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Trading utilities for MetaTrader 5 - 14

icon Below are trading programs simplifying trading in MetaTrader 5. Hover over a utility to read its description and purpose.
You Trade is a semi automated one click EA for manual trading. From chart you just click Sell or Buy trades and it will handle all the trades with adding Stop Loss, Take profit, while its Trailing and Breakeven functions will care if trade cannot reach its take profit level as well as with NEWS button you can do one click news trading. This smart EA can help you with scalping, news trading or if you want to open multi trades on different currency pairs. On every pair chart you need to install it
50 USD
Click Info MT5
Evgeny Belyaev
5 (1)
The Click Info is a simple utility for the MetaTrader 5 terminal that allows the trader to quickly receive information about the High, Low, Open, Close, Time values of the current chart. In order to receive information about a bar, it is necessary to left-click the selected candle. Depending on the settings, either a pop-up Alert or a Comment with the information appears. Information on the bar values (High, Low, Open, Close, Time) can be extremely useful in practice of trading using graphical a
12 USD
Grid Trading is a semi automated one click grid trading EA for hedging accounts. MetaTrader 4 version is also available. *This EA for Hedging Accounts Only ‌Normal Trading From chart you just click Sell or Buy trades and it will handle all the trades with adding Stop Loss, Take profit, while its Trailing and Breakeven functions will care if trade cannot reach its take profit level. Hedging If you select hedge trading it will start grid trading with opening opposite entry and this grid will c
50 USD
PipTick Basket expert advisor can open up to 10 trades at once. It was developed for basket traders who need to open a lot of trades on many different pairs. Expert advisor allows to set a take profit and stop loss as value in money for each basket trade. This EA is also equipped by hedge functions and allows traders to use the Classic hedge strategy or Sure-Fire strategy, also known as "Always in profit”. Main features Opening multiple trades simultaneously EA Works on any market (forex, cfd'
67 USD
Introduction to Order Risk Panel Pro EA Order Risk Panel Pro EA is the professional version of the simple Order Risk Management EA. Order Risk Panel Pro EA incorporate three powerful features in one. The three powerful features include the visual trading & Risk Management, the Harmonic Volatility Line indicator and Trade Statistics Panel. For all these three features, you get the price of one. Firstly, Order Risk Panel Pro provides the highly efficient visual trading feature. You do not have to
80 USD
Break even
Vladimir Karputov
The " Break even " utility transfers all profitable positions to breakeven. Easy start, no settings. It is sufficient to double-click the name of the " Break even " utility in the "Navigator" window. If a position has price and its Stop Loss is equal to zero or is in the loss area, the " Break even " utility transfers this position to breakeven - Stop Loss will be placed at the position opening price.
15 USD
The EA performs trade operations of closing position groups. Positions are grouped by type. It is possible to select orders by the profit (loss) value. It is possible to form the closure groups manually. You can set a value for automatic closure of a positions group after reaching a certain profit/loss level or price level. The additional functions of the EA are called using the hot keys: SHIFT+A - show/hide Auto exit options. SHIFT+S - show/hide Settings panel. SHIFT+V - sound ON/OFF. SHIFT+I -
30 USD
The Spider
Eduardo Palacios Aliaga
The Spider is a program of order management and profit taking. Once the user has opened a position, the program will close the initial order in small batches as you increase the profit and activate the Trailing Stop as it has been configured. Example: A position is manually opened with 0.5 lots, at the time of profit, the program will close 0.05 lots (depending on the configuration given), leaving an open position of 0.45 lots and the program will establish a safety SL. And so on until the order
25 USD
The Times and Sales to csv utility allows storing the Time & Sales to the hard drive. This valuable information will always be at hand and it will be useful for testing the trading algorithms and analyzing the history data. The utility is an indicator, which does not plot any charts and has no input parameters. Its purpose is to write data quietly, without interrupting the trader. The indicator automatically subscribes to the appropriate price data. There is no need to open the depth of market f
20 USD
You can change all assets to your Market or Forex. Just replace the assets in the groups above! No asset limits! TradeLeader B3/Bovespa Scanner is an indicator that allows you to observe the entire market heat map in a single chart. More images in high definition in https://www.mql5.com/pt/users/ougaske/blog Track all the assets of the stock market separated by liquidity groups. Customize the alert level for opportunities. Display in real time the Ibovespa, minicontracts of Index and Dollar or
