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Analyzer PRO

There is a newer version available: Please follow this link to the new product version

The best real-time forex analyzer with powerful additional features for professional traders and EA developers.

This clearly arranged display shows you instantly, which currency combination is best to trade on the global forex market.

The strength or weakness of every major currency is calculated tick by tick and the results are sorted by their economic areas to consider their correlation.

Key Features

  • Adjustable individual analysis
  • Short-,mid- and long-term analysis from minutes til several years
  • Identical calculation results at all brokers
  • Identical calculation results on every symbol and time frame
  • Runs on all kind of offline charts like Renko and range bar charts
  • Optimized performance during fast price changes

  • Alert options like E-Mail, Terminal Message and Notification Service for mobile devices
  • Alert options if the delta rises above or drops below a defined value
  • Individual levels for rise and drop alerts 
  • Individual (on/off) buttons for rise and drop alerts
  • Customizable display configuration 
  • Special display mode for users with a standard font size of 125% 
  • Current symbol is highlighted

  • Accessible buffers for EA developers
  • Full functionality of individual analysis strategy tester mode
  • Resource-saving "EACall" option for iCustom calls
  • Automated symbol suffix detection
  • Automated Market Watch Configuration 
  • Access to logfile while writing 
  • Detailed Analyzer PRO User Manual

Best Practice:

  • strong zone values: greater than 5.5.
  • neutral zone values: between 3.5 and 5.5.
  • weak zone values: smaller than 3.

Simple Strategy: buy the strongest and sell the weakest (for example, NZD: 5.9 and CAD: 2.6 -> go long at NZDCAD).

Maurice Kunen
2016.06.01 19:18 

Excellent indicator in forex trading no doubt about that! I use it along with the other Blueball indicators. Besides that Daniel is very kind

and always helpful. A well deserved 5 star rating!!!

2016.01.09 14:36   

Have rented this indicator. Will start trying it out, so not giving a mark so far. Have read ecstatic reviews that made me hopeful, however, I would be much more appreciated if you wrote some advices & recommendations about using it (for example, how do you adjust the settings for your purposes; timeframes; another indies to go well with this one...), not outpoured happy emotions.

Marius Lazar
2016.01.03 06:31 

Excellent indicator.It fits perfectly to my trading needs. The support is top notch as well.

jinhee Lee
2015.10.07 10:21 

I'm a scalper and pull back trader so I needed to choose well trending currencies. This Analyzer Pro meets really my such needs! It helps much for me. If you have your own strategy, I recommend without doubt.

Cagatay Tezsezen
2015.09.29 06:00 

It will not help you trading in the right direction. It is only a good Toy for beginners.

Rinor Memeti
2015.09.03 14:17 

See my review i made at Powerplay Indicator.

Blueball rocks!

2015.07.13 12:36 

Best indicator

Zack van Zyl
2015.04.29 21:33 

Excellent product. Daniel has exceptional support with all his tools and I can recommend his entire range of products to any trader regardless of their style of trading. Thanks!

Johannes Hermann
2015.03.26 16:37 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2015.03.13 06:05 

I purchased this indicator. You will not make money with indicator alone. AnalyerPro's currency strength meters keep changing fast so it is not helping me at all. I tried to use it with other indicators that are similar suggested here, however it was not profitable. In addition, I found an indicator that give you the exact same signals free here... Not worth the money at all.

Seller is responsive and tried to help me.

2015.03.11 11:25 

great indicator. very important in the tools of the trader. great job.

2015.02.03 20:03   

и в какой время суток лучше торговать и как оброщать внимание на новости через этот анализатор ?

Pavonine Asia
2015.01.30 13:58 


Principle Analysis
2015.01.14 17:55 

I updated this review from 4 stars to 5 stars due to the excellent service and work Daniel put in to the one problem I felt the analyzer had which was that it did not look at any historical data, it only looked at current time data which means the indicator could change very quickly, which means it's not a good indicator for longer term trading. But Daniel immediately added a feature to calculate data from the history which smooths out the analyzer's data and allows for longer term trading. So this analyzer is extremely useful for longer term intraday traders to help choose which pairs to trade. Great work!

