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MACD Crossbow demo

MACD Crossbow represents three MACD versions in one.

Attention: This is a demo-version of the indicator. It is meant for testing and has a reduced functionality. Works only with EURUSD.

The full version can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/10139

Indicator Versions

  • Standard (MACD is displayed as a histogram;
  • Classical (MACD is displayed as a line);
  • Experiential (MACD is displayed as dots).

Indicator input parameters:

  • CrossColor — color of the dot for the zero line crossing point;
  • MACD_h_up_color — color of an up-histogram;
  • MACD_h_down_color — color of a down-histogram. These parameters influence on both classic and standard histograms;
  • MACD_up_color — color of the growing MACD line;
  • MACD_down_color — color of the falling MACD line;
  • MACD_signal_color — signal line color;
  • MACDLineThickness — width of the MACD line;
  • SignalLineThickness — width of the signal line;
  • MACDPsychodelThickness — size of dots for the Psychodel mode;
  • HistogramThickness — histogram width;
  • CrossThickness — size of the dot which appears when the zero line is crossed;
  • Fast_EMA — period of the first MA;
  • Slow_EMA — period of the second MA;
  • MACD_SMA — period of the signal MA;
  • Apply to — price used for calculations.
Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.31 13:41 

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