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Moving Average Cloud

Moving Average Cloud (MAC) is designed to help you capture and trade the trend. The idea behind this indicator can be explained in the next steps:

  1. Draw a fast moving average Envelope.
  2. Draw a slow moving average Envelope.
  3. The MAC Upper Band is the highest value between the high of both Envelopes.
  4. The MAC Lower Band is the lowest value between the low of both Envelopes.
  5. The MAC Histogram Cloud fills the distance between two bands to show you change in direction.
  6. Blue Cloud indicates uptrend while Red Cloud indicates downtrend.
  7. Suggested Entry arrows appear on breakout of short term Don-chain channel in the direction of MAC Clouds.

How to use MAC

  • Use MAC Clouds as a filter to help you identify trend direction.
  • Trade with your usual trading tools in the direction of MAC Clouds only to eliminate false signals as much as possible.
  • Use suggested entry arrows to help you finding strong trending points to start from.


  • Show or hide option for MAC Clouds and signals.
  • MAC Cloud is colored depending on trend direction.
  • Buy, Sell arrows to help identifying trend signals.
  • Sound, email alerts depending on user choice.
  • Well-designed style that user can control.


  • Fast_MA - fast Moving Average Envelope period.
  • Slow_MA - slow Moving Average Envelope period.
  • MA_Method - choose between moving average method used in calculation.
  • Show_Cloud - show or hide cloud options.
  • Show_Signal - show or hide arrows options.
  • Breakout_Filter - number of bars. If the last complete bar on a chart breaks out, a signal arrow appears with an alert sound and a message.
  • Alerts - choose to use or stop alert sound and message.

I hope you find MAC a good investment tool for you.

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