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The VSAMultiAnalize indicator serves to construct a horizontal volume profile and delta on the symbol graph (VSA - Volume spread analysis). The MT5 version is here. Construction can be performed in various ways.

Input parameters:

  • View Type. What is displayed on the chart.
    • Volume by Range. The horizontal volume profile for the specified timeframe is the Target parameter.
    • Previous and current. Two horizontal volume profiles for the current and past period (for example for the current and last day).
    • Buy & Sell. Separate profiles of horizontal volumes for buying and selling.
    • Delta. Diagram of the Delta.
  • Style. The style of the diagram.
    • Line. Horizontal lines (default).
    • Rectangle. Rectangles.
  • Count. The initial number of diagrams on the graph (default 5, max 10).
  • Target. Diagrams are built for this timeframe (the default is D1).
  • Source. Data source for plotting charts (by default this is M1).
  • Volume Type. Tick or real volume values ​​are used (default is tick).
  • Diag's step. Attention! Only for experts. Averaging parameter of the diagram data.
  • Horizontal Size. Attention! Only for experts. The maximum size of the diagrams horizontally.
  • Value Area (VA) percent. Value area with VAH (Volume area high) and VAL (Volume area low) in percent.
  • View levels as. How to show VWAP level.
    • Levels as lines. Horizontal line (by default).
    • Levels as buffers. Normal indicator buffer.
    • Levels as lines & buffers. Horizontal line and buffer.
  • Main Color, Color for Buy, Color for Sell, Value Area (VA). Main colors of diagrams.
  • Width. The thickness of the diagram lines (default 1).
  • Additional Levels Width. The thickness of lines of additional levels (the default is 2).
  • Max. Volume (POC). The color of the Point of control.
  • Median Vol. The color of the level of the median volume (half of the total).
  • Vol. Weighted Average Price Color. Color VWAP level.

The video and screenshots show the constructions with the following parameters:

  • Target = D1
  • Source = M1

Buildings are performed on the timeframe H1. Horizontal profiles of daily volume are shown, current and last day volume profiles, daily volume profiles, split into two parts - for buy and sale, delta profiles. In all cases, the timeframe M1 was used for the source data.

Warning: VSAMultiAnalize does not work in the tester terminal. Free demo version VSAMultiAnalizeDEMO here .

You can download the documentation in pdf format at this link.

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Version 3.10 2020.05.21
Added 3 ways to display VWAP.
Friends and colleagues. For future development, I ask you to rate this product. This will be of great help to me. Thank you for using this product)
Version 3.1 2019.07.16
Small bug fixed
Version 3.0 2019.07.02
Added: (VA) Value Area, with VAH (Volume area high) and VAL (Volume area low), POC (Point of control)
Version 2.20 2019.01.24
Fixed CRITICAL error
Version 2.10 2019.01.15
1. Work speed is increased
2. Settings by default are changed
Version 2.0 2018.12.10
1.Changed initialization order. Diagrams are displayed immediately after the start of initialization. But they can be redrawn until the end of initialization (see the tutorial video).
2. The chart shows the number of graphs, which is specified in the input parameters. A new diagram appears, the oldest is destroyed. This prevents the terminal from "freezing" and controlling the number of graphic objects.
3. New video - tutorial.