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RAMO Golden Saturation

1-      RAMO Golden Saturation

           RAMO Golden Saturation is the main indicators for RAMO manual trading system which is state the saturation of the market based on time series calculation.

Type : Histogram Indicator

Symbols : Multi currency

Timeframe : Multi timeframe

Colors definition : Blue ( Bullish candle ), Red ( Bearish candle ) & Gold ( Overbought candle)

This indicator calculate over sold/ bought in market based on time series and trend movement comparison.

RAMO G.S. has two main level for saturation as mentioned bellow:

 Overbought: when the bar’s number is more than 97 it’s in the overbought area the higher number shows higher overbought.

Oversold: When the bar’s number is smaller than 5 and the bar size is getting smaller and smaller up to zero it shows the level of over sold in the market.

Live signal :From 25th of Feb. 2019 the signal is for our manual trading : https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/494365

Tips & tricks:

1-      Overlapping the different time frames specially 4H, daily & Weekly simultaneously is the ideal time for finding one saturation in short time frame to booming the trend and it can shows the real peaks & bottom price.

2-      Trader should wait until closing of the candle based on time frame ,to realize the real status of saturation, 


How can we trade?

-         Sell instance : Find the  overbought and sell

-          Buy instance : Find the oversold and buy

-          Buy Stop: waiting breakout from overbought and set buy stop order at high price of last highest candle.

-          Sell Stop: waiting breakout from oversold and set sell stop at low price of the last lowest candle.

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