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Beast Super Signal

The Beast Super Signal is a simple, and easy to use trend based indicator. It will continuously monitor the current price action looking for new trends establishing or strong reversals building at extreme overbought, and oversold levels and trends that have reached strong exhaustion levels.

The Beast Super Signal indicator will monitor the current price, and only when all of the internal strategies align, and are in 100% agreement with each other, the indicator will paint a new buy or sell signal arrow on the chart. All you need to do is buy or sell when you get a new arrow alert, no additional confirmation is needed!

The Beast Super Signal indicator can be used on ALL Currency pairs, Indices, Commodities, and Cryptocurrency pairs!

The indicator is extremely versatile and can be used successfully on all time frames!

This indicator is 100% NON repainting! It will never recalculate or back paint!

Please note the indicator is NOT optimized for trading Stocks, Binary Options, Indian Stock Market or MCX Exchange!

The indicator has a new Trade Panel displaying all trade information and signal statistics!


The Beast Super Signal indicator will give you Entry, Stop Loss, and 3 X Take Profit level suggestions which you can use if preferred.

There are 2 input options for calculating how the TP & SL levels are calculated on the chart. 

  1. TP & SL levels are calculated using average daily range volatility.
  2. TP & SL levels are calculated using Risk & Reward ratios 1:1, 1:2, and 1:3.

There is a Trade Panel that will display account details and all the trade and signal information and statistics. It will calculate the amount of signals, total profit, how many times it hit TP, and the indicators success rate. The panel is fully editable so you can change the colors and the size to your personal preference. It is also a great tool for manual back testing when looking for the optimal settings for your trading.

There is an additional filter to increase or decrease the amount and frequency of signals, the Signal Strength Period. The higher the filter is set the fewer signals you will have, but with increased accuracy. You can change the input to your preferred level for trading.

The indicator has multiple alert options including pop up alert, email alert, and push notification alert.


**To get a FREE Scanner of this indicator worth $229 for FREE click HERE!**

This offer is only available to clients who have purchased this indicator on MQL5!

**To get a FREE version of this indicator that works on EURUSD only click HERE!**

Test the indicator on EURUSD and if you happy with the results you can upgrade to the full version.

Parameters & Description

  • Bars to Calculate - Select how many bars back you want the indicator to calculate.
  • Overbought Entry Zone - Select the Overbought level.
  • Oversold Entry Zone - Select the Oversold level.
  • Signal Strength Period - Set the strength period. The higher the strength period the less signals you will have but with increased accuracy.
  • Show Take Profit Levels - Select to show which Take Profit levels you want to display on the chart.
  • Stop Loss Level Color - Select to change the color of the Stop Loss line on the chart.
  • Take Profit Levels Color - Select to change the color of the Take Profit lines on the chart.
  • Entry Level Color - Select to change the color of the Entry line on the chart.
  • Use Pop Up Alert - Select to enable Pop Up alerts.
  • Use Push Alert - Select to enable Push alerts.
  • Use Mail Alert - Select to enable Email alerts.
  • Show Trade Panel - Select to show the Trade Panel or hide it.
  • Trade Panel Background Color - Select which color you want for the background.
  • Trade Panel Text Color - Select which color you want for the text.
  • Trade Panel X Axis - Select the X Axis.
  • Trade Panel Y Axis - Select the Y Axis.
  • Trade Panel Width - Select the width of the panel.
  • Trade Panel Height - Select the height of the panel.
  • Font Type - Select the font type.
  • Font Size - Select the font size.

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask, and I'll be happy to assist you. I wish you best of success with the new Beast Super Signal!

Kenneth Madueno
Kenneth Madueno 2020.05.25 05:03 

This is the best indicator! It's accurate and the alerts are very helpful to ensure I don't miss any trades on the pairs I'm monitoring. Thanks for this great product!

