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Stochastic Ultimate

Stochastic is a great indicator for simplifying a group of data,
This Indicator contain different methods of Stochastic,
Price Stochastic is a Normal Stochastic based on Price,
Stochastic Stack is a group of 5 stochastic normalized and smoothed, their size multiplied from their previous ones,

Volume Stochastic which is a Stochastic based on Volume Data so ATR stochastic and RSI stochastic are based on the ATR and RSI data.

Settings Description:

  • Select Stochastic Type

Select the type of Stochastic you want

  1. Price Stochastic:  this is a normal stochastic that we all know and its based on Price.
  2. Stochastic Stack:  this is a custom price stochastic that is formed from 5 normalized  and smoothed stochastics witch is good to identify a cluster of stochastic in a chart. 
  3. ATR Stochastic:  this is a stochastic based on ATR data and its best for understand the volatility of market.
  4. RSI Stochastic:  this is a stochastic based on RSI data and it help the traders know were is the market went to overbought or oversold.
  5. Volumes Stochastic:  this is a stochastic based on Volumes of Market and it reveals were market is over traded or not it can be used with a volatility tools such as ATR Stochastic .

  • All different kind of Stochastic setting can be customized in their own respective setting section in input tab. 

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