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Trade copier for MT5 is a trade copier for the МetaТrader 5 platform.

It copies forex trades  between any accounts   MT5MT5, MT4MT5 for the COPYLOT MT5 version (or MT4MT4 MT5MT4 for the COPYLOT MT4 version)   

Reliable copier! 

You can also copy trades in the МТ4 terminal (МТ4МТ4, МТ5МТ4):     COPYLOT CLIENT for MT4


This version Including between terminals  МТ5МТ5, МТ4МТ5.

  1. The deals copier is created to copy deals/positions between 2/3/10 terminals.
  2. Copying from a demo account and investment accounts is supported.
  3. The program can be run on multiple terminal bindings.
  4. Use it as a synchronizer of your trades on various investor accounts trading on one account, - COPYLOT will copy your trades to other terminals.
  5. Copy from multiple terminals to one;
  6. Copy from one terminal to several others;
  7. Copy from any different brokers to any different brokers;
  8. Copy from a closed account opened with an Invest password;
  9. Copy from DEMO accounts to a real account;
  10. Hedge and netting accounts.


  • COPYLOT CLIENT (Slave) Install the Expert Advisor in the terminal where you want to copy trades.
  • Install the Expert Advisor in the terminal MetaTrader 5, where you want to copy trades.
  • Open the terminal on which Positions will be copied and set COPYLOT CLIENT to one chart
  • Specify any text label name as pathRead, for example, "COPY". This should match the master terminal PathWrite (to bind the two terminals).
  • To copy trades, you need to install the free Master copier in the terminal from where you want to copy the trades: COPYLOT Master for MT4 or COPYLOT Master for MT5.

The EA needs to be set to 1 Chart! By default, our adviser copies all positions from your account!

COPYLOT - Full Description and manual



  • PreFixSymbol - additional symbol(s) in the name of the client's currency pair.
  • Lot - the lot for opening. If 0, it opens deals with the current master lot. Otherwise, the lot to be used for trade copying is specified.
  • RiskLot - trade in the client's terminal will open with a lot equal to RiskLot % of the available funds of the client. The formula for calculating the lot is available in the article.
  • KoefLot - if 0, it is disabled. If there is a coefficient, then positions will be opened with this coefficient in the client's terminal.
  • TakeProfitCopy/StopLossCopy  - copying take profit/stop loss from the master account.
  • ReverseCopy - revert trades (take profit and stop loss are also inverted).
  • ProfitCopyOnly - copy only profitable positions.
  • OnlyProfitPips  - minimum profit value of a trade in points.
  • LossCopyOnly - copy only losing positions.
  • OnlyLossPips - loss value in points.
  • NewTradeONLY - copy only new trades.
  • SLEEPING - pauses between code execution in milliseconds.
  • ClosePosbyMaster - close client's positions if master positions are closed.
  • TP_adjust/SL_adjust - addition (if "-" signe, the subtraction) of a specified number of points for TakeProfit/Stoploss.
  • My_STOPLOSS/My_TAKEPROFIT - setting your stop loss / take profit from the current open price.
  • And others.............
  • Partial close is not supported! Orders can be closed only in the same lots as they were opened! If your master uses different lots for closing, then the copier may fail!
  • INOUT not supported.
  • Orders are copied upon activation (Positions) and are copied to the client account. You can activate this function PendingOrdersCopy Only for HEDGE account.
  • Attention: To duplicate positions on your account you can download our duplicator of positions  Exp4 Duplicator for MT4 or Exp5 Duplicator for MT5

  • Attention: COPYLOT does not copy via the Internet! Copy between terminals on one computer!

  • Attention! COPYLOT does not work on MetaQuotes VPS

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PinoArla 2020.02.15 13:13 

Really a great tool! The developer was able to create a very rich tool, that makes you able to trade, but also to learn from what happens between master and receiving accounts.

Now the I have it, I could not stay without it.

Саша Синков
Саша Синков 2019.12.19 17:29 

Как и всё у Владислава,этот продукт на высшем уровне!

Atila Recep Akdeniz
Atila Recep Akdeniz 2019.05.08 05:02 

Great product, providing all the flexibility to copy deals across terminals.

Update: First I rented it for a month, now I bought it. Very good product and excellent support from the developer.

Version 20.510 2020.05.10
Correction of the error with lots 0.0001
Version 20.507 2020.05.07
New parametr DayToExpiration
DayToExpiration = 0 variable for selecting the expiration date of the pending order when trading on FORTS:
- 0: ORDER_TIME_GTC - No expiration date
- 1: ORDER_TIME_DAY - Expiration of the pending order until the end of the current day
- 2: ORDER_TIME_SPECIFIED_DAY - The number of days for the expiration of the pending order. The starting point from the current day.