30 USD
Use this script to export the price history to MATLAB mat files from any chart. Optionally, a CSV file can be created. This script allows easily creating and verifying your trading strategy in MATLAB, for example, statistical arbitrage or pairs trading strategies. Input parameters startDT: start export from this date and time. Can be '1970.01.01 00:00:00' to start from the first available date and time. endDT: the last date and time in the file. Can be '1970.01.01 00:00:00' to export until the
30 USD
Object Synchronizer MT5 : Better focus/analysis of the price chart in many timeframes. Are you bored to save and load template many times for the same symbol for many chart timeframes? Here is the alternative. With this indicator, you enjoy creating objects across many charts, you can modify the same object in any chart, you can delete the same object in any chart. All objects you created/modified are always synchronized across all chart windows (with the same symbol). Save your time, you can fo
50 USD
PipTick Bar Timer indicator displays an advanced bar countdown timer on a chart. This study indicates the remaining time for the last bar on the chart. Main features The indicator shows remaining time for the last bar in the chart Alert notifications for a new bar Works on every timeframe (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1 and MN) Customizable parameters (Colors, Text size, Visibility...) Ideal tool for all kinds of trading (scalpers, intraday traders...) Very fast calculation Available for Met
37 USD
The script analyzes the behavior of prices on two periods and visualizes the acceleration and deceleration of the price, highlights the areas with reversal and non-directional movement. Method The script builds two non-linear trends with higher and lower periods based on quadratic regression. It highlights the following price patterns for each of them: Linear Channel - a special case of a parabolic channel (quadratic regression channel) Turn Up/Down - change in price direction Trend weakening
50 USD
The indicator allows you to quickly switch from one instrument to another, from one time period to another using the keyboard or buttons on the monitor. Each command can be assigned a hot key from 0-9, a-Z (case-insensitive) and VK_OEM_COMMA ("<" on the keyboard) and VK_OEM_PERIOD (">" on the keyboard). This can help you to operate the maximum number of instruments that are available at your broker, analyze more instruments/periods in less time. This product cannot be tested in the tester , beca
55 USD
Ratio TP SL MT5
Pavel Verveyko
5 (1)
This indicator allows you to measure the profitability of each specific transaction (the ratio of Stop and Profit). The indicator allows you to adjust the ratio by step size and number of steps. You can build an unlimited number of ratios to compare the risks from different movements. Note: the MT5 tester is not designed for full-fledged work with graphic objects, so drawing in the tester is slower than in the real situation. The ratio selection is performed with 1 mouse click. Building a li
30 USD
This is a risk management tool for your account. It shows the drawdown information on the chart. You can change the size and color of the text on the chart. You can install it on many charts at the same time. Please contact me if you have any problems with it and you can request some other essential features. Version for МТ4: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/23255 Parameters Size - Size font. Color - Color char.
10 USD
Vitaly Muzichenko
Advantage The analyzer provides an opportunity to examine correlation in history, for example, for the previous month excluding the current one, thus allowing you to evaluate symbol movement in history. It can be conveniently used in conjunction with the LineSyncMirrorCharts analyzer. Charts are synchronized by a market type: Forex, CFD, Futures, and Indices. The analyzer calculates the distance covered by the price on a specified period in points. The tool fits pairs and portfolio traders. De
50 USD
The Telegram Publisher Agent was designed to Publish all your trades as signals in your channel and group. All you have to do is provide the trades, the Telegram Publisher Agent will then do all the heavy lifting for you getting your trade signals out to your trading channels or groups with just a click of a button. The Telegram Publisher Agent accommodates 2 separate trading styles: Binary Options , Forex Trading . Features Preparing Signal: This is where you send out a preparing message. Thi
299 USD
Market Surfer
Cornelius Eichhorst
The Market Surfer is a tool for manual traders who want to trade fast markets efficiently. All trading actions, like Buy, Sell, Buy/Sell Limit/Stop, Close, switch, double, half, etc. can be done with just one click. Features Open, close, switch, switch half, switch double, double, half, etc. position with only 1 click. Quick selection of lot size, maximum deviation, stop and target pips. Convenient overview of most account, position and risk data. Risk and Target from entry and current market
