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Volatility Relative Index

Custom Indicator is calculated from price, while VRI is calculated from Volatility. It means VRI can tell you the whole story of price movement since price can rise/decline sharply/moderately. VRI looks like RSI, which has over-bought zone and over-sold zone. And also you can use it just like RSI. But be careful, there is a key difference between VRI and RSI. RSI shows whether the price moves in upside or downside while VRI shows how the price move and will move. So VRI can tell the detailed story and the whole time (past, nowadays and future).

Indicator Parameters

  • Slow Period (80 by default) - The long period is the numbers of Bars, which the VRI is calculated on. Proper Values-more than 1, and more than Fast Period, with default of 80.
  • Fast Period (20) - The short period is the numbers of Bars, which the VRI is calculated on. Proper Values-more than 1, but less than Slow Period, with default of 20.
  • MA Method (Simple) - The method of Moving Average, which the VRI is calculated from. Proper Values-Four Choices, with default of "Simple".
  • Price Mode (Close price) - The type of price, which the VRI is Calculated on. Proper Values-Seven Choices, with default of "Close price".

Target User

The VRI targets all traders, including scaling trading, short-term trading,day trading, intra-day trading and others. So if you are Trend taker, VRI tells you how the trend will last. And if you are catching momentum, VRI tells you how the big movement differs from the last big one. Totally, the VRI is not designed for any specific trading purpose. It is easy to match with other indicators, such as MACD, RSI, ATR, Bolling band, since it tells the detailed story.

What VRI can do

  • Cycle analysis (Graph 1)
  • Shows when trend begins (Graph 2)
  • Shows when trend ends and consolidation begins (Graph 3)
  • Forecasts the peak/bottom matching with other indicators, like MACD (Graph 4)
  • Shows how the Bolling Bands goes and will go (Graph 5)
  • Details the meaning of the movement for K-Lines (Graph 6)
  • Shows and forecasts the bands of price (Graph 7)
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Version 1.10 2017.03.07
This version increases the parameter of "Candles shifted". You can shift the VRI curve by it for more precise forecast.