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The indicator shows the trend across all timeframes.

It will show sideways, up trending and down trending directions.

It is suitable for both day trading and swing trading.

Provides strong moves when all timeframes are bullish or bearish.

The sensitivity of the trend strength identification can be customized.


Indicator settings

  • nPips=0.002 - Setting to customize the sensitivity of the trend strength.
  • LookBack=100 - The look back of the period for checking the trend strength.


  • x=3; - positioning from left
  • y=30 - positioning from top
  • BuyColor=Lime - color of indication for buy trend
  • SellColor=Red - color of indication for Sell trend
  • NoSignalColor=DarkGray - color of indication for No trend (sideways trend)
  • TextColor=Yellow - all text on panel color
  • PanelColor=MediumBlue - panel background color
  • ShowBackGrownd=true - enables the display of solid background
  • ShowBehindeChart=false - panel above charts
  • BaseColumnWidth=150 - width of each row
  • BaseColumnHeight=50 - height of each row
  • TextFontSize=12 - text font size
  • CaptFontSize=10
  • Font="Verdana" - customize font
  • Scale=1
  • ScaleFont=true
  • Centered=false - centering the text within the panel (false enables left alignment)
  • RefreshRate=1 - time to refresh the panel as per trend signals
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