99 USD
The TimeFilter indicator allows visually selecting the bitmaks (GoodHourOfDay, BadHoursOfDay, GoodDayOfWeek, BadDaysOfWeek), which correspond to the Standard Library's Intraday Time Filter module for trading signals. Additionally, it is possible to enable and disable the trading intervals in a string form. It is also possible to use the trade volume multiplier when using the indicator as a part of an EA. String format: [week day]:[first hour]-[last hour]. See the screenshots and the video for us
30 USD
Vitaly Muzichenko
Small trading panel for managing orders and positions in 1 click for MetaTrader 5 The version for MetaTrader 4 is here , you can check it in the tester without restrictions Set hidden TakeProfit, StopLoss and pending orders at lines placed on the chart. Virtual breakeven. Virtual trailing stop. Close all positions. Close only Buy positions. Close only Sell positions. Work in the back testing mode (working in the tester is limited). Place up to 20 virtual orders. News trading and operation by tim
35 USD
Copier TRF
Alexandr Bryzgalov
This is an easy to use trade copier Attention : the product is designed for work on netting accounts only. The product is designed for copying trades only within a single computer or VPS with access to the desktop. The product will not work on the built-in Virtual Hosting of the terminal. Launching the Copier On the provider's account, run Copier TRF from folder "Experts\Market". The product works on any chart. Select Master mode. Select necessary parameters. If prefixes or suffixes are used i
38 USD
A ticker that shows the average bitcoin price of the selected currency and keeps updating it at regular intervals. PRO version updates more often and displays details about the price change! Make sure you have added the API address http://metakod.com/mk/api in the list of allowed URLs on tab Tools → Options → Expert Advisors. All of the supported currencies and the API address are listed in the screenshots below. Inputs Logging level - Controls the amount of details written to the log (default
30 USD
What does it do? It assists you in your trading and has some important jobs to perform: It sets virtual pending orders, stop loss and take profit. It can set real stop loss and take profit if desired. It makes trading independent of bid-ask line concept, thus useful for very short term traders and price action traders. Orders can be opened, managed and closed with 1 click providing fastest management. It can automatically set your position sizing based on your risk inputs. Graphical panel enable
650 USD
PreMarket Calculations
Alfred Mirzasalikhov
The indicator displays useful trading information on the chart for futures contracts such as: Average daily volatility with adjustable period of time. Optimal volume to trade depending on percentage of account balance you use. The percentage can be adjusted. Optimal stop loss depending on your maximum risk per trade considering percentage of account balance you use. Initial margin for the contract. Tick value for the contract. The indicator has an ability to display dynamic daily volatility leve
30 USD
This is a utility for closing orders or baskets of orders for the total profit or loss. Can work multicurrency, can work with orders opened manually. Has additional trailing profit. Capabilities: Closing an order for the current symbol or for all symbols Closing individual orders or whole baskets of orders Stopping the utility in one click Trailing function for total profit Setting TP and SL in money, in points or as a percentage of the deposit Closing all BUY or SELL orders or closing all or
35 USD
Maintaining a trading log allows you to save all your market entries and exits. Perhaps, your terminal can do this for you. Order Viewer displays trades from your trading log on the chart at any moment. You can share this log with your friends to show your trading and see how others trade. The entries format in your trading log should be as follows: YEAR-MM-DD HH:MM:00.000 TICKER SIZE PRICE Below is the sample log in the Excel table ( saved as a csv file ): Date and time Symbol Position Price
30 USD
This script will show you information about the execution speed of market orders.  MT4 Version Instruction 1. Press " File/Open Data Folder " 2. Open the " Logs " folder. 3. Copy the log-files to " MQL5\Files " 4. Run the CheckExec script on EURUSD chart, for example 5. Select parameters: AllOrders - check execution time of all market orders for EURUSD, OpenOrders - check execution time of market orders which where used to open positions on EURUSD, CloseOrders - check execution time of market
30 USD
This utility calculates and draws lines over the chart. There are two types of channels: Channel A: the mainline is drawn using local lows for uptrends and local highs for downtrends Channel B: the mainline is drawn using local highs for uptrends and local lows for downtrends The parallel lines of both types are built using the max. fractal between the base points of the mainline. There are a few conditions, which have to be fullfilled and can be changed by the parameters (see also picture 3):