If you get a Rejected error and when you hover over the order in the history you see this: (incomplete FOK information of the order), Or you have a BCS broker or Open broker, then you need to install:
TypeFilling = ImmediateOrCancel or TypeFilling = Return
DayToExpiration = 1
Version 20.409 2020.04.09
Client MT5
-Dynamic Lot Function Algorithm Updated Using RiskLot
-Added RiskRate parameter - the rate of your currency against the dollar.
By default, RiskRate = 0 - means that the adviser will try to find the right course (quotes) in the Market Watch.
In order for the autolot to work adequately with all currency pairs, you need to include "Show all currency pairs" in the Market Watch.
Version 20.319 2020.03.19
Version update for MetaTrader 5 and update for working with brokers with a possible lot of 0.005.
For example binary.com and Volatility 75.
Version 20.225 2020.02.25
Added CNH currency (Chinese Yuan) to Auto Suffix Detection (PreFixSymbol)
Version 20.207 2020.02.06
Copylot CLIENT
-- PreFixSymbol function updated for some Symbols.
-- Added function Delay_Seconds_General - Delay in seconds between all adviser requests to the server.
In other words: Each request to the server (opening, closing, modification) will be executed with a delay between each other.
For brokers who are forbidden too frequent requests to the server (a very rare event).
If Delay_Seconds_General = 0, then this function does not work.
Attention! For advanced users only.
Version 20.122 2020.01.23
Added block Clients extra Delays delay control when copying positions from the master account!
This unit sets the delay between the opening positions in seconds/points!
Delay_Seconds_ALL = 0; - Delay in seconds between the opening position, take into account all positions (Currency and the direction is not taken into account). 0 - disabled.
Delay_Seconds_Symbols = 0; - Delay in seconds between the open position of one currency is accounted for position 1 Currency (the direction is not taken into account). 0 - disabled.
Delay_Seconds_Type = 0; - Delay in seconds between the open position of one currency and every BUY / SELL positions, position 1 is taken into account currencies. 0 - disabled.
Delay_Points_Symbols= 0; - Delay in points between the open position of one currency is accounted for position 1 Currency (the direction is not taken into account). 0 - disabled.
Delay_Points_Type = 0; - Delay in points between the open position of one currency and every BUY / SELL positions, position 1 is taken into account currencies. 0 - disabled.
Warning: Delay in points can be equal to or greater than the opening price of the previous positions! The value in points - This is the minimum value of the distance from the nearest positions!
Warning: Delay in points is calculated on both sides of the opening price of the position!

for example:
Delay_Seconds_Type = 10; Delay opening of positions 1 and symbol in different directions 10 seconds!
Copylot Master EURUSD SELL 0.1 10:01:10 (opening time) Copylot Client EURUSD SELL 0.1 10:01:10 (opening time)
Copylot Master EURUSD SELL 0.1 10:01:11 (opening time) Copylot Client EURUSD SELL 0.1 10:01 20 (opening time)
Copylot Master EURUSD BUY 0.1 10:01:12 (opening time) Copylot Client EURUSD BUY 0.1 10:01:12 (opening time)
Copylot Master EURUSD BUY 0.1 10:01:14 (opening time) Copylot ClientEURUSD BUY 0.1 10:01:22 (opening time)
Copylot Master USDJPY SELL 0.1 10:01:15 (opening time) Copylot Client USDJPY SELL 0.1 10:01:15 (opening time)

for example:
Delay_Points_Type = 10; Delay opening of positions 1 and symbol in different directions 10 points!
Copylot Master EURUSD SELL 0.1 1.10800 (opening price) Copylot Client EURUSD SELL 0.1 1.10800 (opening price)
Copylot Master EURUSD SELL 0.1 1.10801 (opening price) Copylot Client EURUSD SELL 0.1 1.10810 (opening price)
Copylot Master EURUSD BUY 0.1 1.10810 (opening price) Copylot Client EURUSD BUY 0.1 1.10810 (opening price)
Copylot Master EURUSD BUY 0.1 1.10808 (opening price) Copylot Client EURUSD BUY 0.1 1.10820 (opening price)
Copylot Master USDJPY SELL 0.1 109.500 (opening price) Copylot Client USDJPY SELL 0.1 109.500 (opening price)
Version 19.994 2019.12.30
Fixed ChangingNamesSymbols error when copying with Symbol replacement and direct Symbol copying:
e.g. with ChangingNamesSymbols = "US30 = GER30;"
When you open positions on the US30 master, GER30 will be copied to the client;
When you open positions on the GER30 master, GER30 will be copied to the client;
Version 19.993 2019.12.19
Update for Netting Accounts
Version 19.992 2019.12.18
Version 19.948 2019.10.18
The error of using the My TakeProfit and My Stoploss parameters on the USDJPY symbol has been fixed
Version 19.812 2019.08.12
When using TrailingStopUSE or BreakEven, the condition for modifying stop loss and take profit has been changed:

1. If Trailingstop or breakeven has not yet been activated (the position has no profit), then the stop loss and take profit from the master account are copied.!
2. If Trailingstop or Breakeven has already been activated and the stop loss of the position has been modified to a profitable zone, then copying the stop loss and take profit of this position is disabled and the COPYLOT continues the Trailing stop operation.
Version 19.802 2019.08.03

Parameters added to Copylot Client MT5:

