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Moving Average Cloud

Or "MAC"

This is an indicator designed to help you capture and trade the trend. The idea behind this indicator can be explained in the next steps:

  1. Draw a fast moving average Envelope.
  2. Draw a slow moving average Envelope.
  3. The MAC Upper Band is the highest value between the high of both Envelopes.
  4. The MAC Lower Band is the lowest value between the low of both Envelopes.
  5. The MAC Histogram Cloud fills the distance between two bands to show you change in direction.
  6. Blue Cloud indicates uptrend while Red Cloud indicates downtrend.

► Try demo before you buy:


► Read next blog to sea how to use MAC buffers to build your own EA or scanner:


How to use MAC

  • Use MAC Clouds as a filter to help you identify trend direction.
  • Trade with your usual trading tools in the direction of MAC Clouds only to eliminate false signals as much as possible.
  • Use suggested entry arrows to help you finding strong trending points to start from.

MAC Features

    • MAC does not repaint or recalculate its results.
    • It works on cryptocurrencies, stock, index, oil, gold, and on all time frames.
    • Sound, email alerts and Mobile Notification.
    • Buy, sell arrows to help identifying trend signals.
    • Well-designed parameters to help user easily navigate between them.
    • Buffer to build your own expert advisors.
    • Four different color lists to choose from.

    MAC Parameters


    • Fast Moving Average. Default is 10
    • Slow Moving Average. Default is 100
    • Moving Average Method. Default is "Simple" Method.

    (2) ALERTS

    • Show Arrows & Vertical Lines. Default is to show arrows only.
    • Arrow Size. Default is one.
    • Alert message. Choose to use or stop alert sound and message (default is true).
    • Send Email. Option to send notification to the user (default is false).
    • Send Mobile Notification. Option to send notification to the user (default is false).


    • Chart Colors List: the user can choose between four different color lists for his chart or he can choose (Do Nothing) if he wants to use his own list.
    • Bullish Cloud Color. Default is Blue.
    • Bearish Cloud Color. Default is Red.
    • Upper Cloud Edge Color. Default is Midnight Blue
    • Lower Cloud Edge Color. Default is Maroon.
    • Cloud Edge Line Width. Default is one.

    I hope that MAC help you at your trading. Please, contact me if you have any questions. I wish you good trading.

    Best regards
    Muhammad Al Bermaui, CMT

    Frank Paetsch
    Frank Paetsch 2019.05.16 01:51 

    Sehr schöner Indikator

    Mohamed Hamaidan
    Mohamed Hamaidan 2019.01.04 22:48 

    I got it when it was released first for free and its great!

    Going very well along with my other indicators.

    Thanks Muhammed!

    Version 2.1 2020.03.02
    Fixed a small text error in the description.
    Version 2.0 2020.03.02
    1. Enhanced the calculation method.
    2. Added color lists, for a better chart view.
    3. Enhanced all the alerts.
    4. Arranged the inputs to be more user friendly.
    5. Added buffers to indicator description.
    6. Added a buffer for Arrow Signals (buffer #4).

    I didn't make any changes on MAC basic formula. It is still the same.