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Customizable Support and Resistance

Support and Resistance is an indicator which is never out of date. This indicator can be usually mixed with other of your existing indicators in which your accuracy of your trades can be more accurate.

This indicator I made will make your trading easier for you can customize your support and resistance in anyway you want. You can choose your support and resistance from Period 1 to Period 1000 or even Period 10,000 upto infinity with any time frames you want. You can also choose which Price you can choose your levels, either from the Wick or Body of the candle. To make it easier, here is the Parameters of the EA. Hope it will help you.

  • PERIOD: You can choose period 1 to Period infinity.
  • TimeFrame: Choose M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, MN whichever timeframe you prefer.
  • Resistance_line_color: Choose color of the line for Resistance level
  • Support_line_color: Choose color of the line for Support level
  • Comment color: Color of the comment section in the upper right corner
  • Font: Font of Comment
  • Alert_Parameters: Edit the Alert Section
  • Indicator_Alert: Choose whether to turn "ON" or "OFF" the Alert
  • Pips_Alert_Before_Line: The certain number of Pips you want to be alerted when the price is near the Support or Resistance Line,
  • Time_Interval_of_Alerts: This is just a special parameter so you won't get annoyed of new alerts every time price moves. This parameter is an Alert per Second Basis. Putting "5" on this parameter means you wanna get alert once every 5 seconds.
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Version 1.2 - 2017.08.08
Support And Resistance line now won't follow the first candlestick. Also additional Alert Parameters are added.

New Parameters...
*Indicator_Alert - Just choose to On or Off the Alert
*Pips_Alert_Before_Line - a certain number of pips that will alert you before it reach support or resistance line.
*Time_Interval_Alerts - Number of Seconds to get an interval of alerts. This is to control your alert and helps people who gets annoyed on alert than happens every tick of prices. This will control your alerts like one alert every 5 seconds.