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Advanced Power Trend

Unique "scalping" trend indicator with the feature of multi-layered smoothing of the resulting lines and a wide selection of parameters. It helps determine a probable change in the trend or a correction virtually near the very beginning of the movement. The toggled intersection arrows are fixed and appear at the opening of a new bar, but, with enough experience, it is possible to look for entry opportunities as soon as the indicator lines intersect at the unfinished bar. The signal appearance limit levels are added to the indicator as an additional filtration.


  • PeriodMA - primary moving average calculation period
  • MethodMA - primary moving average calculation method
  • PriceMA - primary moving average calculation applied price
  • BasePeriod - base trend period
  • BaseMethod - averaging method of the base trend line
  • BasePrice - applied price of the base trend line
  • PowerPeriod - trend strength calculation period
  • PowerPrice - trend strength calculation price
  • PeriodBaseSmooth - period of the additional smoothing of the trend line
  • BaseLineSmoothMethod - method of the additional smoothing of the trend line
  • PeriodPowerSmooth - period of the additional smoothing of the strength line
  • PoweLineSmoothMethod - method of the additional smoothing of the strength line
  • ShowArrows - enable the display of the intersection arrows
  • Levels - additional filtering levels when displaying the intersection arrows
  • ShowInitialLevels - enable the automatic plotting of the indicator on the chart at non-zero value
  • ShowCrossCalcComment - enable notification about the current value of the possible intersection point of the lines
  • ArrowUpCode - up arrow code
  • ArrowDnCode - down arrow code
  • AddDigits - enable additional precision of readings
Aravind 2016.07.16 01:52 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

sammyuht 2016.03.01 12:09 

Thumbs Up! This is the indicator which I'm looking for. Help me to make a decision easier. Must have!

Version 1.1 2016.03.17
Corrected additional smoothing methods.