30 USD
Stanislav Korotky
This non-trading expert utilizes so called custom symbols feature ( available in MQL as well ) to build renko charts based on historical quotes of selected standard symbol and to refresh renko in real-time according to new ticks. Also, it translates real ticks to the renko charts, which allows other EAs and indicators to trade and analyze renko. Place RenkoCharts on a chart of a work instrument. The lesser timeframe of the source chart is, the more precise resulting renko chart is, but the lesse
49 USD
DAR Portfolio Modeller Expert Advisor forms an investment share portfolio. Its model is based on two key indicators of any financial instrument - profitability and risk that are both quantified. According to the model, the profitability is a mathematical expectation of profit, while risk is defined as a profitability distribution near the mathematical expectation and calculated using the standard deviation. Unlike other similar programs, you do not have to manually download history and insert it
100 USD
Fibonacci decorator is a unique product that decorates Fibonacci objects. This indicator can change the specific level line of a Fibonacci object. This tool caters to both beginners and advanced traders using Fibonacci objects. Advantages Supports three Fibonacci objects: Fibonacci Retracement Fibonacci expansion Fibonacci time zones Just add the mark of your choice to the description of a Fibonacci object's level Easy setting This indicator does not work well with Strategy Tester. Please down
30 USD
Crosshair Percent MT5
Miguel Antonio Rojas Martinez
This tool allows you to better analyze your chart. With "Crosshair Percent", you can calculate distances in the chart in a percentage way (in a very simple way, when the pointer is attached in the form of a crosshair: CRTL + F). The utility allows to measure and/or calculate the movements of the price NOT only in points, use a measure in professional terms as it is the percentage. The result is shown in two parts of the screen, one of them, next to the position of the pointer and the other in a
30 USD
The script creates a brief daily summary report of the weekly trade in a separate window. Input parameters of the script number of weeks - set the time interval (the number of weeks) for the report. switch for symbols selection - three modes for selecting the instruments to generate the report: All_Symbols - report is generated for deals of all instruments. Current_Symbols_Only - report is generated only for deals of the instrument in the current window. Without_Current_Symbols - report is gen
30 USD
This utility displays the name of the current symbol and the current period in the chart background in a large font. It is very convenient, e.g. when you use multiple charts with different symbols, period or when saving a chart screenshot. The information is displayed in two lines. In the first line, the chart symbol and current timeframe are shown in a larger font (e.g. AUDUSD,h1 ). In the second line, the full name of the current symbol is displayed in a smaller font (e.g. for GPBJPY it shows
30 USD
Roman Lipatov
"LINKER" is an indicator that links any number of windows of the charts it is running on. A synchronized crosshair is also available, toggled by the (Ctrl) key or the (L) button. The visibility of the trade levels can be toggled on each chart separately using the (Shift) key or the (V) button. The buttons and the crosshair have customizable settings and colors. For instance, you need to analyze a trading instrument on different timeframes, for example, on H1, H4 and D1. Doing this in a single ch
15 USD
This is a utility designed to automatically set the stop loss levels of orders according to the specified condition. Two price levels serve as the condition for setting stop loss: Trigger level - when this level is reached, an order is placed. The stop loss value of an order. Input parameters Order type for execution - type of orders to be processed by the expert. It can either be BUY, SELL or auto-select. Trigger Level Points - level to place an order when reached. Specified in points from th
30 USD
Risk Manager Pro
Jhojan Alberto Tobon Monsalve
Risk Manager Pro is a simple utility that calculates the necessary lots with the risk percentage and the pips of stop loss, before opening positions. The web calculators can be useful in some cases but they are not efficient to open operations in real time. In the trading days, there are few opportunities to open positions and when the opportunity arises, the seconds make the difference. This is not possible with conventional web calculators, since to calculate the size of an operation regarding
30 USD
Ticks Collector
Andrey Kisselyov
As the name suggests, the utility collects ticks and uploads them to a file. Each symbol receives its own folder. A directory in the symbol folder is created for each date so that you can find ticks of a necessary symbol and date quickly and easily. The collector is made as fast as possible within MQL. One collector is sufficient for each symbol. Timeframe does not matter. The utility features the function for displaying ticks collected in a file on a chart. You can also navigate ticks using a k
