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I present you the VadimQin trend indicator. It is based on standard indicators.

The indicator does not redraw, does not modify its values after the terminal is restarted.

The top right corner contains the data on the earned and lost points depending on the time period.


  • Enter only according to the trend of a higher timeframe;
  • Have a sufficient deposit size for opening multiple orders;
  • Use a timeframe no lower than M15 (use a ZigZag timeframe higher by 1 period);
  • Work on no more than two currency pairs (EURUSD and USDJPY are preferred).


  • Period - period of the moving average;
  • Depth - ZigZag depth;
  • Deviation - ZigZag deviation;
  • Backstep - ZigZag step;
  • Timeframe for ZigZag - ZigZag timeframe.

The remaining parameters are described in the settings - those are the color and width of lines, as well as the location of the window with the Profit and Losses.

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