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OnChart Colored RSI

If you are a professional trader, then you know the importance of concentration.

You need to make your chart clear for better technical analyses.

Most indicators occupy all chart area and sometimes you can't notice the price chart itself!

So we are going to bring you most popular indicators to chart itself.

You don't need to check RSI values because you'll see the values with colors!

Even there are no any numbers on chart, all colored candles!

Try it, you gonna like this!


  • RSI>70 you'll see blue candles and RSI<30 you'll see green candles.
  • Any value between 30 and 70 you'll see a combination of colors.
  • There are 10 color levels.
  • Totally customize-able


  • RSI Period
  • RSI Applied Price
  • Bar Width
  • Candle Width
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