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Exp Tick Hamster MT5

Automated trading robot with automatic optimization of all parameters for any broker and trading symbol.

Tick Hamster for MetaTrader 4

I present to you a trading EA without settings!

Tick Hamster - This is an   automated trading expert for newbies and users who don't want to set up an advisor!

Download - Install on the chart - Get profit - Leave review

How to set up an expert? Too many settings? Do not understand the description of the parameters?

  • You do not need to customize anything! We set everything up for you!
  • 1 setting parameter = Trading Lot   Lots .
  • Magic   - to use the advisor with a unique number for positions.

The trading strategy of this trading advisor has been tested for 7 years.

(TickSniper - automatic scalper, with the ability to fine tune the parameters) !

Nothing extra - The basic rule that we used to create this automatic robot!

Tick Hamster - no need to customize!

Work logic: 

  1. Works on the currency pair on which the advisor is installed.
  2. Timeframe does not matter. The advisor works on current quotes, does not pay attention to TimeFrame.
  3. He counts the ticks that came to the terminal, and seeks the price movement of the current currency pair for a fraction of a second.
  4. The sharp movement of the currency pair, supported by the general trend of this symbol, generates a signal to open the position.
  5. The advisor studies the direction and continuity of motion and calculates the path of movement of tics.
  6. All data are grouped by a series of rapid movements and based on the data received, the advisor opens the position.
  7. Each position opens with a stop-loss equal to 250 average spreads.
  8. Each position is followed by an averaging function at a distance of 50 medium spreads.
  9. The cumulative position (Series of open positions) has its own trailing stop at a distance of 5 spreads.
  10. If the position or series of positions goes into profit, the advisor sets a break-even point. When you roll back the price of such a position, it will be closed on a lossless.
  11. The advisor calculates the spread based on averaging the last ticks in 15 seconds.
  12. Over 90% of positions are closed with a profit.
  13. Less than 10% of positions close on stoploss.
  14. In adverse periods, the loss can block profits.


  1. Zero spread is prohibited for the system.
  2. The recommended deposit is from $ 1000 with a minimum lot of 0.01 to 3 currency pairs (for example EURUSD USDCHF USDJPY)
  3. The Expert Advisor is tested on a floating spread . On a fixed spread, the system may not work correctly!
  4. The Expert Advisor does not work in the strategy tester for many reasons. Insufficient history of quotations.
  5. In the tester, the spread is fixed. Therefore, the results of the tester and the real account may differ.
  6. The advisor works to reduce and increase the spread , as well as the rate of receipt of quotations. Therefore, each broker has different results.
  7. The Expert Advisor uses averaging and StopLoss. Averaging is triggered every 50 spreads from the previous position. Stop Loss is set at a distance of 250 spreads.
  8. The advisor uses the scalper strategy : positions can be closed in the range 1 - 8888888888 points.
  9. Calculate your deposit based on tests on your broker's server in such a way that it will withstand the average annual movement of the currency pair.
  10. Use reinvestment , take profits on time, manage your money.
  11. Forex is a risk , please, before you trade Forex, I advise you to learn the basics of this earnings.
  12. Advisor is fully automatic.
  13. A small deposit is a guarantee of a large drawdown.
  14. Getting a profit today, I do not give a guarantee of profit in a month. Forex - unpredictable.
  15. Getting a loss today, you can make a profit tomorrow.
  16. If you install an Expert Advisor on the VPS , it is better to install 1 Expert Advisor for 1 VPS without connecting and enabling other terminals. Since the advisor works on tics, it is better that there should be only 1 terminal with 1 advisor on the VPS.
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