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Automated Actual Support Resistance A2SR

A2SR Leading Indicator

Automated Actual Support & Resistance - No Repaint - No Lagging.

This indicator is mostly needed by:

  1. Professional traders who are tired of drawing to find Support/Resistance and need plenty of time to find the market sentiment.
  2. Traders with an experience of 3 years or below. It is time to clean up your chart and start comfortable trades. 
  3. Traders who need to recover their account.

This is a leading indicator showing each level of Support/Resistance in the future before price reaches those levels. With A2SR, that automatically figures out S/R in real time, we will always have plenty of time to study the current market sentiment or a swing within a week on even mid-term or long-term intervals.

Each line below the current price is Support, and each line above the current price is Resistance. Regardless of the used timeframe, A2SR always shows you each level S/R from the higher scale. It is a leading indicator with no repaint and no lagging.
Use your experience and then just make sure you put limit order on each major S/R level - Sell Limit on Resistance and Buy Limit on Support from A2SR. A2SR displays actual S/R line and enhances them with Fibo golden ratio. S/R levels become stronger if they coincide with Fibo ones.
A2SR also has benefits for creating a wave of trends on each S/R levels.

Basically, the price will rise from Support and fall from Resistance. Keep in mind that the price will rise suddenly after it reaches Support level, and price will suddenly fall after reaching Resistance level. Most effective strategy for A2SR is placing a Buy Limit pending order on strong Support and Sell Limit one - on strong Resistance.

When a Support has been broken, then its level becomes the current new Resistance, and when a Resistance has been broken, then its level becomes the current new Support.

Basic usage

Sell: On each scale, wait until overbought is above OB 80-90%, then place a pending order "Sell Limit" at every Resistance levels above current price. Minimum target is one S/R line below the position, or wait until oversold is above OS 50-70% for an optimal target. 

Buy: On each scale, wait until oversold is above OS 80-90%, then place a pending order "Buy Limit" at every Support level below the current price. Minimum target is one S/R line above the position, or wait until overbought is above OB 50-70% for an optimal target. 

Breakout: Before a breakout, the price needs to hit a level of S/R several times. Then, before placing a limit order, we should check what S/R level has been hit previously. It means current S/R level could be as a key breakout level that indicates OB/OS H1 more than >100%.


  1. Regardless of OB/OS above, if there are 2 lines or more of S/R are adjacent to each other or even coincide, then this indicates an area of strong support (Buy Limit) or strong resistance (Sell Limit).
  2. When we can now reveal Support and Resistance to come, then martingale strategy could be comfortably applied as long as we have good MM.
  3. As we know, FX trading is not too easy, so good M/M policy is strongly recommended. Never ever too confident when facing the market. It is psychology that matters. So, always locked position when price is running in the right direction is also always recommended. 

Use your experience when facing the market, but make sure to place Sell should be on Resistance (top) and Buy should be on Support (bottom).

And today, A2SR helps you to show its important levels before you open the trades.

For buyers, I will also give some example to make a trading plan with comprehensive technical analysis from A2SR.

Do not miss the train. It is time to clean your chart and forget repaint or lagging indicators.

Before Using A2SR

Just once before applying A2SR onto your chart, you need to refresh the chart on H4, D1, W1 and MN because A2SR needs all data from higher timeframes. Keep in mind that a higher timeframe controls a smaller one. You can also use smaller timeframe, such as H1, but you need to review the higher timeframe. A2SR does it for you at any scale you use.

2017.05.05 00:21 

This is for new trader or experience, good tool and strategy. just follow the trend and wait for the bounce. safely way to trade! and really good support from the seller.

2017.03.15 12:11 

Amazing Product. Brilliant and very polite support from seller. Thank you very much , Yohana.

Paulus Nangoy
2014.09.25 17:25 

Great & accurate indicator and great support from the seller, highly recommended!

Version 8.3 - 2016.08.09
SR placement level has been improved,
so that new users can more easily understand.
Version 8.2 - 2016.07.06
A2SR Version 8.2

SR level value from level 1, 2 and 3 can be adjusted.
Higher value will be stronger for determining Support and Resistance.

It will also useful for :
CFD - Indices, Equities,
and more benefit for Swing traders.
Version 8.1 - 2016.06.20
Version 8.1

A2SR makes selection for stronger S/R automatically.
++ Only strong S/R that will be displayed on a chart.

This version is able to support trade in any style, Swing and Scalping (Intraday).

1. Display the stronger S/R.
2. Display power index USD versus EUR scaling in timeframe H1, H4, D1 and W1.
(Make sure USDSEK and EURSEK are available in your MT4)
3. Display the trend that available today.
4. OB/OS scaling in timeframe H1, H4, D1, W1 and MN
5. Automated Fibonacci scaling in timeframe H1, H4, D1, W1 and MN
6. Leveling price jump/fall - especially for breaking news
7. Display average moves (pips) for H4, Daily and Weekly, and remaining pips as room for next moves.
8. Automated trendline for breakout and breakdown signal.
Version 5.8 - 2014.09.30
- USDx and EURx
- Jump/Fall levels.
Version 5.7 - 2014.08.04
1. Trend line is useful for detecting a pattern, which is intended for the triangle pattern, Support & Resistance lines, and as a breakout up or down line.

2. The trend lines are formed first before the price of the pair reaches it. So, it does not repaint.

3. Each line has a description, such as Support, Resistance, Current-Support as key breakout down, and Current-Resistance as a key breakout up.

4. Each broke out line turns into a new support or resistance line. These changes run automatically and in real-time.

5. S/R horizontal lines nearest to the trend line are strong S/R levels.
Version 5.6 - 2014.07.31
The performance of the process is significantly increased.
Version 5.5 - 2014.07.28
1. Displays the total movement pips maximum/average on each scale of H4, Daily and Weekly. Displayed in counted pips and limit lines on the graph.
2. Showing recommendation for placing pending orders based on the current daily trend.
3. A2SR displays boundaries Support & Resistance levels in real time along with the recommendation for mileage price.

With A2SR then you will have a lot more free time for things that are more useful than just busy drawing on your chart that would look too crowded and dirty :)