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Auto Trend Liner Displaying chart patterns

The Indicator automatically draws trend lines ( Support & Resistance Lines) when attached to any opened chart with any time frame.

Button controls with on(green)/off(red) are provided to display the Support & Resistance lines of short, medium, long, very long, v.v.long trends.

For ex: to display only short, long term trend lines, make sure that the short and long buttons are in green color and the remaining 3 buttons in red color.

teper 2020.02.01 08:09 

only short trend lines appear. how to make the medium long lines also appear

Yathika 2018.12.31 17:29 

Very useful indicator. It reduces the manual work and draws support and resistance lines accurately too.

Version 1.10 2019.05.30
Trend lines colors and line types are now customizable through input settings.