PendingPrice_adjust = 0; // PendingPrice_adjust -> Adjusting distance for pending order
input string periods5 = "========= TrailingStop options
TrailingStopUSE = false; // TrailingStopUSE -> Enable the TrailingStop function
TrailingStop = 50; // TrailingStop -> Distance trailing stop
TrailingStep = 1; // TrailingStep -> Trailing stop modification step
input string periods8 = "========= BreakEven WithoutLOSS options
BreakEven = false; // BreakEven -> Enable the Breakeven function
LevelWLoss = 0; // LevelWLoss -> Distance from the OpenPrice to the profitable SL
LevelProfit = 0; // LevelProfit -> Number of points gained by the position to use BE
Version 19.606 2019.06.06
Fixed double opening error in Client MT5 when using multiple sources for copying.
Minor improvements.
Version 19.514 2019.05.14
- Added the function of forced modification of stop loss and take profit after opening positions.
If My_STOPLOSS and / or My_TAKEPROFIT is used.
Version 19.322 2019.03.19
Version 19.321 2019.03.19
Copylot MetaTrader 5:
Beta testing: Added the ability to copy pending orders (PendingOrdersCopy ).
Note: Pending orders can be copied only from an account HEDGE.
Note: PendingOrdersCopy is disabled by default!
If you find an error, please let us know in the discussion section with the attachment of full log files and a description of your actions.
Thank you for understanding.
Version 19.318 2019.03.18
Fixed update graphics panel.
Version 19.219 2019.02.19
Ошибка версии (Master / Client)
Version 19.218 2019.02.18
Version 19.121 2019.01.22
Important update for Copylot Client MT5:
Optimization of the history of the deals functions to speed up the work of the copyist to reduce the load on computer resources.
Version 19.111 2019.01.11
Client version mt5 updated!
Added execution of the algorithm on the tick, if the timer has not been initialized.
Version 19.107 2019.01.07
- Update EAPADPRO v25;
- Additional languages added to the panel: Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), German, Chinese, Japanese;
The translation was made using the GOOGLE Translator + MQL + Terminal site!
if you find an error in your language, please report it in messages. Thank!
- Increase the speed of the panel;
Version 18.991 2018.12.12
This update is only for CLIENT MT5
- When copying from MT4 to MT5 and partially closing the position on MT4, the copied position on MT5 will be closed completely !!!
This eliminates the mistake of improperly copying a partially closed position!
Partial closure on the MT5 terminal and COPYLOT is not supported!
- Added the function of copying risk from master to client:
copying formula: lottoclient = (AccountBalance () / BalanceFromMaster) * lotfrommaster * LotExp;
- LotRiskFromMaster - use master account risk
- LotExp - Lot coefficient from the master.
You can set to increase or decrease the risk with the master account.
For example, LotExp = 2 and the wizard opens a lot of 0.1 with a balance of 10,000,
then on a client with a balance of 20,000, a lot of 0.4 is opened (with LotExp = 1, a lot of 0.2 is opened)
Version 18.988 2018.12.04
Изминения в работе программы
Version 18.972 2018.11.12
Bug fixed with Free Margin check
Version 18.965 2018.11.05
Global Update 2018 COPYLOT MT5
1. Fixed the modification of stop loss and take profit on open positions when MARKET is executed on a trading account.
2. Added support for copying to accounts with MARKET execution.
3. Auto-add symbols to the market overview, if this symbol is not selected in the market overview.
4. Forced reading of the history of deals after opening, if the deal was opened with a delay.
5. Added EAPADPRO v21 panel
6. Added hints in external variables.
Version 17.203 2017.02.20
Updated the version.
Modified the algorithm for automatically determining the orders filling type.
Version 16.956 2016.11.08
The copier has been modified for working on hedge accounts.
Version 16.610 2016.06.15
Added check for the use of the data file by another system
Version 16.322 2016.03.29
Fixed the error of handling the symbols with the suffix "..."
Version 16.128 2016.01.29
Update for UAC users:
If it's tunred on, all files are stored in the commen folder of the terminal
Version 16.105 2016.01.07
Added the auto-detection of the symbol suffix, if it differs from the standard name of the currency pair.
If the PreFixSymbol="Auto" is specified:
If the currency name on the client terminal has a suffix, i.e. EURUSD.m, then the trades will be copied with the suffix ".m"
Added the OnTimer event handler which increases the stability and copying speed.
Fixed changing of the EA settings on the fly. Now the EA settings can be changed on the chart, without the need to restart the EA.
Version 15.991 2015.12.23
- Fixed the error of modification of stop levels when using TP_adjust and SL_adjust.
- If it is impossible to open a deal according to the master account, DISABLED_TRADE will be displayed in the comment field - trade is prohibited for the symbol.
- Added automatic detection of the order filling type.
Version 15.959 2015.11.03
Fixed opening positions for the derivatives market, if the Deal is not complete.
Version 15.956 2015.10.30
Added forced detection of the new client tickets for the FORTS market. Closing deals on a master account leads to their forced closing on a client account as well.
Version 15.932 2015.10.09
исправлена ошибка проскальзования на некоторых брокерах