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All traders using VSA realize the importance of the volume. Unfortunately, tick and spot volumes are not suitable for these purposes.

I have conducted mathematical calculations and managed to trnsform the price into the volume that is close to the futures one by its ratios. Now, you do not have to wrestle with the question of where to obtain the volume data. Besides, you will be able to use the currency pairs having no futures at all. With RealVolume, you do not need to remember data on each timeframe and symbol, as all is shown in percentage for an average value.

RealVolume has several advantages over the futures volume. MetaTrader terminal receives currency spot market data, while the futures volume is provided from the futures market. The latter case causes problems of three types.

  1. Technical issue - data delivery and integration. To overcome the issue, traders may use various solutions beginning from the most simple and inconvenient one - launching a separate terminal with futures data, and up to the most advanced one - developing a special indicator. The first case involves additional issues with registering a futures account: demo accounts have lifetime limitations and data delay, while real ones cause bureaucratic procedures with documents and money on a trading account. The second case requires third-party DLLs. This is potentially dangerous and can result in damage to equipment or data theft. In both cases, receiving of the futures data depends on a third-party channel. In case of some server glitches or connection loss, the data cannot be delivered. 
  2. Synchronization is connected to the market peculiarities. Spot market works around the clock and covers the entire world, while futures one has some specific features. A single currency can have various futures in different regions. It can be traded around the clock like in USA or only part of a day like in Russia. Unlike the spot market, futures have clearing procedure (a several minutes of break in trading activity). Futures also have expiration time when they can no longer be traded on the market. Besides, a local market may be closed due to a holiday, while other trading sites and the spot market in the whole may still be active. 
  3. Participants' activity and liquidity. The futures volume is largely dependent on the time of a day, as compared to the spot one. Therefore, quite large movements may take place along with a disproportionately low futures volume at night time.

RealVolume has no such drawbacks, as it is calculated using the "native" MetaTrader data. There is no need to keep 2 terminals open and constantly switch from one to another. You do not have to worry that the futures data provider's server will go down at the most critical moment and you will have to make a decision in force majeure, without major system components. You will not be left without the data in case of a holiday on a futures trading site. You will receive the data on the volume of the symbols having no futures. The product is safe. You do not have to worry that some malware developed to steal trading account data will be downloaded on your PC together with DLL.

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