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Gbpusd Trend Master Indicator

GBPUSD Trend Master Indicator is a signal providing trend-following indicator. It analyzes the market and sends signals in the form of on-screen pop-up alerts, push notifications or email alerts. The indicator is mainly designed to perform on GBPUSD but it can also be used on other currency pairs, too (backtest required).

Use M15 timeframe.

Distinctive features

  • It does not repaint.
  • Gives clear signals in the form of arrows on a chart.
  • It is mainly designed for GBPUSD but can be used on other pairs, too.
  • It can be used during news time as well.

How To Use

  • Once you get the signal, just place a trade and close a trade on opposite signal.
  • Once you place the trade, set "Take Profit 20 Pips".
  • No need to set "Stop Loss". Close the trade in loss on opposite signal.
  • "BLUE Arrow" is for "BUY" alert and "RED Arrow" is for "SELL" alert.
  • This indicator can be used as part of a system or as a stand-alone indicator.


  • Send Email — if true, enable sending email notifications whenever RSI gets overbought or oversold. If false, disabled.
  • Audible Alerts — if true, enable sending audible alerts with on-screen pop-up window. If false, disabled.
  • Push Notifications — if true, enable sending alerts on mobile phone. If false, disabled. To use this feature, you should enable notification in the settings by specifying your MetaQuotes ID.

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