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Exp5 Duplicator

The Expert Advisor repeats trades a preset number of times on your account.

The following functions are supported: custom lot for copied trades, copying Stop Loss, Take Profit, use of trailing stop and much more.

It copies all deals opened manually or by another Expert Advisor. It is possible to increase the lot size of the signals.

Note: This is not a copier for trade between terminals. A trade copier for MetaTrader 4 is available here: COPYLOT or COPYLOT MT5

Version of the Duplicator for the MetaTrader 4: Exp4 Duplicator

See in our blog for the demo version and a detailed description of Duplicator features

The Idea of the Expert Advisor

The Exp - Duplicator assistant EA repeats positions opened in the terminal. The EA is able to duplicate positions. The position to be copied is called source. The repeating position is a duplicate.

The EA repeats the source the specified number of times. It copies lot, Stop Loss, Take Profit. When a source is modified, SL and TP of a duplicate are also modified.


The EA is highly customizable. To get started, you must specify the types of the copied positions and orders in the first parameters.

OrderToDuplication - order type:
  • 0 = BUY
  • 1 = SELL
  • All Orders

MagikToDuplication - the magic number of the order to copy, multiple magic numbers can be specified separated by commas:

  • 0 - manual orders;
  • 123,345,147 - all positions with magic numbers 123,345,147;
  • -1 - all magic numbers.

SymbolToDuplication- the symbol of the order to copy:

  • An empty value means that all positions and orders of all symbols will be copied;
  • 0 - only the current symbol;
  • EURUSD - only positions and orders for EURUSD.

Other Parameters

  • LotDuplicate -if 0 repeats the source lot, otherwise a custom value;
  • MinLotToDuplicate -minimum lot to copy;
  • MaxLotToDuplicate - maximum lot of the source to copy;
  • CommentToDuplication - comment for duplication;
  • CopyOnlyLossPosPoint - copy only the trades with loss less than CopyOnlyLossPosPoint in points;
  • CopyOnlyProfPosPoint - copy only the trades with profit greater than CopyOnlyProfPosPointв in points;
  • ReverseDuplicate -true - reverse trades;
  • KoeficientLotDuplicate -lot multiplier; 0 - no multiplier;
  • StopLossDuplicate - if 0 repeats the source Stop Loss, otherwise a custom value;
  • TakeProfitDuplicate -if 0 repeats the source Take Profit, otherwise a custom value;
  • OnlyNewPositions - repeat only new positions - the ones opened after the Duplicator was installed;
  • MaximumDistance - price deviation; 0 - any value is copied, if greater than 0 - that's the max difference between the source price and the current one;
  • CloseDeleteCopy - true - delete and close duplicate orders and positions if the source ones are closed;
  • KolDuplicate - the number of duplicate times.

Additional EA Parameters:

  • MarketWatch - MarketWatch trading mode, true = first positions are placed without stop levels, then are modified;
  • Magic -the identifier of EA's trades;
  • Slippage -slippage;
  • TrailingStopUSE -use trailing stop;
  • IfProfTrail -use only for profitable positions - breakeven mode;
  • TrailingStop -trailing distance,  0 - minimum allowed value on the server;
  • TrailingStep -trailing step.
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Version 18.6 - 2018.04.24
- Update for the information panel EAPADPRO v2.0;
- Updated the commission calculation algorithm;
- MT5: Fixed a bug in the ReopenClosedDuplicateOrder function;
- Updated the SymbolToDuplication parameter, it is now possible to specify multiple currency pair for the utility to work with, separated by commas. For example: EURUSD,USDCHF,USDJPY
Version 17.221 - 2017.02.27
The EA operation speed has been increased 2! times.
Added the MilliSecondsTimerForMonitoring parameter for the EA calculation in milliseconds.
MilliSecondsTimerForMonitoring=500 means that the EA checks all trades every half a second.

Fixed the error with modification of stops!