1. Language = 0; -> Tips (ToolTips) and Text language;
  2. HintShow = true; -> Tooltips when hovering over buttons;
  3. ShowInfoPosition = true; -> Show info about pos and SL / TP on chart;
  4. SymbolToShowCustom = ""; -> Custom name symbol to trade with PAD;
  5. MagicNumber = "777"; -> Magic number of opened positions and orders;
  6. UseAllMagicFromAllAccount = true; -> Work with all magics on symbol;
  7. ShowInfoPositionSize = 10; -> Text size of info about pos;
  8. NULLColor1 = clrGray; -> Color of the 0 on the Panel;
  9. PLUS_Color = clrLime; -> Color of the + on the Panel;
  10. MINUS_Color = clrOrangeRed; -> Color of the - on the Panel;
  11. TEXTColor4 = clrAqua; -> Color;
  12. Notice_Open_Sound = true;
  13. Notice_Close_Push = false;
  14. Notice_Close_Sound = true;
  15. Notice_Modify_Push = false;
  16. Notice_Modify_Sound = true;
  17. Notice_Open_NameSoundFromEa = "ok";
  18. Notice_Close_NameSoundFromEa = "alert2";
  19. Notice_Modify_NameSoundFromEa = "stops";
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