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PipFinite Volt Impulse

Pipfinite creates unique, high quality and affordable trading tools.

Our tools may or may not work for you, so we strongly suggest to try the Demo Version for MT4 first. Please test the indicator prior to purchasing to determine if it works for you.

We want your good reviews, so hurry up and test it for free...we hope you will find it useful.


Volt Impulse with Trend Laser

  • Strategy: Confirm signals with trend
  • Watch Video: (Click Here)

Volt Impulse with Volume Critical

  • Strategy: Confirm reversal signals
  • Watch Video: (Click Here)


Detects impulsive price movements using adaptive volatility filters

Functions as an entry indicator. Works in any pair and timeframe.

  • Sensitive algorithm that detect volatility changes
  • Analyzes statistics of past signal using a predefined exit level
  • Entry Signal
    • Buy Setup
      • Buy Signal
      • Optional: Buy Hitrate at least 66%
    • Sell Setup
      • Sell Signal
      • Optional: Sell Hitrate at least 66%
  • Exit Strategy
    • Exit when trade reaches take profit level
    • We can use Exit Scope as alternate exit strategy
  • Flexible tool, can be used in many ways to improve a trading system
  • Sessions - Best traded on volatile periods like London Session
  • Settings
    • Scalping Strategy
      • Sensitivity = 1.5 - Increase number of signals
    • Swing Strategy
      • Sensitivity = 2.5 -Decrease number of signals but increases take profit values
  • Supporting Tool
    • Ideally combined with price action trading
    • Confirm signals using Trend Laser
    • Confirm signals using Strength Meter
    • Avoid false signals by combining to Volume Critical
      • Avoid buy signals if Volume Critical is Overbought
      • Avoid sell signals if Volume Critical is Oversold
  • Never repaints
  • Never backpaints
  • Never recalculates
  • Signals strictly on the "Close of the bar"
  • Compatible with Expert Advisor development

Video References

Please Watch in High-Definition to further understand


  • Buy Hitrate - Percentage of buy signals that hit takeprofit. Can be used to filter buy signals
    • If Buy Hitrate is lower than 66%, don't trade buy signals
  • Sell Hitrate - Percentage of sell signals that hit takeprofit. Can be used to filter sell signals
    • If Sell Hitrate is lower than 66%, don't trade sell signals
  • Hitrate - Percentage of all signals that hit takeprofit. Can be used to filter better pairs and timeframes
    • If Hitrate is lower than 60%, don't trade any signal
    • Example 1
      • EURUSD H1 Hitrate is 55%
      • Option 1: Check other timeframes on EURUSD with Hitrate at least 60%
      • Option 2: Check other pairs with Hitrate at least 60%
    • Example 2
      • GBPUSD H4 Hitrate is 70%.
      • USDJPY H4 Hitrate is 80%.
      • A smart decision is to pick USDJPY H4 signals

Improve Your Trading

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2016.09.24 07:19 

Best indicator with good customer support , it makes you win around 95% of the time

David Vieira Kurz
2016.09.22 23:55 


Original review (2016.08.24 14:40):


It works very well for me, but to be honest I first had to find the right settings which fits to my trading style.

I use it with in combination with the Pipfinite Trend Laser using following settings:

Sensitivity = 5.0 (Volt Impulse) and period of 14 (Trend Laser) during Frankfurt and London Session. During Asia Session i found that a sensitivity of 6.0 with a period of 21 is more accurate for my trading style.

When both show me a signal, I enter the trades.



Updated review (2016.09.22 23:54):


After using the both mentioned indicators for some weeks i came to the conclusion that following settings fits (mostly) perfect for me.

During Frankfurt and London Session:

Sensitivity = 7.0 (Volt Impulse) and period = 14 (Trend Laser). During Asia Session i found that a sensitivity of 6.0 with a period of 21 is more accurate for my trading style.

I trade the EUR/USD and DAX30 (GER30) on the M5 time frame. But to get better results, I use the H1 time frame as confirmation. That means if Trend Laser + Volt Impulse show the same signal (BUY/SELL) on M5 + H1, I place the order. That increased my profitable trades noteworthy!


2016.09.20 07:48 

Very Nice indicator, always great products from PipFinite and always great assistance from Karlo

2016.09.10 06:48 

The Best indicators in the Market!! Thank you!!

2016.09.05 11:27 

Very good indicator... I agree using it with trend laser is a good solution.. and the support of karlo is amazing..

Saeid Kharghnloo
2016.08.29 15:28 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Asser Badrawy
2016.08.23 22:05 

First I tested and was great

buy with trend laser and using in my live account

good start

and Excellent support from Karlo

Lingxiang Zhang
2016.07.30 15:54 

if use ema and trend laser together,always meet one show short but another show long,so i think use ema or trend laser,only one+volt impulse is ok.

greet support.

2016.07.18 16:07 

I also bought this product with trend laser and works great!!!