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Symbols spread

With Symbols spread you will be able to quickly and easily view the key parameters of multiple Forex symbols on the server of your broker and to select the most suitable ones for trading. This is especially relevant when applying a certain trade algorithm on the smaller timeframes, which involves a high frequency of trades and the trade levels should be placed close to the current price.

The fact is that different brokers set different values for such values as spread and stop/limit levels. The smaller the timeframe, the greater the impact of these values to the final result of the trading. Symbols spread can be useful for each trader who considers intraday trading.

The program selects symbols according to the user-defined criteria. This list will not include symbols that are not available for trading. In addition to the time range, it is possible to use filters to specify the limit on spread value (Spread filter) and symbol name (Name filter). It is also possible to specify the data type: Bars or Real ticks. If the Bars data type is selected, it is possible to specify which timeframe is to be used for viewing the spread of deals in history.

The Data info tab contains more detailed data on all symbols represented as a table. There are 10 columns of data in this table:

  • Symbols - symbols with the data obtained for analysis;
  • Max. spread - the maximum spread for the specified period;
  • Min. spread - the minimum spread for the specified period;
  • Avg. spread - average spread;
  • Stops level - stop/limit levels;
  • Swap long - swap for long positions;
  • Swap short - swap for short positions;
  • First date - the first date in the array of received data;
  • Last date - the last date in the array of received data;
  • Received data - the amount of data (bars/ticks) that has been received and displayed on the chart by Symbols spread.

There are also several additional tabs:

  • Specifications - all properties (71 in total) of the symbol selected in Data info;
  • Terminal info - all available data on the terminal;
  • Account info - this section contains three tabs:
    • Main info - all properties of the account (account type, provided leverage, various trading modes, etc.).
    • Balance - a multi-symbol balance graph (the current result of the trading account).
    • Statistic - statistic information of the current account is shown in a table.

With all the necessary information at your disposal, you can increase the effectiveness of your trading. Forewarned is forearmed!

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Version 2.0 - 2018.02.12
1. A group of tabs has been added to Account info showing (1) main account information, (2) a multi-symbol balance chart and (2) account statistics.
2. The last sign is spreads is now shown as a fractional part.
3. Minor improvements in the graphic interface.