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Ind4 Extra Report Pad

This is a statistics panel providing analysis of your trading account.

The analysis results are displayed on the chart in real time.

Multicurrency trading is quite popular nowadays. However, the greater the amount of trades, the more difficult it is to analyze the profitability of each of them. Analyzing trades by months and calculating statistics per each trade are even more challenging tasks.

The panel provides an efficient solution analyzing your account and preparing a detailed statistics in real time.

A detailed description of this indicator in our blog

Attention! The button EXPORT TO HTML is available - our indicator saves all received data in a separate HTML file!

Tabs and controls

The panel currently consists of six tabs:

  • TRADES - current open trades
  • HISTORY - closed trades in history
  • ALL TRADES - open and closed trades
  • REPORTS - detailed report on closed trades of your trading account
  • DISTRIBUTION Symbols- distribution of BUY and SELL trades relative to the total amount and the amount of profitable trades by each symbol. The tab also displays the distribution of profitable trades, including their total profit and lot by each symbol, as well as distribution of loss-making deals by each symbol.
  • DISTRIBUTION Time - Shows the number of entries, as well as profit or loss by hours, days of the week and months. If you look at the column name, you can get data on this column

Our panel is based on the advanced template of the VIRTUALTRADEPAD trading panel, therefore some elements are the same.

  • Filter by symbol
  • Filter by date
  • Filter by magic
  • Filter by comment

Each tab allows you to sort out statistics by available symbols, trading months and magic number.

Trading positions and history tab's columns

  • Column_Number - trade serial number in the report
  • Column_Symbol - trade symbol
  • Column_Type - trade type [what stop was activated at that trade]
  • Column_3Lot - position's trade lot
  • Column_OpenTime - trade open time
  • Column_OpenPrice - trade open price
  • Column_CloseTime - trade close time
  • Column_TimeBetween - position lifetime in hours and minutes
  • Column_ClosePrice - trade close price
  • Column_SL - trade stop loss (highlighted, if a trade is closed by stop loss)
  • Column_TP - trade take profit (highlighted, if a trade is closed by take profit)
  • Column_commission - position commission
  • Column_Swap - position swap
  • Column_Profit - trade result in the deposit currency
  • Column_Points - trade result in points
  • Column_NetProfit - net profit
  • Column_Percent - net profit percentage relative to the balance at the moment the trade was closed
  • Column_Magic - trade magic number
  • Column_Comment - position comment
  • Column_Balance - balance after closing a trade
  • Column_Max - maximum trade price deviation in deposit currency
  • Column_Min - minimum price deviation in deposit currency

Attention: For the correct display of the indicator on the chart, expand the window of your terminal to the minimum sizes 1200x500 at a font size of 8

cashoncommand 2018.09.14 09:51 

Amazing support. I had an issue with the display of the Money value.

He fixed it in minutes and updated the file..

Great job.. Thanks :)

Alexander Jeffrey Klein
Alexander Jeffrey Klein 2018.08.28 13:29 

Wonderful reporting tool. Had an issue at first whereby not all trades were showing but after a couple of email exchanges with Vladislav, he kindly reviewed it and fixed my issue. Very helpful and prompt in getting back.

Thank you and wish you well.

Megatrader777 2018.08.20 16:35 

Отличный индикатор. Есть некоторые помарки, но в целом - отличный инструмент для анализа счета.

myfxbook на графике в реальном времени

Olivier Guguen
Olivier Guguen 2018.08.13 14:28 

mon SL et TP profit ont été bloqué avec cet indicateur , dommage je le trouvais bien !

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.16 10:28 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Sergey Demin
Sergey Demin 2017.02.28 09:19 

Хорошая работа.

Как и все работы Автора.

Заказываю себе советники у Владислава - всегда будет сделано лучше, чем мое техническое задание.

Сильно рекомендую данного программиста. ОСОБЕННО, если у вас серьезные требования.

qwe trader
qwe trader 2017.02.23 20:39 

very good!!

bsandaruwan 2017.02.17 17:23 

Excellent Job

Very useful

Oleg Kozov
Oleg Kozov 2016.07.14 12:34 

Довольно таки нужная вещь,спасибо автору за труд!

Индикатор заслуживает внимания.

dimitris 2016.04.19 23:01 

Keeps crashing the platform

Version 18.989 2018.12.10
Maximal DrawDown FIX
Version 18.964 2018.11.08
Исправлена ошибка загрузки индикатора на счет, где отсутствуют комментарии
Version 18.914 2018.09.14
The error of profit display on some accounts with the commission is corrected.
Version 18.828 2018.08.28
Statistics will be collected only when the window with the indicator is active!
Changed the function Scrolling.
Filter function by comment is changed. Only the 20 most frequently used comments will be shown.
Changed the color scheme of the HTML page (highlighting the Stoploss / TakeProfit closing), Leveraged currency pairs are highlighted.
Fixed bugs reported by users.
Version 18.827 2018.08.27
Sort by date modified. If the position was opened last year, then the filter is carried out over the past year.
Added filters for comments (Warning: The filter gets those comments that have more than 1 position in the history.)
Added filter for user comment (Just enter part of the comment, the indicator looks for all positions where the comment contains user-defined text, for example Copy_)
Version 18.820 2018.08.20
Full redesign of the indicator!
Version 16.906 2016.09.19
Fixed errors.
Added the 'EXPORT to HTML' button downloading the entire report from the chart to a separate HTML file.
All trades are sorted by the filters applied in the panel.
For example, you can select only one currency pair, a certain magic number or a certain month.
The generated report is to contain only sorted data.
The report file is generated in the folder: YOUR TERMINAL \ MQL4 \ Files \ EXTRAREPORTPAD \ EXTRAREPORTPAD Account number.html
Version 16.405 2016.04.07
Added the 'Distribution Time' tab for distributing the trades by hours, days and months. with an indication of profit and loss.