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Exp4 The xCustomEA for MT4

Universal trading adviser on custom indicators for MetaTrader 4.

The functionality of the universal trading adviser The xCustomEA exactly duplicates all the parameters of our advisor The X except one:

  1. The xCustomEA works on a custom indicator and has the ability to program its own trading strategy for MT4 terminals.
  2. The xCustomEA has a link to custom indicators that can be downloaded from the Internet or the mql5 market.

Our new advisor The xCustomEA is based on the adviser The X - Universal EA 

You can program your custom indicator , and our advisor The xCustomEA will open positions on signals.

By purchasing our Universal Trade Adviser The xCustomEA , you can program advisors on indicators every day!

Basic settings: 

SignalNameIndicator - The name of the custom indicator from which the main signals for opening positions will be received.

Default: " Ind - The xCustomEA "

This is a standard empty indicator, in which you can program your strategy according to our example!

We also created an example of a custom indicator for signals from The X

"Ind - The xCustomEA Example TheX"

You can use our example to receive signals using standard indicators

SignalTypeIndicator - Indicator type for signals.

There are two types of adviser's work:

xCustomEA - The work of an advisor on our indicator, in which you personally program your strategy.

xArrow - The EA works directly with a custom indicator that has buffers such as Arrow that can be used for the Expert Advisor.

For example: Buffer with indicator signals to BUY and Buffer with indicator signals on SELL

Such buffers must be of the arrow type.

Our advisor determines the signal by type: The value of the buffer is not equal to the empty value and above 0.

IndSigToTrade - Select the indicator and signal to open the first and main position.

Strategy number from the custom indicator SignalNameIndicator

If the specified strategy is not found in the indicator, the EA will be unloaded from the chart with an error!

If 0 is specified, then the strategy signals are not used but filters are used!

TF_IndSigToTrade1 - Timeframe for 1 main indicator. You can select the Time Frame by which the indicator will receive signals.

Period_Current - the current Timeframe

OWNSIGNAL_shift - The bar number for the signal that the indicator will generate,

1 = last closed bar, signals on such bar are considered complete.

0 = Current open bar, signals on this bar are considered drawing.

SignalBuferforBUYSignalBuferforSELL - Buffer number in the custom indicator, to receive a signal to BUY and SELL

Do not change for Ind - The xCustomEA and Ind - The xCustomEA Example TheX 

SIGNALStrategyInputs - External parameters for custom indicator, in SignalTypeIndicator = xArrow mode

   You can specify external variables of the indicator as they are written in the settings table, separated by commas!

Method of work of the Expert Advisor on the custom indicator without programming:

1. Specify the name of the custom indicator! If this indicator was downloaded from the MQL5 market, then you need to specify from the Market folder:

Market \\ Name of the Indicator

Be sure to write a double backslash \\

2. Specify the type of xArrow signals

3. Specify the number of the signal buffer for opening BUY (for example, buffer number 8)

4. Specify the signal buffer number for opening SELL (for example, buffer number 9)

Thus, we do not need to program our indicator, for the adviser's work.


Attention! By default, the Expert Advisor does not have a trading strategy and can not open positions!

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Version 18.970 2018.11.10
- Global update and improvement of the working code.
-Add EAPADPRO v21 panel
-Add short hints to external variables
-Add parameters for calling indicators SIGNALStrategyInputs, for indicators with the type SignalTypeIndicator = xArrow
Read more in our blog.