Kad Mech
Kad Mech 2020.05.24 23:19 

Good product

forexweatherman 2020.05.09 22:43 

Excellent indicator. Many old "pirated versions" are used in products like Agimat 2020. Versions older than 1.03 have a serious repaint bug. Support the developers and buy the product if you use it.

mavima1985 2020.05.08 22:33 


Chyi Ren Lim
Chyi Ren Lim 2020.04.28 02:52 

Great indicator!

reahax 2020.04.24 18:00 

Working well so far, might be if you trade with trend.

Mohammed Zahedul Karim
Mohammed Zahedul Karim 2020.04.24 15:09 

Your work deserve 5 star. Its a awesome accurate indicator. Keep up good work like this.... Best wishes.

eouwe 2020.04.16 08:03 

Very solid piece of software. Signals are very reliable. No repainting.

The trade panel even gives an honest success rate of the last trades.

Very handy for people seeking an indicator which does most of the thinking for you by plotting SL and TPs on the charts, this in combination with solid signals.

Keep up the great work.

neo Zar
neo Zar 2020.04.15 16:21 

Great indicator, 1st time user so I hope it helps me make more profits

nvrkrishna 2020.04.13 04:20 

Good Indicator to Trade to get Profits.

mbeale 2020.04.02 18:07 

After being disappointed with so many purchases in the mql5 market, it is a great pleasure to give the Beast Super Signal a five-star rating. This indicator focuses on quality, not quantity. It gets you in the trade early in the move and provides three profit targets. A surprisingly high percentage of the trades hit the third profit target.

What I really like about the Beast is the information panel. It shows the number of recent trades, how many hit each profit target, the percentage of trades hitting profit target 3 and the overall profit factor rating for all the trades. Realistically, we can not expect all pairs to be profitable in all time frames. The info panel shows you which trades to take. Using the indicator together with the Beast Super Signal Scanner is a deadly combination giving you a steady supply of profitable trades.

John Noone
John Noone 2020.03.25 17:16 

I run this indicator on my account. It's awesome to see the good signals. There are very good signals to trade with them. It's a great 5 stars product! Thanks for your building.

John Noone

sonugainvestments 2020.03.24 16:38 

This is an outstanding indicator. Its very precise and the alerts are very helpful to ensure I don't miss any trades on the pairs I'm monitoring. Great work!

Bunmi84 2020.03.24 02:48 

This indicator has improved my trading a lot... the signals are awesome, clear and easy to follow, I profit more now from my trading than before... Thank you!

ckcl 2020.03.21 15:05 

A very good buy/sell signals ... I love that it can adjust different period so that I can adjust to fit my trading styles!

denniskiesslich 2020.03.11 13:59 

Very, very good indicator. Of course you don't always win, but you can't at all. Over all the months I have him, he has been mega developed. Thank you very much ♥

ushakov1968 2020.02.24 15:14 

After period of testing time, overall this indicator works well and makes profit. Good indicator and operative answering from the creator of the indicator!

HansaMV 2020.02.23 16:34 

good signals

wroger 2020.02.20 13:40 

Hello, i give 5 stars for idea and first Tests, after more results i update my Rating.....

1200045922 2020.02.18 16:17 

Good signals

andreas73 2020.02.07 12:09 

Very good indicator. Thank you very much

rock65 2020.01.28 12:07 

This is a Very Good Indicator ,with no repaint and good signals. Thanks Dustin.

iCatchPipsDaily 2020.01.17 09:16 

Thank you for this indicator. And thank you for the help in understanding how it works. This indicator is a "BEAST"!

Nitrox_87 2020.01.12 23:35 

Very Good indicator.

Jerry Pui
Jerry Pui 2020.01.03 04:37 

high quality signal. great on 5 min scalp also!

mikerad1 2019.12.19 20:25 

Good indicator, compliments my strategy for good entries and TP.

