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Multiple MAs Cross

This is a versatile BUY/SELL indicator with voice alert based on a user set number of moving average crosses that should happen during a set number of periods/bars. The indicator being based on moving average crosses works in all timeframes and all currencies and can be adapted through the input parameters to many different number of moving average crosses (maximum of 10 MA crosses can be set) happening during a number of periods/bars that can also be set through an input parameter. The moving averages to be used are also configurable through input parameters.

The BUY or SELL signal is triggered when a fast moving average (MA_1 parameter) crosses a number of slower moving averages (MA_2 through MA_11 parameters) set through the number of crosses parameter that should happen during a number of periods/bars set through the number of bars for cross parameter.

The best part using this indicator is that you will always be on the right side of the market as the signal to BUY or SELL is triggered when the fast MA crosses above the slower MAs for BUY and crosses below the slower MAs for SELL.

Recommendations on usage

The strategy to use the indicator is simple, open a BUY order when the buy signal is triggered displaying the up arrow on the chart and open a SELL order when the sell signal is triggered displaying the down arrow on the chart. Use a fixed stop loss or a previous lowest low for BUY or previous highest high for SELL. Set a profit target setting a take profit. Set a relatively high SL/TP ratio. Make sure you close the orders opened in one direction based on the signals triggered by the indicator if a signal in the opposite direction is triggered.

Input parameters

  • TriggerFutureSignalsOnly — Set to true to display only future signals triggered from the time the indicator is added on the chart on. With a lot of MA calculations when the number of crosses is high, it may be slow on older computers to calculate and display past signals. When set to false the number of bars in history set through the next parameter will be used to display past signals.
  • NoOfHistBarsToUseForSignal — Number of periods/bars from history to use for displaying past signals (default 10000). When set to 0 all available bars from history will be used
  • MA_1 — Fast moving average to use for checking for a cross with a slower moving average set in the following parameters
  • MA_2 through MA_11 — Slower moving averages to be used for checking for a cross
  • ma_method — Moving Average Method/Smoothing type. Simple, Exponential, Smoothed and Linear weighted are available
  • applied_price — Price base for moving average calculation. Close price, Open price, High price, Low price, Median price, Typical price, Weighted price are available
  • EnableVoiceAlert — Enable or disable the voice alert for when a signal is triggered. True—Voice alert is enabled, false—Voice alert is disabled
  • NoOfBarsForCross — Number of periods/bars during all crosses set above should happen. The number should be greater than 2.
  • NoMACrossesForSignal — Number of crosses to use for generating/triggering a signal. A minimum of 1 cross and a maximum of 10 crosses can be set. If the number entered is < 1 the parameter will be set automatically to 1 and if the number is > 10 the parameter will be automatically set to 10.


George Cosoveanu - george_57@yahoo.com

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