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KFK MACD HiLo is an MACD indicator with bar marking (green and red) as highest and lowest price on each wave up or wave down.

It is a complementary indicator for previous indicator (KFK 1). As a complementary indicator, it should be used together with the main one (KFK 1).

When the MACD bar starts going down and crosses Upper Signal line (green line), it indicates a downtrend is about to begin.

When the MACD bar starts going up and crosses Lower Signal line (red line), it indicates an uptrend is about to begin.

Recommended timeframe – M15.

Daria Angkadiredja
Daria Angkadiredja 2016.04.09 21:50 

Makasih Pak Ganden, it's the best! God bless you and good luck for you always!

Version 1.1 2016.08.08
New Update, KFK MACD HiLo has been update to show CLEAR PATTERN to detect Wave no. 2 as explain on Elliot Wave Theory.
Watch the explanation on the picture section, where I use 2 (two) MACD HiLo with diffrent settings.
Getting familiar with MACD HiLo pattern will help Entering trade at begining of Wave to and goes along the wave until Wave no. 5 to exit