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Color Trend FX

The Color Trend FX indicator shows on the chart the accurate market entry points, accurate exit points, maximum possible profit of a deal (for those who take profit according to their own system for exiting deals), points for trailing the open positions, as well as detailed statistics. Statistics allows to choose the most profitable trading instruments, and also to determine the potential profits.

The indicator does not redraw its signals! The indicator is simple to set up and manage, and is suitable for beginners, advanced and professional traders.

The indicator is a part of my portfolio of tools for trading, therefore, it will be constantly upgraded and supplemented with new features, which will be available to all my clients. I would be grateful for your feedback!

Features of Color Trend FX

  • Automatically determines the market entry points;
  • Automatically determines the market exit points;
  • Can be used on any symbols and timeframes;
  • Ability to trail open positions;
  • Expanded statistics on entries (separate for Buy and Sell deals), allowing to choose a profitable symbol and determine potential profit;
  • Notification functions using email messages, terminal alerts, push notifications;
  • Signals are not repainted;
  • Signals strictly on the "Close of the bar".

Main settings

  • AccuracyDelta - accuracy of entry filter. The lower the value, the more "noise" in signals. If a value is too large, the signal may be lagging;
  • ‌Days for Calculation - number of days for calculation.  If your computer is not very powerful, you can limit the number of bars for calculation;
  • Show Extended Statistics - display extended statistics on deals;
  • Delta to Draw Arrows (in Pips) – offset in pips to display the signals on the chart.

Time settings

  • Use Time Filter - activate filter by time;
  • ‌Start Hour - trading start hour;
  • Stop Hour - trading end hour;
  • GMT Offset – shift relative to GMT.

Color settings

  • ColorBuy - color of buy signals;
  • ColorSell - color of sell signals;
  • CurrentColorBuy - color of buy signals on the current [0] bar;
  • ‌CurrentColorSell - color of sell signals on the current [0] bar.

Notification (alert) settings

  • Enable Notifications - activate all types of alerts, false - disabled, true - enabled;
  • Enable Terminal Alerts - activate alerts in separate message boxes;
  • Send Push Message - send push notifications to the mobile terminals (specify the MetaQuotes ID in the settings);
  • Send an Email - send emails to the address specified in the settings.

Important Note

The purpose of the instrument is to show accurate entry points, points for trailing open positions, exit points. It also displays statistics on the possible potential profit for the current instrument and timeframe. It is not recommended to trade during important news releases, in order to avoid false entries!

It is not recommended to trade on a low-volatility (flat) market!

The principle of using the data on the average profit at the current symbol and timeframe:

By analyzing different pairs and timeframes, you can choose the most profitable pair and timeframe suitable for your style of trading.

Knowing the average profit on the current instrument and timeframe, you can select the average profit level for next trades.

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Version 1.4 2017.11.30
* Indicator's logic upgrade,
* Added filter by time,
* Some minor changes.
Version 1.2 2017.04.25
* Important update: added the ability to determine the exit points

* Ability to move the comment area on the price chart