Here's the original review:

Works as advertised and provides you with current strength and weakness of currency pairs to assist in trading and perhaps useful in confirming breakouts. Where I feel it falls short is there is no historical data tracking so you can look at longer term charts and confirm if a breakout was on a wide divergence of strength between the currency pair. You have to look at the indicator in real time, constantly, to see if the breakout could be confirmed. For this reason, it seems that this indicator is intended only for very short term trading/charts, like 5min - 30min. Still a great indicator for those purposes though.

2014.12.17 00:37 

What this will do:

Give you real time information on the strength of one currency relative to another

What this will not do:

Tell you exactly where price is going (no indicator works 100%)

Tell you how fast price is going there (although relative strength plays a part)

When choosing which pairs to trade, this is my go-to visual

Relative strength is easy to see at a glance

Helps to keep you away from marginal trades when markets are ranging (assuming normal volume)

Helps to find pairs that are trending quickly

Analyzer PRO is a big help and easily one of the best of it's kind that I've used

2014.12.11 10:46 

Great Product , i must say and keep up the good work / continue to enhance the system.

2014.11.19 12:36 

This is a fantastic product. It works very well for both manual and also EA trading. It also works well with the other Blueball products. Customer service and support from the author is excellent! I am very pleased with it and will be looking forward to future products from the author. :-)

2014.11.06 17:59 

Thanks Daniel! Absolutely perfect software to trade the FX market.

Data Analytics Support Group
2014.09.19 00:58 

A very powerful system. Good support and guidance from author.

2014.08.14 15:46 

pretty good to use

2014.07.10 02:05 

Great indicator, clear and easy to use, Awesome back up from Author

Yuko Araki
2014.06.21 10:04 

This product gives us so great, easy and clear rule to use.

In addition, I could have excellent communication with author.

Thanks a lot :-)

Pawel Czechowski
2014.06.20 10:33 

Top product for manual and automated trading solutions. It shows the best pairs to trade at the current time. Easy to manage, clear and readable.

abdulla almehairbi
2014.05.02 18:38 

Excellent thaaanx bro

Robert Edison
2014.04.14 02:15 

Excellent communication with author. Works very well as values are updated continuously.

Version 3.0 - 2016.08.10
Modified notification for missing symbols
Version 2.9 - 2016.06.01
Added a warning if a necessary symbol is missing.
Version 2.8 - 2015.07.08
Enabled access to logfile while writing

Set individual analysis as default to get identical results at all brokers
Version 2.7 - 2015.06.22
- performance optimization
Version 2.6 - 2015.04.30
Improved strategy tester performance
Version 2.5 - 2015.03.25
Added full functionality of individual analysis in demo and strategy tester mode.
Backtests including the Analyzer PRO require a high performance hardware environmentand we highly recommend use a SSD or RAMdisk based terminal for these operations.
Version 2.4 - 2015.03.23
Added informations for strategy tester usage
Version 2.3 - 2015.01.16
Added fully adjustable history analysis
Version 2.2 - 2014.12.17
- Added Market Watch Symbol check
- Added fully automated Market Watch Configuration
- Added separated levels for rise and drop alerts
- Added seperated buttons for rise and drop alerts
Version 2.1 - 2014.11.28
Added useful alert options if the delta rises above or drops below a defined value.
Version 2.0 - 2014.09.24
Improved symbol suffix detection.
Version 1.9 - 2014.09.16
Fully automated symbol suffix detection and configuration adjustment.
Version 1.8 - 2014.09.09
Improved highlight function for symbols with additional suffix.
Version 1.7 - 2014.09.02
Optimized graphical performance during fast price changes.
Version 1.6 - 2014.09.01
Redesigned graphical initialisation sequence
Version 1.5 - 2014.07.09
Added a new resource-saving "EACall" option for EA developers.
If set to "true" Analyzer PRO stops the display and delivers just plain indicator values for iCustom queries at the buffers.

Added access to the Analyzer display configuration.

Added a new "HighlightSymbol" option to display information of the current symbol separately.
Version 1.4 - 2014.07.01
Added "BigTextSize" Mode for users with a standard font size of 125%.
Version 1.3 - 2014.04.17
Added Symbolsuffix option for microlot symbols.
Version 1.2 - 2014.03.11
Optimized calculation performance.
Version 1.1 - 2014.01.29
Added new icon to separate the product versions more clearly.