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Exp COPYLOT CLIENT for MT5 is a copier for the МetaТrader 5 platform. It copies forex trades from any accounts. Including those from terminals МТ5 and МТ4.

  1. The deals copier is create to copy deals/positions between 2/3/10 terminals.
  2. Copying from a demo account and from investment accounts is supported.
  3. The program can be run on multiple terminal bindings.
  4. Use it as a synchronizer of your trades on various investor accounts trading on one account, - COPYLOT will copy your trades to other terminals.


  • Install the Expert Advisor in the terminal where you want to copy trades.
  • Specify any text label name as pathRead, for example, "COPY". This should match the master terminal (to bind the two terminals).
  • To copy trades, you need to install the free Master copier in the terminal from where you want to copy the trades: COPYLOT Master for MT4 or COPYLOT Master for MT5.

Download COPYLOT DEMO version, before purchase!

You can also copy trades in the МТ4 terminal. COPYLOT CLIENT for MT4

  • Orders are copied upon their activation (Positions) and copied to the client account.
  • Partial closing is not supported!Orders can be closed only in the same lots as they were opened! If your master uses different lots for closing, then the copier may fail!


  • pathREAD - path to the file, which will contain information about the current positions/orders (do not change with no experience).
  • Magic - the magic number for opening/closing.
  • PreFixSymbol - additional symbol(s) in the name of the client's currency pair.
  • Lot - the lot for opening. If 0, it opens deals with the current master lot. Otherwise, the lot to be used for trade copying is specified.
  • RiskLot - a trade in the client's terminal will open with a lot equal to RiskLot % of the available funds of the client. The formula for calculating the lot is available in the article.
  • KoefLot - if 0, it is disabled. If there is a coefficient, then positions will be opened with this coefficient in the client's terminal.
  • TakeProfitCopy - copying take profit from the master account.
  • StopLossCopy - copying stop loss from the master account.
  • ReverseCopy - revert trades (take profit and stop loss are also inverted).
  • ProfitCopyOnly - copy inly profitable positions.
  • OnlyProfitPips  - minimum profit value of a trade in points.
  • LossCopyOnly - copy only losing positions.
  • OnlyLossPips - loss value in points.
  • NewTradeONLY - copy only new trades.
  • SLEEPING - pauses between code execution in milliseconds.
  • ClosePosbyMaster - close client's positions if master positions are closed.
  • TP_adjust - addition (if "-" signe, the subtraction) of a specified number of points for TakeProfit.
  • SL_adjust - addition (if "-" signe, the subtraction) of a specified number of points for Stoploss.
  • My_STOPLOSS - setting your own stop loss from the current open price.
  • My_TAKEPROFIT - setting your own take profit from the current open price.

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Version 18.988 2018.12.04
Изминения в работе программы
Version 18.972 2018.11.12
Bug fixed with Free Margin check
Version 18.965 2018.11.05
Global Update 2018 COPYLOT MT5
1. Fixed the modification of stop loss and take profit on open positions when MARKET is executed on a trading account.
2. Added support for copying to accounts with MARKET execution.
3. Auto-add symbols to the market overview, if this symbol is not selected in the market overview.
4. Forced reading of the history of deals after opening, if the deal was opened with a delay.
5. Added EAPADPRO v21 panel
6. Added hints in external variables.
Version 17.203 2017.02.20
Updated the version.
Modified the algorithm for automatically determining the orders filling type.
Version 16.956 2016.11.08
The copier has been modified for working on hedge accounts.
Version 16.610 2016.06.15
Added check for the use of the data file by another system
Version 16.322 2016.03.29
Fixed the error of handling the symbols with the suffix "..."
Version 16.128 2016.01.29
Update for UAC users:
If it's tunred on, all files are stored in the commen folder of the terminal
Version 16.105 2016.01.07
Added the auto-detection of the symbol suffix, if it differs from the standard name of the currency pair.
If the PreFixSymbol="Auto" is specified:
If the currency name on the client terminal has a suffix, i.e. EURUSD.m, then the trades will be copied with the suffix ".m"
Added the OnTimer event handler which increases the stability and copying speed.
Fixed changing of the EA settings on the fly. Now the EA settings can be changed on the chart, without the need to restart the EA.
Version 15.991 2015.12.23
- Fixed the error of modification of stop levels when using TP_adjust and SL_adjust.
- If it is impossible to open a deal according to the master account, DISABLED_TRADE will be displayed in the comment field - trade is prohibited for the symbol.
- Added automatic detection of the order filling type.
Version 15.959 2015.11.03
Fixed opening positions for the derivatives market, if the Deal is not complete.
Version 15.956 2015.10.30
Added forced detection of the new client tickets for the FORTS market. Closing deals on a master account leads to their forced closing on a client account as well.
Version 15.932 2015.10.09
исправлена ошибка проскальзования на некоторых брокерах