MT4-MT5 Expert reports on how to make Log files and send to programmer

MT4-MT5 Expert reports on how to make Log files and send to programmer

4 January 2020, 16:25
Vladislav Andruschenko
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If you have a problem with an expert, you have a question about the function or a misunderstanding of the error, please collect the entire package of reports and files that the programmer needs.
Detailed instructions on how to study the behavior of an expert in certain conditions.
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A reminder for those who have failures of experts / scripts / indicators

In order for any programmer to understand the problem of the expert / script / indicator behavior, you need to provide some information, then the process of parsing the problem is reduced to minimal time.

What you need for this:

  1. The picture of the entire terminal on the graph of which is a robot EA ( ScreenShot )
  2. A set of adviser or indicator settings. File "SET file"
  3. Log files from experts (logs EA)
  4. Log files from terminal (logs SERVER)
  5. Detailed Report
  6. Strategy Tester (Strategy Tester report)
  7. A detailed description of the problem in a text document, with the numbers of the ticket of the deals, with which the problem occurred.

Learn more how to get this information:

The picture of the whole terminal on the graph of which stands a robot EA

Right click on the graph:

Active work area - save


Configuration File Set File

Enter the advisor settings: 

To do this, press  F7 on the chart , where the expert is set!

Go to the tab  Settings , and then click  Save 

This file is needed to reproduce the problem

Pictures about the opening of the deals

Our advisors know how to record pictures during their discoveries.
These pictures are added to the folder of your terminal and serve to reveal the cause of the discovery at the time, if the opening occurred not there.
It is worth considering that in the tester - the pictures are not created.
Also YOU ​​should understand that in order for the picture to show the moment of entry - on the chart you must put your indicators

Pictures can be found here:
Your terminal\ MQL4 \ Files \ Name of your Expert Advisor

example of a picture with an input:

Log files from experts

Experts tab - right click - open
opens the folder of the expert's logs - archive the last 3 days of the expert's work in the archive.!

Log files from terminal

Log tab - right click - open
The terminal logs folder is opened - Enter the last 3 days of the terminal operation in the archive!

Note: If your terminal does not have the necessary log files, you need to start the terminal in the "From administrator" mode or with the "/ portable"

Detailed report

Tab - Account history - right click - Save detailed report

Strategy Tester

If this problem appears on the strategy tester, please send a log of the strategy tester file
Tab - log in the tester-right click - Open
opens a folder of expert logs - Put in the archive the file of today's test!

Strategy Tester Report

After the test is complete - Report Tab - right-click - save as.

All This package is placed in ZIP archive and send it to the programmer. This will save both your and Our time, and will allow you to understand the problem in more detail.