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PTS Precision Index Oscillator

The Precision Index Oscillator (Pi-Osc) was created to provide accurate trade timing signals and is a consensus indicator which has some powerful differences to industry standard oscillators.

At first glance to the untrained eye it would appear like another oscillator, but when viewing it in juxtaposition with other oscillators the true power of this indicator begins to emerge. To my knowledge there is no other oscillator which can frequently pin point exact tops and bottoms with the same regular efficiency.

Pi-Osc is extremely simple to use and the top and bottom early warning signals are flagged up when + or - 3.14 is reached, the actual trade signal the Precision Index Oscillator gives is when it moves away from Pi.

Highlights are provided to display the signals in a clear and precise manner.

This signal indicates a high probability that the next bar will reverse. Sometimes a large move will result, others may be small moves and occasionally the signal will fail and the price will not reverse.

As with most technical analysis methods if a signal fails to come to fruition it is best treated as a continuation signal of the existing trend.

There is no guarantee of a winning trade coming from every signal and traders must employ exit stops and good risk management if they are to be successful in the long run.

It is comprised of many different mathematical equations which measure price and volume movement in multiple timeframe sampling that predict with a high degree of accuracy where turning points in trends are likely to occur.


This indicator does a huge number of calculations which require 200 bars of data to begin forming a plot.

When using this indicator in actual trading it is wise to load only about 2 000 - 5 000 bars of live data to ensure high speed operation.

During testing and experimentation you can load many more bars of course but need to allow some time for the indicator to load.

Please see my website for more information.

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Version 1.1 - 2016.02.11
As suggested by users the plot color is changed to be more visible.

The starter plot to show users that less than 200 bars of data is loaded is also more visible