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PipFinite Zone Reversal

Advance algorithm that confirms reversals using breakouts on dynamic support/resistance levels

Indicator also includes statistics, targets and exit levels

Mainly functions as an Entry indicator. Works in any pair and timeframe.

Combination with Volume Critical & Strength Meter. Please Watch Video (Click Here)


  • Detects confirmed reversals on dynamic support and resistance zones
  • Flexible tool, can be used in many ways to improve a trading system
  • StopLoss Levels
    • Option 1: Dynamic Support & Resistance Levels
      • Support(red line) for buy signal
      • Resistance(blue line) for sell signal
    • Option 2: Range Levels
      • Below blue box for buy signal
      • Above red box for sell signal
  • TakeProfit Levels (Based on statistics of past signals)
    • Option 1: Scalp Target (TP1)
      • Higher probability target
      • You can close all trades for quick profit
      • You can partially close your trades and move stoploss to breakeven
    • Option 2: Swing Target (TP2)
      • Standard target based on averages of max profits
      • You can close remaining positions
  • Exit Levels: Video (Click Here)
    • Close buy trades when price touches dynamic resistance (blue line)
    • Close sell trades when price touches dynamic support (red line)
  • Avoid Bad Setups: Video (Click Here)
    • Avoid buy signals if entry point is already near dynamic resistance
    • Avoid sell signals is entry point is already near dynamic support
  • Supporting Tool
    • Ideally combined with price action trading
    • Increase probabilities by combining to Strength Meter
    • Increase probabilities by combining to Volume Critical
    • We can use Exit Scope as alternate exit strategy
  • Never repaints
  • Never backpaints
  • Never recalculates
  • Signals strictly on the "Close of the bar"
  • Compatible with Expert Advisor development


Zone Reversal with Volume Critical & Strength Meter

  • Settings
    • Zone Reversal: Zone Deviation = 0.50
    • Volume Critical: Period = 5
    • Strength Meter: Period = 7
  • Buy Setup
    • Preparation: wait Volume Critical to be oversold/extreme oversold
    • Signal: Zone Reversal Buy Signal
    • Confirmation: Strength Meter Bullish Level 1 or 2 only
    • StopLoss: Dynamic support line or below blue range box
    • TakeProfit: Scalp Target or Swing Target
    • Exit: Touch of dynamic resistance line
  • Sell Setup
    • Preparation: wait Volume Critical to be overbought/extreme overbought
    • Signal: Zone Reversal Sell Signal
    • Confirmation: Strength Meter Bearish Level 1 or 2 only
    • StopLoss: Dynamic resistance line or above red range box
    • TakeProfit: Scalp Target or Swing Target
    • Exit: Touch of dynamic support line
  • Watch Video: (Click Here)

Video References

Please Watch in High-Definition to further understand


Calculation is determined by how many "Maximum History Bars" are available.

Since the indicator gives filtered signals, we can set Maximum History Bars from 2000 - 5000 to gather enough data.

  • Signals - The total number of past signals. For optimal data, load bars to produce at least 20 past signals
  • Positive Trades - The total number of past signals that went into profit at some point. Calculation does not include exit strategy
  • Positive% - Percentage(%) of Positive Trades. It is ideal to look for instruments with 90% and above value
  • Scalp Target - TP1, Higher probability target based on minimum averages of past signals
  • Swing Target - TP2, Standard target based on averages of past signals

Improve Your Trading

Use a simulator and live trading panel (Click Here)

Paul Borzechowski
2017.09.25 15:39 

Great Indicator a perfect completion to my SR-Tool.

2017.09.23 09:56 

amazing indicator and customer service highly recommend it

2017.09.13 16:16 

reliable combination of indicators and if worked well with your own risk management results will be positive. just a tip for fellow traders a humble advice for best results keep this zone reversal strategy into manual trading. turning into an EA is not the best option as sometimes human factors is needed to take entry point or exit point. I personally worked with so many EAs before and i thought this is the best way . however after doing more research and learning more about trading , iam more convinced that manual trading is the best approach for trading. this is my personal advice . good luck all in trading and thanks Karlo for this strategy.

2017.09.13 08:43 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Moreno Miccoli
2017.09.12 16:33 

Amazing indicator , +24% today ! Thanks you so much Karlo :D

Fallet Willy
2017.09.03 10:58 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

coler Castravet
2017.08.17 09:14 

Great product!!😀😀

Good Seller.

I like signals in m5 and h1 combined with extreme rsi .

Many thanks and good luck in new products.

Meshari alsafi Safi
2017.08.16 00:19 

مؤشر على الساعة يبدو جيد في تحديد مناطق العرض والطلب وسعره جدا معقول

2017.08.09 15:19 

Great Indicator, GJ working superbly on H1 with 93% Positive (120 out of 128 signal). Great thanks Karlo.

2017.08.09 12:07 

Good Indicator !

Good Work !

Brian Smith
2017.08.03 06:21 

Finally! Karlo knows I have been waiting on this one to be released and what a beauty! I use this on the daily charts but also I use it occasionally on the 1 hour charts for GBP/USD. This bad boy works like clock work when combined with strength meter and volume critical! Pipfinite is the best value for the quality of indicator. I will be purchasing this on MT5 platform also!