00956362 2019.12.17 12:03 

Indicator is really good

Andmgl 2019.12.10 09:46   

Just rented your product for 1 month to test it, please kindly send me the detailed instruction to my email: andmmgl@gmail.com

morzy 2019.12.01 14:50 

thank you

maxcaprico 2019.11.25 16:47 

Excited! lets see how it goes

HARESHBHAI 2019.11.15 07:10 

Really GOOD and worthy indicator for Forex trading. It helps properly for Exact Entry point. Though sometimes it fails, but works well more time

Deyudi Dharma Hendra
Deyudi Dharma Hendra 2019.10.12 06:01 

Working good this indicator so far, 70% accurate.

Lucian 2019.10.09 16:04 

looks promising.

RK99 2019.10.04 11:30 

Great indicator & Great developer, one of the best tool to fit into my trading arsenal !!!

rmihughes 2019.10.03 18:34 

This is a great indicator but the responsive service is even better! (If that is possible) His videos are really good.

Xymeca 2019.10.01 12:38 

good indicator

CDORIOLA 2019.09.09 17:56 

Good and reliable product!

丁伟华 2019.09.08 21:27 

Good products, improve my trading level

Xavier19 2019.09.02 22:45 

Great product. I think it works better in H1 than in M15. The left upper Panel give you information that helps you making decisions.

bmv72 2019.09.02 15:28 

very good indicator.

algocapitalfx 2019.09.01 23:14 

In my personal opinion this isnt a good indicator. they promise 70% strike rate but in the long term its more like 20-40% also their way of calculation doesnt make any sence. all the 5 star reviews here are worthless because you wont recieve the ea (witch is even more useless than the indicator) if you dont rate them 5 stars. if anyone want some proof of a 1 year backtest or so you can contact me.

Eldy Yakin Sinit
Eldy Yakin Sinit 2019.09.01 12:12 

Wow.. Got two signals on 15M EURCAD and 15M USDCAD on last friday night just after purchase, and both are winning signals! Never see such accurate indicator products like before.. Highly recomended, and full 5 star!

daydaywin 2019.08.31 19:55 

The indicator work on trend and giving high quality signals! Highly recommended!!!

Also, the customer service is extremely nice and effective, they will answer my questions quickly!

4xplosion 2019.08.30 19:01 

impressed so far, very good support as well

endruw 2019.08.30 14:23 

a very good indicator for real trading., while still in the EURUSD currency, will explore with other currencies, continue to improve accuracy and maybe in each currency there are separate setfile settings. from me is good enough

SrB 2019.08.29 23:01 

I test the old indicator and is so nice, with the new update the indicator its a reborn, fantastic without repaint. i test the ea and then update the review

ivan 2019.08.29 18:15 

Great indicator and great results

Redicon 2019.08.29 15:24 


trading4life 2019.08.28 20:43 

Just bought the indicator so far very good and very precise

domteo 2019.08.27 18:29 

Great tool to have. Tests have produced some good results.

Khalid Hamdan
Khalid Hamdan 2019.08.25 10:42 

One of the best indicator. Thanks

Barak.Ishak 2019.08.06 11:11 

Superb indicator... as per claim 70%-80% acurate... the signal can be used more than once depends on the price volatility... Thanks Dustin.

XtraSharky 2019.08.05 17:29 

One of the best indicators I have tested, 70 % accurate as described. thank you and good work keep it up.

Fxpro Trader Technical
Fxpro Trader Technical 2019.08.05 12:45 

Excellent Indicator, what a breeze with easy entry TP 3x Levels, makes trading life alot easier. Cheers

tygerterror 2019.07.17 18:56 

The indicator makes my job easier when I do my entries. Thank you for the indicator fantastic. You can make it 100% unless you mark up your chart, using technical analysis and fundamentals. You can walk away on the signal if you see if the market is not right. highly recommended.

Adeshola Adeyinka
Adeshola Adeyinka 2019.07.16 19:53 

I have been using the old version of this indicator to confirm entry into many trade setup. I believe this is an improvement on the old version and look forward to earning more pips using this new release. Five star.

chinswain 2019.06.18 20:12 

Working well so far, 70% accurate as mentioned.

