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XLpips is an automated trading system based to the algorithm of neural networks. This indicator finds the most effective entry points and generates a signal in the form of arrows. Up arrow - buy, down arrow - sell. In addition, the indicator can predict the approach of price reversal and informs the trader by highlighting the histogram with a corresponding color and displaying a text message.

An additional advantage of this indicator is that it can send pushes and email notifications to a trader.

Indicator parameters:

  • parametr1 - indicator calculation parameter. It affects the wavelength of input analyzing number calculation. Through this parameter you set the frequency of signals.
  • bars - the number of bars used for the indicator calculation. The maximum value is 2000. The default value is 1000 (recommended).
  • UpColor - the color of the buy signal.
  • DownColor - the color of the sell signal.
  • FlatColor - the color of the flat signal.
  • TextColor - the color of the indicator text displayed on the chart.
  • email - email notification. Disabled by default.
  • push - push notification. Disabled by default.
  • alert - alert notifications. Disabled by default.
  • sound - a sound notification of a signal. Disabled by default.
  • music - the sound file to play. The sound file should be located in the 'Sounds' folder of your trading platform. 

Important! This indicator does not redraw values. 

Kwazi Phungula
Kwazi Phungula 2016.12.31 08:03 

Andrey Kozak declares that the indicator does not redraw values which is deceptive. I have found out that the indicator is nothing more than the Parabolic SAR (0.002,0.2) (This is a free indicator in every mt4 platform) if you want to make an indicator out of it you can use eabuilder.com which is free to make an indicator that can give you signals if you don't know how to program.

It gives alerts at these parameters in current bar which usually is late for most moves and does not initially show arrows but after the current finishes the indicator then draws the arrow at the beginning of the bar before the current one as if is was there from the start thus making it seem profitable and on time.

But the reality is that most moves are usually over when the Parabolic SAR (0.002,0.2) gives an alert. By not showing the arrows where they occur this deceives customers into thinking that maybe the indicator is something else. The pictures he posted of the indicator are very deceptive.

Unfortunately, during slow moving markets the flaws are not apparent as the market does not punish the late entry but during high moving markets you will be punished severely.

I bought the indicator on 15.12.2016 when he was selling it for about $147 and I don't wish to have any further use of the indicator and right now it is as good as garbage.

The indicator is very dis-in genuine and does not do what it purports in live trading.

If you want to simulate trading and see the indicator in action please download a simulator at fxblue.com and put the indicator along the Parabolic SAR (0.002,0.2) and be prepared to be shocked. How can someone sell a free indicator without at least one filter for $147, deplorable.

I have tried to get a refund without any success and preventing other people from falling victim to this guy is my only form of repayment. He might try to counter what I have written here, but I am saying test out using the method I've outlined about and you will know that you paying for a free indicator.

I have given you what the indicator is based on, if you don't believe me at least test it out for yourself. I don't intend to provide baseless claims, I want you to see for yourself.

Maybe in the future he will stop giving demos because of this review. Therefore any potential future customers will no that the reason will be because of this review.

Definitely If people can make money like this, this means that MQL5 market is not a quality platform like I thought.