10 USD
The Universal Signal Dashboard (USD) is a signal dashboard or indicator matrix. It can generate a matrix of signals from values, chart and candle prices, and from the buffer output of almost any technical indicator. However, unlike most dashboards of the same category, USD is configurable based on the inputs provided by the user within the app interface. The tabs (Display, Data, and Signals tabs) starts empty and the Display tab will show more display entries as the user adds more signal entries
150 USD
Spread Costs refers to the amount of the loss caused by the spread, and Swap Benefits refers to the amount of the income gained by overnight positions. Spread Costs is an important indicator for short-term traders, especially for scalping traders, and Swap Benefits is an important indicator for long-term traders. Since the spreads and swaps on the MetaTrader 5 platform are all expressed in points, we need to convert it into the amount expressed in the account currency. This tool can display the
36 USD
The Quick trade report separately by symbols script will be useful for simultaneous trading on multiple instruments. It provides the ability to assess the effectiveness of trading on each symbol separately. It is possible to set a time period for making the reports. The report visualizes the changes in the balance for deals on each symbol. Also, the following key trading parameters are calculated for each instrument: Total net profit - the financial result of all trades. This parameter represent
30 USD
FiboPlusMultiTF MT5
Sergey Malysh
5 (1)
A ready-made multitimeframe trading system based on automatic plotting and tracking of Fibonacci levels for buying and selling any symbol. Advantages Determines the trend direction based on a complex of 14 indicators ( Cx ), extremums of ZigZag ( Z ), RSI ( R ), Impulse ( I ) Displaying the values of 14 indicators comprising the trend direction ( Cx ) Plotting horizontal levels, support and resistance lines, channels View the plotting option of Fibonacci levels on any timeframe, with the abili
125 USD
TCP - Trader Control Panel is an extension to build into MetaTrader 5 manual methods to control open positions. It adds opening and closing position feature as well as user-friendly monitoring dashboard, money and risk management when opening. Opening and closing positions are done by mouse by interactively placing stop loss line on appropriate level or by pressing predefined keys on keyboard. Before opening a new position, the EA calculates such lot size, which will guarantee you no more losses
130 USD
This is a series of gauges that can be loaded on any Chart time frame. You can use this gauge indicators to decide when to enter and exit market with high degree of confident. Gauge No 1: Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Tenken Sen Crosses Kijun Sen. This will tell Bull and Bear and the timing to enter market. When the value move from above 0 towards below 0, the Tenken Sen line is moving to cross the Kijun Sen line and appears value is the Delta for the difference. Same goes to the opposite. The positive val
39 USD
The utility helps open a deal with a stop loss that does not exceed the specified amount, or to refrain from it altogether. That is, it determines the number of lots to open the deal so that the stop loss is as close as possible to the specified amount in USD without exceeding it. For example, it will be indispensable when trading according to the Gerchik strategy. That is, when trading based on risks, with a fixed risk and a fixed take profit relative to stop loss. For example, if you always op
30 USD
Presentation The URL html and xml to csv is designed to get contents from URLs with html or xml content, and to download it to an output format as a txt or as a csv file for MetaTrader 5. It enables to get the whole web sites page, starting with the http protocol, in a document for a further use and in additional with downloading directly on the MetaTrader applications and on the desktop. It is a good advantage for taking the most data from events and economic calendars, and also publications re
35 USD
Renko Charting for MT5
Ammar Yaseen
3.67 (3)
Renko indicator helps develop Renko charts on different symbols. Advantages Drag and drop the indicator on M1 timeframe of the symbol chart Realtime updates Indicator can be used for Expert Advisors and technical analysis Backtest your strategy using Renko indicator Parameters BOX SIZE: Input the number of box size. The box size reflects the difference of the symbol price. So, a 50 box size would reflect a 5 pip value difference in a currency pair symbol Show Wicks: If true , high or low of
30 USD
Copy MT5 MT5
Andriy Motuzka
Copier of deals from MetaTrader 5 to MetaTrader 5 ( MetaTrader 4<->MetaTrader 4 version is available ; with both versions, you can copy MetaTrader 5<->MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 4<->MetaTrader 5, MetaTrader 5<->MetaTrader 5, MetaTrader 4<->MetaTrader 4). There is a demo version (restricting by grades and by lots) Works only in the mode of hedging Spread filter. Select the best price (start copying positions with a profit or loss). Configure the lot size, fixed or ratio-based (provider signals can
