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Strong VS Weak

This indicator has been created by a former hedge-fund employee and is specifically designed for identifying strong vs weak.


  • Easily monitor the strength of the 8 major currencies and 28 pairs.
  • You can select the precise time to start calculating values. A huge advantage for news-traders.
  • Receive real-time crossovers alerts.
  • You have full-control of the colors and currencies to be displayed.
  • Plotted-graph allows you to analyze when crossovers occurred, as well as anticipate any potential extremes.
  • Full analysis of up/down percentage values, as well as head-to-head comparisons between currencies.

Indicator parameters

  • Use Alert: True = Alerts On, False = Alerts Off
  • Alerts Interval: Choose interval for receiving crossover alerts.
  • Start Time: Select the time to begin calculating the values.
  • Color Up: The color for a currency that is higher in value.
  • Color Down: The color for a currency that is lower in value.
  • Color None: The color for the empty rows.
  • Text Color: The color for the text in the head-to-head display area.
  • Line Color: The color for the text in the overall percentage area.
  • Text Size: The font size for the overall text.
  • Xspace: The horizontal spacing in the head-to-head display area.
  • Yspace: The vertical spacing in the head-to-head display area.
  • Xoverall: The location for the overall percentage area.
  • Xconclusion: The location for the ranking area.
  • Space_y: The vertical spacing in the ranking area.
  • Space_x: The horizontal spacing in the ranking area.
  • Currency Selection: True = Display, False = Do not display
  • Currency colors: Color to assign to each currency.
  • Line Thickness: Thickness of the lines in the graph.
For best performance, make sure to set your 'max bars' to 50000 or less.

See the screenshots below for further details. Contact us if you have any questions.

Make sure you watch our short videos. There is much more information (and our trade performance) on these videos.
2017.10.27 11:28 

This is the best indicator i have ever used Beside the seller seller is awesome. You deserve 5 stars .

2017.09.19 17:52 

Best customer service I've ever recieved from a company. Excellent support and prompt email replies.

2017.08.30 07:27 

Cant say enough about the quality of this service. The tool provides an instant overview of all currency pairs and their relative strength to each other. Now I can see what is happening in the market place in real time in terms of currency strength. A personal thanks to Mike for all your 5 star help.

Trade in B
2017.07.09 02:35 

This indicator is fantastic, very good for any business and market analysis ... with it you have a quick and accurate analysis on the buying and selling strength of each currency, being fundamental to any trading. I already took the opportunity to purchase other indicators from this seller. I recommend everyone for the great service and quality of products.

2017.06.13 20:53 

great indicator in one second you can see immediately who is the strong in the market! And the support is excellent!

2017.02.07 16:43 

Awesome indicator has really helped my day trading knowing what pairs to look at.... I have all Scorpions indicators every single one of them excels from anything else I've used you can tell they are pros

2016.12.04 10:21   

real time indication, great for short term entries . according to my study , really useful for 15 min to 1hr time frame charts, perfect . take my word for it ... give it a try