Nick Bender
Nick Bender 2019.06.17 23:47 

Add the Indicator on my account and make my first Trades. Perfect 1++

David Laird
David Laird 2019.06.02 09:09 

I bought this indicator and impressed with the signal accuracy

sunnychow 2019.05.03 15:56 

That is a good tool. Thanks.

Bastiaan 2019.05.02 20:31 

I run the Beast Super Signal indicator on my account. it's amazing to see how this indicator creating good signals. I have never seen a indicator like this. It's a great 5 stars (plus) product! Dustin gives allway's fast answer on questions. Good supporting!

lim binghong
lim binghong 2019.05.01 19:09 

70%-80% of the signals are accurate and that's all that you need in an unpredictable market.

jcastillo117 2018.10.23 03:07 

The indicator provides solid signals. I have had success in the 1 Hour time frame. Thank you for this indicator.

Version 3.6 2020.05.22
In this version there have been many important updates, see below.

1. We have removed the "counting 3 ticks" function so now the indicator can work even if there are no ticks on your terminal, so this means that the indicator can still work when the market is closed or if your terminal is not connected to the internet.

2. We have revised and updated the SL & TP levels so now they are more adaptable for the time frame you trading on and more profitable. We found in our testing that with the new levels the indicator has better overall results.

3. We have updated the trade panel improving on the internal calculations of the signal statistics, and we removed some redundant stats that were not really important for statistical data collection and analysis.

4. We fixed some minor bugs that might have caused some false signals depending on the brokers data history. Now all the signals you see on the chart are 100% valid according to the internal strategies of the indicator.
Version 3.5 2019.11.05
In this version we updated some of the internal logic to help filter false signals. We also consolidated the Signal Strength Period and Volatility Percentage filter into a single input making the indicator easier to use.

With this update you might see fewer signals as before (depending on your settings), but higher quality. As always we focus on quality not quantity.
Version 3.4 2019.10.09
In this latest version we added the option to display the info panel on the chart or to hide it.

We also updated the alerts so now when you get a new signal alert you will get the asset, time frame, signal direction, entry price, stop loss, and all 3 take profit level prices.
Version 3.3 2019.08.28
In this version we made some small improvements to the overall accuracy of the signals and we have added a Trade Panel that will display the account details and all the trade and signal information and statistics. It will calculate the amount of signals, total profit, how many times it hit TP, profit factor and the indicators success rate. The panel is fully editable so you can change the colors and the size to your personal preference. It is also a great tool for manual back testing when looking for the optimal settings for your trading.
Version 3.2 2019.07.18
In V3.2 we have made some updates to the tick timer so now the indicator should upload faster than before.

We have also updated how the indicator calculates the SL & TP levels improving the success rate of reaching the suggested TP levels.
Version 3.1 2019.05.29
A minor update was made to speed up the internal calculations of the TP & SL levels and when there is a new signal alert.
Version 3.0 2019.04.30
We completely revised the Beast Super Signal indicator. We wanted to simplify and make the indicator more versatile and easy to use for novice traders and experienced traders alike.

We simplified the internal strategies removing many limitations that the previous version had, so now you can trade successfully on any time frame and more variety of assets. We also managed to increase the accuracy so now you can have more success making profits using the new and updated Beast Super Signal!
Version 2.5 2019.02.18
We have added an Elliot Wave filter to the signal validation. This new filter does decrease the amount of signals, but it increases the accuracy of the signals by 5-10% so even though there will be fewer trades they will be more accurate than before.

We have also added a Risk Reward option when using the TP & SL levels. You can now choose to use 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 as TP.
Version 2.4 2018.11.23
Minor updates were made to how the indicator calculates the pivot levels at the beginning of the new week.

There were also some minor updates to the logic and how it filters out false signals improving the accuracy even further.
Version 2.3 2018.10.09
Updates were made to the logic to make the indicator calculate new signals faster, and updates to the logic of the weekly pivot.