30 USD
Check Online-Status monitors your terminal. If its connection to the server is interrupted for longer time, you will receive an email and/or a push notification, depending on what your settings. You can find out how long the terminal has been offline and can judge the quality of your brokers and/or the provider of your VPS after some time. Remember, the terminal manages and controls your money. Everything hangs in the air if it has no connection to the server! Check Online-Status displays the th
30 USD
The utility is designed to display on the chart the margin zones built on the basis of margin requirements for futures of the Chicago Mercantile exchange (CME). These margin zones are good levels of resistance and support, as seen in the screenshots. How to use To trade on margin zones, use the following rules: buy after the day has closed above one of the zones to the next zone; sell after the day has closed below one of the zones to the next zone; after opening a sell trade, place limit sell
50 USD
This DYJ OonClickClose help you to close all orders having profit immediately with only ONE CLICK, its work is very fast. You can choose which symbol you want or close all symbols so it will helpful for you in your trading to manage trading faster. This EA can quick close all Buy and Sell Orders by a selected symbol or total, And delete all pending orders. It includes dynamic target profit tracking function The software has manual transaction buttons buy and sell 7 kinds of pending modes a
30 USD
Easy And Fast Pro MT5
Anatoli Kazharski
5 (1)
Это расширенная версия программы  Easy And Fast MT5 для ручной и полуавтоматической торговли. Покупка и продажа сразу по нескольким указанным символам. В режиме хеджинга можно открыть позицию частями по одной цене. Установка сразу множества отложенных ордеров по заданным условиям, указав коэффициент расстояния между ордерами и коэффициент объёма. Установка отложенных ордеров одним кликом на графике. Удалить ордера можно по заданному критерию: (1) сразу все ордера, (2) по указанному типу, (3) тол
70 USD
This QuickClose help you to close all orders having profit immediately with only ONE CLICK, its work is very fast. You can choose which symbol you want or close all symbols so it will helpful for you in your trading to manage trading faster. This EA can quick close all Buy and Sell Orders by a selected symbol or total, And delete all pending orders. This SymbolButton is designed for closing orders. There is available Manual and Automatic closing functions. Automatic closing function will close t
30 USD
Telegram Notify MT5 Telegram Notify MT5 is an utility tool to bridge your MetaTrader 5 activities to your Telegram chat/channel. It is useful for monitoring your MetaTrader 5 account by sending a notification to your particular Telegram chat/channel when someone/EA is placing trades, modifying order's TP/SL, closing trades and etc. This EA does not place any trade for your account. This EA also could be a convenient tool for monitoring other's EA trading activities or a tool for publishing you
250 USD
Exit based Indicator - What is it? Exit your open positions based on up to 10 indicators. Even those you buy in Market !!! Use any indicator that provides buffer values (most of them output buffers). You can use any available buffers and even compare various indicator values. Selectors for exiting Buy Positions and Sell Positions are separate. The EA works in AND or OR mode. You can combine multiple instances to create elaborate rules. NO BROKER SIDE STOP LOSS IS USED. Usage Ideas / Examples -
30 USD
50% Discount from Thanksgiving to the end of the Holiday Season! Now Only $64.50 Normal price is $129.00 Will Calculate the Lot Size for a given Percent Risk and places the order with SL and TP with a click of a button. Locks in your profits on auto-pilot with a Set Break Even function and/or several Trailing Stop Loss methods. Drag and position your Stop Loss and Take Profit before placing the actual order. Close trades with a click of a button. Works with Market Orders, Instant Orders, Pendin
64.50 USD
The Expert Advisor is a great tool that allows you to control your trade with ease and precision. The tool can be moved in the graphs and offers the following characteristics: Instant order entry with a single click. Entry of pending orders using price tags and trend lines. Instant order closure with a single click. Instant order closure using trend lines as output levels that the broker can not see. We can modify the way to enter and exit the market, allowing us to choose the way to do it. Fo
30 USD
The script opens a separate window and displays information about the current open positions in it. The informer will be useful to those who operate with a large number of positions open on different instruments in different directions. It allows you to quickly decompose the loading of the deposit by instruments, visually identify the most tense places in the aggregate position. For the exposed stop orders, it calculates the total risks and goals.
