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Range Trader For Multi Pair And Multi Time Frame

This indicator has been created by a former hedge-fund employee and it automatically identifies high-probability range-trade opportunities.

Remember: The FX market is range-bound at least 70% of the time. And range-trading has several distinct advantages that make it safer and more predictable than other trading styles. Such as lower levels of volatility, as well as pre-defined areas for entries and exits.

The goal is to find non-trending pairs that are coming off a recent high/low. And this indicator uses two filters (RSI and ADX) to identify these opportunities.

Indicator Features

  • Monitors all 28 pairs at the same time. Apply the indicator to just one chart and instantly monitor the entire market.
  • Monitors every time-frame, from 1-Min to Monthly. And sends you a real-time alert when a high-probability range-trade is identified.

Indicator Parameters

  • RSI Period: Setting for RSI filter
  • RSI Up Level: Overbought level for RSI filter.
  • RSI Down Level: Oversold level for RSI filter.
  • ADX Period: Setting for ADX filter
  • ADX Level: Setting for ADX filter
  • Symbols: The indicator monitors the top 28 pairs by default, but you can select less pairs if you wish.
  • Use M1 TimeFrame: True = Yes, False = No
  • Use M5 TimeFrame: True = Yes, False = No
  • Use M15 TimeFrame: True = Yes, False = No
  • Use M30 TimeFrame: True = Yes, False = No
  • Use H1 TimeFrame: True = Yes, False = No
  • Use H4 TimeFrame: True = Yes, False = No
  • Use D1 TimeFrame: True = Yes, False = No
  • Use W1 TimeFrame: True = Yes, False = No
  • Use MN1 TimeFrame: True = Yes, False = No

See the screenshots below for further details. Contact us if you have any questions.

Make sure to see our other indicators and watch our short videos. There is much more information (and our trading guidelines) on these videos.

2018.03.16 19:01 

Super Support schnelle und sehr kompetente Hilfe! Die Indikatoren rocken und alles ist einfach zu verstehen. Beste Grüße an Mike und das gesamte Team im Hintergrund. 5/5 Sterne sind noch zu wenig

Ambrogio Corvinus
2018.03.16 04:18 

Excellent customer service!

Tim Eubanks
2018.03.05 22:04 

I have to say Very Good customer service.

2018.03.01 16:25 

Pro indicator!

Isabel Kuprat
2018.02.23 12:36 

sehr guter kundenservice, von menschen, die ihr handwerk verstehen. auf alle fragen wird zuverlässig und vor allem schnell geantwortet und hilfestellung angeboten. sehr empfehlenswert ! :-)

2018.01.19 12:14 

Whaoo this indicator is a pure gem! My first trade hit it perfect!


Mike is so helpful and a real gentleman. His support is unbelievable, I can highly recommend their indicators, this is my third one and they are all brilliant in their own way! You will get an e-mail alert from each one and there are so many good trading opportunities without being glued to the charts! Trade with the trend and you will have a high success rate!

Arief Adianto
2017.12.27 17:05 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.12.26 23:56 

Great customer service and what's more important a useful indicator

Lasse Holm
2017.12.23 09:51 

I've been trading for over 10 years now without good results, but with this scanner I've finally started making some money. I love Range Trading thanks to the "Range Trader For Multi Pair And Multi Time Frame" Many thanks to the professional team, and not least thanks for the outstanding customer service.

Merry Christmas

Lasse Holm

2017.12.19 22:42 

Great Indicator and fantastic customer service. World fastest reply to any question! 5 Star is not enough! 10 stars!! Thank you Mike!!

2017.10.09 06:05 

This will spot the ranging location for you in one go. Save time, save work, 5 Stars.

2017.09.24 00:10 

Such a great indicator !!

Very useful signals one has to confirm with the trend in higher frames

Most of all: Mike is a very kind person and support is the best i have found in this market

Thanks Mike !

Folasade Aluko
2017.09.20 07:50 

Awesome product from a great team. It does what it says, timely notifications.

2017.09.19 11:31 

Great indicator! Fantastic customer service. Thank you very much. I have already recommended you.

2017.08.30 07:32 

These indicators are powerful! unlike every other indicator I know these scan all major currency pairs and notify you all possible trade set-ups. You may have to wait a while but its about quality not quantity. A special thanks for Mike for all your valuable help and assistance.

Fxpro Trader Technical
2017.08.12 16:56 

Thanks Mike for his quick support and service, this indicator is awesome, just cant't trade without using it. Definitely 100 Stars

Roy Griffin
2017.07.29 11:49 

I made 130 pips from 3 major swing trades within 24 hours of buying this indicator! Shows potential reversal points of major weakening trends on higher timeframes with great accuracy. 11/10.

habi muhammad
2017.07.09 06:17 

Very supportive, Guide us properway to trade, All indicators from them are great.

2017.07.06 19:54 

Great piece of software...really enjoying the early "heads up" about possible trades! Also, thanks so much to customer support...Mike has been awesome and so patient in answering all my questions! I have several of the ScorpionFX indicators and without a doubt they have the absolute best combination of accurate indicators and helpful customer support...you cannot go wrong with this company!

2017.04.30 19:43 

These guys are great and their indicators are the best! Thank you for an awesome support

2016.12.04 10:18   

Added indication and confirms false and confirmed break out . you can never go wrong with this indication ... buy and study , a lot of screen time and become a stronger trader . ++++++++ rated