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Kaveh FSI

This indicator is for scalpers.

It shows you Buy and Sell signals and an entry level. Also, you can see the best TP and SL for your trade. It works on 5 minutes and other timeframes very well.

If you are a scalper, you can use this indicator for your trade. It uses some strategy to give you the best signal.

I suggest this indicator to be used in the normal market.

Open a trade when the price crosses the entry level price. Please notice that this signal like any other signals is not 100% correct.

Indicator Properties

  • AtrPriod: it is the Average True Range indicator Period.
  • DojiDiff: using to recognize bearish and bullish candle and it should be less than 0.0005
  • Buycolor, Sellcolor, fontcolor: you can change the color of indicator signals by yourself. If you do not like my color you can change them easy and Buycolor means the color of buy signal.
  • DisplayDecimals: number of decimals, for the broker who shows you the market price in 4 digit or 5 digit. if your broker shows you the price like 1.0400 you should set it to 4 or if they show you like 1.04012 you will set it to 5.
  • PosX and PosY: set the indicator location by yourself on the chart screen.
  • SoundAlert: set SoundAlert to true if you want to listen sounds from indicator when the signal changes.
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