30 USD
Those, who trade on their own and study the trade history of other traders, need a tool to display the history of the deals on a chart. One can learn a lot from such a representation of historic data. Sometimes it even gives an idea of a lucrative trading system. Visual history of deals for signals within MetaQuotes service is available directly from the Terminal. To get it, go to the tab 'Signals' in the 'Tools' window and click on 'Apply to the chart' on the signal page. However, there are som
30 USD
The utility refers to probabilistic analysis tools, in particular the Monte Carlo method. The Monte Carlo method is defined as the simulation of processes in purpose to evaluate their probabilistic characteristics and apply them to the solvable task. Operation features The simulation uses a tick model with the subsequent transformation to the candles form, as a model as close as possible to the real market process. The utility generates a stream of a random tick sequence until a result with t
35 USD
Candle clock MT5
Roger Perez Lugo
This indicator shows the remaining time for the candle to close, even if the price does not change in value, the clock keeps counting backward. You can also program price alert levels using trend lines. It can be used together with Expert Advisors and other panels, such as  Controller without limit MT5 MT4 version       Instructions To set a price alert level, you must draw a trend line. Once the object has been drawn, it must be named so that the indicator recognizes the object. In the
30 USD
Automatic stops monitors your account and automatically sets the values you enter in the EA for stop loss, take profit and also trailing stop. As long as the EA is attached on a chart it will set stops and offer automatic trailing to any new trades for that currency pair so you wont have to manually enter them every time you open a trade. Features include: Ability to select which trades should be monitored via magic number. You can leave the value to 0 to only monitor manual trades or to any one
30 USD
SmartLines allows you to open orders using trend lines. SmartLines for MT4 https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/25875 Now you have the opportunity to control breakthroughs of the trend corridor automatically and without delay. As soon as the price crosses your trend line with your settings, the order is automatically opened. You will not miss the moment of the trend change. The principle of working with SmartLines is similar to placement of pending orders. However, pending orders only have t
35 USD
Данный софт позволяет вам управлять своими параметрами риска и мани менеджмента. Вы можете задавать параметр риска как на текущий капитал, так и на предполагаемый уровень депозита, что позволит контролировать риски в каждой сделке и в каждом активе. Open order script также позволяет задать фиксированный объём открытия операций и вести торговлю «в один клик» благодаря реализации дополнительных кнопок Sell / Buy непосредственно на график. Особенность скрипта Ключевой особенностью и характеристи
50 USD
MyBase MT5
Igor Semyonov
The utility is entended for preparing information for the Sprint EA . Preparing information for different financial instruments needs the EA to be attached to a chart of the corresponding financial instrument. The EA prepares information in online mode only. Input Parameters Symbol Name - name of financial instrument of the chart the EA is attached to. Connection Control - control of disconnections with the trade server: true - enable. false - disable. Send Mail - send an e-mail notification abo
30 USD
This positions risk visualization indicators, indicators allow you to clearly know how much price go back will be generated account Stop Out.      This is a very useful indicator for Controlling Risk when account is open positions, attach this indicator to the chart of the open positions, the indicator will draw a Line Of Stop Out Price on the chart, and output Stop Out Point Value in the upper left corner.      Stop Out Price can give you clearly know what price is Account Stop Out, can giv
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The   Trailing Stop Universal   utility offers the user a set of 13 trailing methods, each of which can be flexibly configured. The product is available for terminal MT4:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/20705 Trailing methods presented in the product can be divided into 2 categories: indicator methods and non-indicator methods. List of indicator trailing methods: Alligator; Average True Range (ATR); Bollinger Bands; Envelopes; Fractals; Ichimoku; Moving Average (MA); Parabolic SAR; Zig
30 USD
Panel InfoSpread MT5
Isaac Montesinos Valdes
Description:   -   We all want to have the lowest spread and never high, with this utility we can have more information and a clearer idea of when the spread is acceptable or not. The Panel InfoSpread is a utility expert advisor and shows information on different spread options in one or more symbols, can be actual spread, average, minimum, maximum and tick counter. Read and show the symbols that are in the Market Watch window. Also you can put a maximum limit of average spread in every symbol f
39 USD

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