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Extended Moving Average with Digital Filtering

A Moving Average with 26 types of smoothing and 16 variants of source prices used for calculation, with additional 71 levels of digital filtering. When using calculation period equal to 1, you will only get the digital filtering of the used price without primary smoothing. Rise and fall are marked with a separate color.


  • Calculation period - choose period
  • Smoothing method - choose smoothing method
  • Used price - choose price for calculations
  • Use digital filter - enable/disable additional digital filtering
  • Digital filter mode - choose mode
  • Show colored arrows - enable/disable color symbols showing up/down movement
  • Arrow up symbol code - choose symbol
  • Arrow down symbol code - choose symbol
  • Shift left or right - symbols can be shifted
  • Additional precision - set data precision
2017.10.31 05:13 

very good indicator, bought immediately just after looked at it's parameters and a test run.