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Real Time Currency Valuation

We are glad to present an indicator of currency indexes, which can also analyze and control the situation. The indicator displays indexes of eight major currencies and also can calculate index of any other currency or metal.

Main features of the indicator:

  1. It forms indexes of all eight major currencies of automatically determines indexes basin on the current symbol.
  2. It can display only necessary indexes at option and indexes not included in the main group.
  3. It works both in standard mode on historical data and in real time mode on tick data.
  4. It has a built-in set of technical indicators - CCI, MA, MACD, RoC, RCI, StdDeviation, Stochastic.
  5. It selects a starting point and depth of formation using a vertical line available for moving.
  6. It controls market situation using a built-in system of notifications in the form of levels.
  7. It automatically determines prefixes and postfixes in a symbol.
  8. It allows to select an index which will be calculated first.
  9. It can invert an index of a quote currency.

Indicator Input Parameters:

  • View Mode - display mode, can take following values:
      • Classic - indicator works on historical data.
      • RealTime - indicator works on tick data in real time.
  • Mapping Mode - formation mode, can take following values:
      • Complex - forms all eight indexes at a time.
      • Detection - automatically determines and forms a pair of indexes basing on the current currency pair.
      • Inversion - not only determines a pair of indexes but also reverses the index of the quote currency.
  • Period of Time - period of time when the indicator works, cam have following values:
      • Week - indicator works with weeks.
      • Day - you can set a period within the accuracy of one day.
  • Number of Full Periods - number of full periods for calculation, for the current day of week set to 0.
  • Select Indicator - allows to select a build-in indicator or a pure index.
  • CCI Period - period of the build-in Commodity Channel Index indicator.
  • MA Period - period of the build-in Moving Averages indicator.
  • MACD Fast Period - period of the fast moving average of the build-in MACD indicator.
  • MACD Slow Period - period of the slow moving average of the build-in MACD indicator.
  • RoC Period - period of the build-in Price Rate of Change indicator.
  • RSI Period - period of the build-in Relative Strength Index indicator.
  • Standard Deviation Period - period of the build-in Standard Deviation indicator.
  • Stochastic K Period - number of single periods of the build-in Stochastic Oscillator indicator.
  • Stochastic Slowing - period of slowing the build-in Stochastic Oscillator indicator.
  • Main Index - main index which value is calculated in the first instance.
  • Width of Lines - indicator line width.
  • Color of Index - color of main indexes.

Technical Details:

  • Set black color for one of indexes to disable it.
  • Deselect the vertical line to fix a new time of the starting point.
  • If you deselect the vertical line, it will be on the chart even if you delete the indicator.
  • Deselect the horizontal line to enable the notification system and set the level of notification.
  • Changing a symbol or a period of the chart, as well as changing parameters will lead to disabling the system of signals and reset of notification levels.


  1. Easy to use - you do not need to get ready for the first launch.
  2. Real time mode - it is vividly seen where each currency moves at this moment.
  3. Exotic indexes - analyze indexes of gold, silver, or Russian ruble, for instance.
  4. The situation is under control - enable notification system and you will not miss and market movement.
  5. Only seven currency pairs - the indicator is effective and easy to use.
Muhammad Naim
2016.10.18 12:22 

Nice (functional) indicator. Well done Mr Igor! I like the customizable property of horizontal alert line and vertical start line.

2016.10.06 13:28 

Very good tool, one of best that I use in my metatrader enviroment. Good work Igor !

cheers !

Version 16.31 - 2016.03.23
- added the horizontal histogram to the indication panel.
- the tenfold ratio for all periods is activated in real time mode.
Version 16.12 - 2016.01.26
- minor visual improvements.
Version 16.11 - 2016.01.19
- The panel size can be increased 1.5 or 2 times.
- Unnecessary lines can be hidden, leaving only the current ones on the chart.
- Controls on the panel can be hidden.
Version 15.101 - 2015.10.02
- Push notifications are available in real time.
- Labels denoting crossing points are added to a chart when setting notification lines.
Version 15.91 - 2015.09.14
- Added an option for showing/hiding lines on the control panel.
- Added an option for removing the alerting system from the control panel.
- Fixed bug with multiple alert triggering.
- Added Push notification.
- Algorithms have been optimized.
Version 15.81 - 2015.08.05
- changed the control and indication panel.
Version 15.73 - 2015.07.21
- added ability to select an averaging method for MA, MACD and CCI.
- added ability to work with CFD.
Version 15.72 - 2015.07.09
- added ability to save parameters set via the control panel when changing the period of the chart or the symbol.
- you can hide the control and indication panel.
Version 15.71 - 2015.07.01
- added the interactive panel allowing you to change parameters of built-in indicators on the fly.
- added the rating table with signal indication.
- added Spearman's rank correlation coefficient calculation.
Version 15.62 - 2015.06.17
- improved operation in the Strategy Tester.
- improved an error occurred when there is a lack of historical data.
- notification levels are moved from the edge.