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SFE Price Channel

The SFE Price Channel indicator detects and draws the channel where the price is moving, and the trend of this channel.

The purpose of the indicator is implementing trading strategies based on operating the key levels of this channel.

Please, see the attached images where the interpretation of the indicator and an example of trading strategy is shown.


  • Define the channel and limits where the price tends to move, identifying support and resistance.
  • Identify the trend.
  • Works on all pairs and periods.
  • Versatile for many types of strategies.


  • channel_period: period used to calculate the channel.
  • channel_multiplier: multiplier that affects the channel measurement.
  • limits_multiplier: multiplier affecting distance limits.
Alkonaby 2018.12.09 11:40   

What that, l buy this indicator befor two days but until now the indicator not activated on my chart

fahmi20 2016.08.17 18:08 

thank you

Excellent work

Buying succeeded

The experiment will be

But it suggests adding notices and notifications and alerts

Especially in the change direction

Le Vu Nguyen
Le Vu Nguyen 2015.03.28 07:21   

Good job! recommend to use this indicator for new traders :)

Robert Edison
Robert Edison 2014.11.26 05:32 

I've been testing this indicator with the free EA that Joel provided in the comments. My test results on EURUSD have been quite good but only on H4. Lower timeframes do not work so well. It's rare that a seller will provide a EA with source code for his indicator free of charge. I'm hoping to see future developments and strategies he's developing.

Version 1.2 2014.10.31
Parameters added:

- green_line_factor: Distance Factor of the green line between the middle line and the limit line.
- view_sideways: the indicator will lose the trend, after three bars on the other side of the middle line.