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Candle Power Pro

The Candle Power Pro is a real volume data grabbing indicator. It grabs total volume information of candles and display to identify the battle between buyers and sellers as a percentage of the total volume like, Sellers: 10% - Buyers: 90%. This information can be used for any trading strategy. In additionally 5 other volume based indicators are available.  

3 Ways to Improve a Strategy Using Real Volume Information.

  • Using buyers and sellers volume to confirm breakouts.
  • Using buyers and sellers volume to confirm trend.
  • Using buyers and sellers volume to identify reversal.


  • User friendly interface and quick access buttons for each 7 indicators
  • Draw the battle between buyers and sellers as a percentage of the total volume
  • Standard volume indicator available
  • Volume average draw as a line
  • Volume percentage can compare with 19 other symbols
  • Volume percentage draw as a line
  • Candle color change by volume percentage
  • Mobile and Popup alert system
  • Account information available


  • Button Parameters
    • Battle - Activate/ Deactivate volume percentages
    • Volumes - Activate/ Deactivate volumes
    • Average- Activate/ Deactivate volume average
    • Compare - Activate/ Deactivate multi symbol, volume compare
    • Graph - Activate/ Deactivate volume percentage by line graph 
    • Chart - Activate/ Deactivate colored candles by volume percentage
    • Info - Activate/ Deactivate account information
  • Battle Button Parameters
    • Bull/Bear Percentage Hit Level - Volume percentage level for alert
  • Volumes Button Parameters
    • Volume Hit - Activate/ Deactivate volume hit arrow
    • Volume Hit Level - Volume level for arrow
  • Average Button Parameters 
    • Volume Period - Averaging period for calculation
  • Compare Button Parameters
    • Symbol List
      • Symbol 0-18 - List of symbols (EUR/USD = EURUSD etc...)
  • Chart Button Parameters
    • Range 1-5 - Percentage ranges for candle colors (90%-100% = Red color etc...)
  • Alert Parameters
    • Alert Types
      • Mobile Alert - Activate/ Deactivate, mobile notifications
      • Popup Alert - Activate/ Deactivate pop up message alerts
    • Alert Filters
      • Volume Change - Activate/ Deactivate volume trend change alert
      • Volume Hit - Activate/ Deactivate volume level hit alert
      • Bull/Bear Percentage Hit - Activate/ Deactivate volume percentage hit alert
  • Graphic Parameters
    • Theme Color 1-3 - Colors for buttons and others
    • Volume Color - Colors for volume line
    • Average Color - Color for average line
    • Buy Color - Color of all buy signals
    • Sell Color - Color of all sell signals
    • Normal Color - Color of all normal signals
    • Volume Hit Arrow Color - Character for volume hit signals (Wingdings)
    • Range 1 Buy Color - (Range 1-5) Color for each buy volume percentage range
    • Range 1 Sell Color - (Range 1-5) Color for each sell volume percentage range
    • Buy Arrow - Character for buy signals (Wingdings)
    • Sell Arrow - Character for sell signals (Wingdings)
    • Normal Arrow -Character for normal signals (Wingdings)
    • Volume Arrow -Character for volume hit signals (Wingdings)
    • Background Object - Activate/ Deactivate objects show in the background
    • Bull/Bear Distance - Distance for draw volume percentage from high/low 
    • Volume Arrow Distance - Distance for draw volume hit arrow
  • Common Parameters
    • History - Minimum historical bars for calculating indicator data

      Lev Vladimirovic Marushkin
      Lev Vladimirovic Marushkin 2019.11.13 12:51 

      Very useful tool! Author is very friendly and plans some great improvements for the next version. Happy buyer here so far :)

      Update: Testing new version 1.3 right now. So far i am blown away by this indicator! So easy to see the TRUE trend of the market. And i love the fact that now we can simply click directly on the chart and see what we want to see. The new panel is really a masterpiece. Support is worldclass too. Thank you Thushara!

      Version 1.4 2020.04.24
      1. Added alert for user define volume percentage level (Bull/ Bear)
      2. Added alert for user define volume level
      3. Show arrow on the candle that meet user define volume level
      4. Change and added input parameters
      Version 1.3 2019.12.04
      1. Optimized complete algorithm for fast activity.
      2. Added buttons for quick action.
      3. Added standard volume indicator.
      4. Added volume average indicator.
      5. Added volume percentage line graph indicator.
      6. Added candle color change activity by volume percentage.
      7. Increased data on multi pair volume indicator.
      8. Changed input parameters.
      Version 1.2 2018.09.20
      1. Updated the product logo.
      Version 1.1 2018.03.27
      1. Use separate indicator window.
      2. Add more extra symbols for show volume data.
      3. Fixed few bugs that related to double numbers and type of brokers.