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Trading box Order Management

Official website: http://www.mt4tradingbox.com/

Manuals: http://www.mt4tradingbox.com/order-management/

Order functions (features) Limit order Order box
Execution at Bid price NO YES
Hidden stoploss NO YES
Hidden entry NO YES
Order open Spread filter NO YES
Order open Time filter NO YES
Activate/deactivate orders NO YES
Target Risk Reward calculation NO YES
Lot size calculation by risk percentage NO YES
Total risk of grouped orders NO YES
Total profit of grouped orders NO YES
Breakeven level (Surender) NO YES
Activate/Deactivate orders at certain price NO YES
News spike order protection NO YES
Opening gap order protection NO YES
Ask price SL hount protection NO YES
Price action programing with lines NO YES
Placing orders when market is closed NO YES

Manage risk, calculate Risk Reward ratio and place alerts within seconds.

Protect your orders with Spread filter and opening GAP protection.

Supply and Demand candle detection

Head and Shoulders pattern detection

Liquidity detection

Automaticaly enable Trading order box after real Price Action.

Set Breakeven and Reload price level inside Trading order box.

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scalperBob 2020.06.13 09:31 

Every time I place Order box with this tool it makes me smile how simple and efficient is this tool Trading box Order Management. Author of this tool realy have deep understanding of markets that he vas able to create this unique tool for trading.

francosfx123 2020.06.12 21:01 

After long period of testing Demo version I decided that is time to purchase original version and start trading on multiple forex pairs. Igor is excellent developer and support and explanations from him are just outstanding. Igor thank you that you developed such an amazing tool that really helping me to become disciplined trader without extra efforts. Nowadays with use of Trading box I really don’t spend so much time behind charts, because I get all important notifications on my mobile phone. Trading box saves your money and time. It solves all problems that are stopping most traders on their way to successful trading path.

quizo 2020.04.04 10:31 

Just amazing tool for my trading strategy (supply and demand trading with price action). For me it is important that price is executed at bid price. Most time saving is automatic lot size determination for each trade depending on risk percentage. I like target risk reward calculation and money management that is integrated into this tool… my conclusion is that this tool is ALL IN ONE that trader needs for trading and managing positions. Everything is so quick and easy

Really good job! Thank you!

Mamboki 2020.04.01 08:32 

Great tool for placing orders in the market and I think it is easy to use. Everything is working so far. I really like how you can place different type of alerts and everything is so automated.

Just excellent work! Thank fort his tool and efforts.

Version 2.0 2020.07.08
- bug fix for uncompleted Head and Shulders detection (H&S)
Version 1.9 2020.06.26
- minor bug fix
Version 1.8 2020.06.12
- some beauty corrections when moving buttons to right side
Version 1.7 2020.06.10
- new show/hide button "X" is added in right upper corner. When you click on this button, all other buttons become hidden.
Version 1.6 2020.06.06
- bug fix
Version 1.5 2020.06.02
- buttons for retina display
- bug fixes reported by users
Version 1.4 2020.05.21
- Order box calculation information display correction
Version 1.2 2020.04.28
- buttons are now available also for users with 4k monitor display
- new input variable box_button_alignment (Left, Right)
- some minor bug fixes
Version 1.1 2020.04.14
- Order lot size added to alert and notification when orders are OPENED
- Checking every 2 minutes if AutoTrading is ON
- Checking every 2 minutes connection speed to broker server (new input property max_ping_broker_server_delay_ms = 200 ms)
- Checking if connection with broker is established
- Checking AutoTrading when SELL or BUY button is clicked
- Checking if Push Notifications are enabled

Bug fix:
- Take profit for Target 3 and Target 4 are now set
- Order box is now properly drawn when Auto Scroll if OFF and when we resize chart to smaller size
- Order box calculations are now properly displayed when Auto Scroll if OFF and when we resize chart to smaller size