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Sajuka Trading

‌You can use the signals to Forex.

The indicator works on all peers. You can use for scalping and intra day but also to trade in the long run days.


  • M1
  • M5
  • M15
  • M30
  • H1
  • H4
  • D1

This indicator does not repaint signs. It gives immediate signal when a new candle opens.

Easy to use.

All pairs.

Display Settings

  • Settings__Filter__Sajuka - Configuration tab.
  • Filter Sajuka - Filters for the indicator - The default = None. - Pattern Filter. - RSI Filter of 7 Periods. - MA Cross Medium Media Filter. The MA Cross Filter has 2 additional parameters for moving averages. The fast average FasterSMA the default = 3. The SlowerSMA slow average the default = 9.
  • Settings__Trading - Configuration tab.
  • Display Analytical Support Resistance - The default = true, is a separate indicator of Sajuka for support and resistance analysis.
  • Settings__Color__Sajuka - Configuration tab.
  • Color Arrow Sell Sajuka - Sale Arrow Color, the default is red.
  • Color Arrow Buy Sajuka - Purchase Arrow Color, the default is blue.
  • Color Line Trend Resistance- Resistance trend line color, the default is yellow.
  • Color Line Trend Support - Support trend line color, the default is yellow.
  • Color Line Resistance - Resistance trend line color, the default is red.
  • Color Line Support - Resistance trend line color, the default is lemon.
  • Color Signal Crossing Line Sajuka - Show Sajuka signal line, the default = true.
  • Color Ball Support and Resistance - Color of the balls sign of resistance and support, the standard is gray.
  • Settings__Alert__Sajuka - Configuration tab.
  • Alert Signal Sajuka - Sajuka alert signal - Default = false.
  • Alert Support and Resistance - Display of support and resistance display - Default = false.
  • Settings__Option__Sajuka - Configuration tab.
  • Distance Arrow Signal Buy Sajuka - Distance from the purchase arrow of the Sajuka in relation to the high of closing the candle, the default is 20.
  • Distance Arrow Signal Sell Sajuka- Distance from the selling arrow of the Sajuka in relation to the high of closing the sail, the standard is 20.
  • Width Trend Large - Trendline width, default = 1;
  • Show Crossing Signal Sajuka - Show the signal line of the Sajuka indicator.

Manage your risks, this indicator is only a tool to help in technical analysis.

2017.05.14 16:33 

Signals are not upto my taste.

Talal Mansour
2017.03.25 18:35 


2017.02.06 19:32 

So far so good, rented and wow holy smokes over 100+ pips daily with this between UJ and EJ... will rent again, then i will buy for sure...

2017.01.11 04:33 

Pretty good indicator thanks so much!

Version 4.5 - 2017.04.17
Added 3 filter for indicator:

None - Sajuka without filters;

Pattern - Working with Patterns:

- HM Hammer;

- HG Hanged;

- IHM Inverted Hammer;

- IHG Inverted Hanged;

RSI - Operating with 7 Period RSI

MA Cross - Operating with Media Crossing

The Fast Average of 3 Periods.

A Slow Average of 9 Periods.

This is the default, but the averages can be set

By choosing the user, changing the properties

FasterSMA and SlowerSMA.

The distances of the Sajuka arrows are adjustable with the properties:

Distance Arrow Signal Sell Sajuka.

Distance Arrow Signal Buy Sajuka.

Alert for breakage of support and resistance.

Alert Support and Resistance.
Version 4.4 - 2016.01.05
The modeScalper option was added.
Excellent option for short trader.
Version 4.3 - 2015.12.23
This new version fixes some problems with the arrow sign in the times of m5 and m15.