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Italy Trade System

The system resembles the Italian flag and is simple for ordinary people to understand. Any trader with any experience will be able to use it.

The Italy trading system generates 3 types of market conditions. Green zone - consider only buy trades. Red zone - consider only sell trades. Empty zone - flat, do nothing.

Buy signal: Green zone + a blue arrow appears. Close all positions when an opposite signal (arrow) appears.

Sell signal: Red zone + a red arrow appears. Close all positions when an opposite signal (arrow) appears.

As you can see, the system is easy to understand, and gives fairly accurate signals. Work based exclusively on the trend, without martingale and averaging.

Here is how the system behaves during a flat, because all trend systems are known to lose during the flat:

Everything is simple, filters are configured in such a way that the system simply does not allow entering the market during a flat. It either shows an empty zone all the time, or blue arrows (which prohibit entering) will appear during either of the zones (for example, red zone).

System settings

  • History bars - the number of history bars to display the values of the system
  • Alert at display - pop-up alerts
  • PUSH to mobile mt4 - push notifications to a mobile device
  • Send Mail - signals to e-mail
  • Trend UP color - color of the uptrend zone
  • Trend DOWN color - color of the downtrend zone
2017.11.10 09:50 

Отличная система! Не скажу что стрелки перерисовываются. Скорее дорисовываются. Те стрелки что были, никуда не пропадают, но в реальной торговле их становится больше. Например если просто кинуть индикатор на график у нас 2 стрелки. Одна на открытие, одна на закрытие. Но в реальной торговле будет 4-5 стрелок по тренду и одна стрелка на закрытие. Т.е прибыль в реальной торговле вырастает в 4-5 раз. Это тот случай когда дорисовка дает плюс! Нет таких ситуаций, чтобы была красная стрелка, а потом на ее месте стала синяя. Такого не было. Систему рекомендую!

2017.11.03 04:03 

See Comment #10 and attached charts.

If the chart is refreshed or the platform is restarted, most of the losing arrows disappear, but the winning arrows remain, thereby giving the very false impression when you look back at charts that almost all of the signals were winners.

The seller actually claims that this does not constitute repainting/redrawing! (see Comment #12)