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Base Analyse 2

Something led you to where you are now. Trust this power.

The indicator is suitable for lightning analysis of any market; it gives excellent signals in a trend or in a flat!
Allows you to find a market trend in a fraction of a second and enter the market early, before the impulse distribution has gone.

fundamental technical indicator that allows you to assess the current market situation in order to enter the market of the selected currency pair in the trend and with minimal risk.

The indicator is based on the process of identifying the rate of change in price growth and allows you to find entry and exit points from the market.

Let's see what values ​​it takes.

The first value of +4 means that the price is rising, the second value - 4 means that the price falls, if the indicator does not show any value, it does not work.

We assume that its methodical application will change your attitude to trading and you will sell where the price begins its fall and buy at the point of growth. We see our development as one of the main indicators that are supplied with the metatrader as the basic software for all traders in the world, along with the Bollinger Bands and RSI indicators. The indicator will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the market, to distinguish random movements from regular trends, and finally to believe in fate. Look upwards and dream more often. Remember that you need to communicate with the universe.

Advantages of the indicator:

  •     not redrawn, not rebuilt
  •     determines movement early, before almost all indicators known to us
  •     any time frame
  •     any currency, index, stock, etc.
  •     built-in alerts and push notifications
  •     determines the trend of the week, the trend of the day and the local trends of intraday trading

Trading with him is easy and pleasant.

Trading strategy:

For the pair EURUSD M30: period = 1200 and periodsmall = 120. - A long trend that usually changes every 7-13 days.

For the pair EURUSD M1: period = 480 and periodsmall = 60. - Intraday trend. Trade in the direction of the Long Trend M30 timeframe. Trade last 1-3 hours.

Under the basic pairs and timeframes, you can choose the parameters.
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Version 3.10 2019.04.26
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